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This Is The End!

Okay everybody, donations are closed.

I'm some sort of speechless. I'm also thankful that I didn't set another whimsical goal, because you monsters of donation would have shattered it.

In the end, you guys donated $4,580!

Let me repeat that.


That is an insane amount of money, and now I need to make sure to use every single penny to make Engi as awesome as possible. There is one thing for sure though, money will not be the reason Engi goes anywhere. Community, is also assured. You have all shown me that your love for Engi is like mine, a love for a community that has been here for so long, connecting, roleplaying, supporting.

Thank all of you.

Now for final confirmations.
Seikon is confirmed for $70 and 15AP (12 + 3 from bulk pack)
Sleepy is confirmed for $50 and 10AP
Cayuga is confirmed for another $25 and 2AP (26AP total)
Kapeesh is confirmed for another $100 and 10AP (38AP total)
Long is confirmed for $120 and 26AP (17 + 9 from bulk pack)
Will is confirmed for $150 and 20AP
Calibur is confirmed for another $80 and 8AP (63AP total)
Kaen is confirmed for $55 and 10AP
Bass is confirmed for another $890 and 119AP total
Sinn is confirmed for another $150 and 15AP (72AP total)

Remember, let me know if my numbers are off, we can compare math. Thanks again everyone. Donations are officially closed

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