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Shichidaime Sunagakure GM
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Oh dang, ya'll rich. Lmfao. Engi not getting all my birthday money just yet. Donated 50 dollars, so.

$50 AP Limit Breaker (for Renchishin Hitoko)

So, that's, what? 10AP + 2AP (Stretch Goal), so all together I get 12AP? Nice desu.
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[R E D A C T E D]
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I donated $35 this time because why not.
$30 Cross-village list
$5 Donation special
Both of these for Toshiko~

That's 6 AP I think.

[Kirigakure] Imai Hayate [Kusagakure] Kiyomizu Shusui
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Dearest most darlingest Merdle, I have donated another $50 for the AP Limit breaker + 5 more AP. I am sorry.
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Robot Admin
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Still The First Day, another update!

Another quick set of confirmations, and an update!

Bunra confirmed for $100 and 18 AP
Hitoko confirmed for $50 and 10 AP
Juu confirmed for $35 and 7 AP
Oak confirmed for $50 and 5 AP (for 32 total)

This was an amazing first day everyone, good job and thank you! We are on our way to something great, and I'm already feverishly researching ways to execute some of the higher rewards, and more than that, extra stretch goals to offer.

Current Donation Total: $1,150!

A new Donation Goal has been added!

Now if we reach $1,550, the number of lists characters can take will be expanded!

Also, look out for information (no matter how vague) about the engi no side arcs.
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Robot Admin
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An Addition!

When you first post to notify me of your payment, I am going to take down what you say you are purchasing. This isn't to lock you into anything, just for the sake of our records.

That does mean, if you change your mind, let us know with a post! Try to only do this if it is a big deal, because constant switching of what you want could get problematic if we have trouble keeping track of what you have and haven't used.
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Old 10-03-2015, 02:11 PM   #16
King Koopa
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I would like to remove my purchase of a sennin slot and change the list of purchases to the following:

AP Limit Break 50
Forbidden list 35
Personal Summon List 65
Donation special 5
Cross village list 30
Bulk AP Pack 15

The total is still $200

Final decision ;D
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Old 10-04-2015, 11:34 AM   #17
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Donated $65 Dollars

Can I get a Special Summons List? I want Spider; Ninjutsu specialty
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Old 10-05-2015, 05:21 PM   #18
Community Moderator
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Yay for helping Sam! n.x

First, a question: The Jinchuuriki purchase, is that for new characters only or can an existing character acquire it IC once purchased?

And then, my donation: 220 Dollars
- Donation Special - 5
- AP Bundle - 15
- Tai Savant - 25
- Cross Village List - 30
- Cross Village List - 30
- AP Breaker - 50
- Personal Summon - 65
= 220

Which once confirmed should give me:
- 10 AP for the first 50
- 17 AP for the remaining 170
- 3 AP from the bundle
- 2 AP from the Stretch Goal
- 2 TP from the Donation special.
= 32 AP and 2 TP
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Old 10-06-2015, 03:27 AM   #19
Robot Admin
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I answered you question in the FAQ Bass.

Cayuga confirmed for $65 and 11 AP
Bass confirmed for $220 and 30 AP

That puts our current donation total at $1,435! Amazing work everybody, we are real close to that next goal! Thank you all again for your contributions.
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Sorry to waste a post but forgot to ask about the summon; would it be like a minor summoning list or full fledged like massive animals kind of village list summon? Also is it going to be a specific mod doing it?
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