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Default Engi AP Donation Drive 2015!

Engi no Donation Drive 2015: Samtron!

Here on Engi we have a tradition of using 'AP Drives' to help fund the operation of the website. The previous owner, Samaru, paid for the website for years, and occasionally we had a chance to give him compensation for his efforts. When members donated money on Paypal, they received Account Points, or AP, to compensate them in the RP.

Samaru stepped down to take care of his family, a new wife and kid. When he did, he informed me that since the last AP drive, the costs to maintain engi built up. Personally, I think it is about time we paid Samaru back one last time, and had a little fun while we did it. Enter: Samtron! The Engi Donation Drive 2015.

Modeled after a Kickstarter, these next ~90 days will allow members to donate money to our website paypal, and receive wild prizes for doing so. No matter what you donate, you also receive a compensation of AP for every 5 dollars spent. On top of personal rewards, I have also set some goals for the whole Donation Drive, that will unlock other content for the site when reached! Overall, I think we can have a lot of fun, and pay Samaru back in the process. I want to at least raise $250 dollars to give to Samaru, so that is our Primary Goal for this AP drive.

So here is our board. The goals for the whole AP drive are on the left, and the rewards you can purchase are on the right. All prizes are in USD. To donate, click on the large URL beneath the image. Once you have donated, post in this thread how much you donated, and what you wish it to go toward. I will post in this thread to confirm all donations. The full explanation of each Reward, and each Goal are after the image, then there is a small FAQ.

Have fun everybody, and remember, this drive ends on January 1st!

*For every 5 dollars you donate, you get 1AP, until you get 10AP from donating. Then, for every 10 dollars you donate you get 1AP.

Donation Rewards!

Originally Posted by When you donate, you can purchase these rewards individually.

$5 Donation Special: Two thread points, to be spent immediately. (Can only be purchased once)

$15 Bulk AP Pack: Three AP (On top of the AP you receive for any donation).

$25 Character Slot: You receive an additional character slot (Can only be purchased once).

$25 Tai Savant: One character of your choice can take any number of taijutsu lists at one stage per jutsu point. (Non-transferable)

$30 Cross-village list: One of your characters can take a commonly available list from another village (Requires Admin approval. Non-transferable).

$30 Clan GM Slot: You can GM an additional clan!

$35 Forbidden List: You can take a list your village otherwise counts as forbidden (like special forces jutsu, or hidden forgotten list. Requires Admin approval) (Non-transferable).

$50 AP Limit Breaker: A single character has no limit to how much AP can be used on it. (Non-transferable)

$65 Personal Summon List: You will receive a personal summon, of an animal family of your choice, with all of the features of a major summon house. Any of your characters have access to these summons. (Once it is made, you cannot make major alterations to the summon list like trashing it and changing everything about it. But it can be adjusted based on site-wide summon changes)

$80 A Sennin: You can make a Sennin character in a village of your choice (Still requires GM approval, and admin approval. Non-transferable)

$85 Be an Avenger: You can make a clan, and a list, to be the last survivor of. (This clan still requires all proper approvals. Non-transferable)

$100 The New Jinchuuriki: You can make a character that is a new Jinchuuriki, with all the trouble that comes along with it. (The details of the Bijuu, and what powers you would receive, would be worked out by staff. Requires Admin approval. Non-transferable)

*Non-transferable Donation Rewards are lost if that character is trashed or NPCed. If you put a character in trash and want them back later, the staff does not have to respect any special rewards or perks. If you junk the character the reward was related to, you do not get to move it to a new character.
Donation Drive Goals!
Each of these goals are a promise to attempt to fulfill what is detailed. We will do our best to create content that would be interesting for Engi, and in a timely manner.

??? Goals are hidden until they are being approached or are surpassed, then they will be revealed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I just Donate without buying any rewards?

A: Yes. You can donate any amount you want. You would still get 1AP per 5 dollars donated, if you wanted.
Q: Aren't some of these rewards just achievements you could get through roleplay?

A: Yes. AP, clans, forbidden lists, many of them are achievements that could happen without donating. I didn't want to create situations where players could do too much with a donation. It is a way to get a fun perk for your donation.
Q: Wait, you also give away a sennin, and a jinchuuriki! Aren't these overpowered?

A: Yes and no. Being able to create a sennin or a jinchuuriki is a large responsibility, but within the grand scheme of Engi power levels, they do not make you more important than another character. A well played and written Jinchuuriki could be a wonderful roleplay partner, or they could be boring, ignored, and hated by all other RPers.
Q: Does buying a Sennin or similar guarantee approval?

A: No. You must always earn your approvals. If you wish to do something strange when you buy a special type of character, you should reach out to the proper GMs or Staff before you make the purchase. You will not be refunded for a purchase if you cannot get something approved (though I may turn it into AP for you)
Q: What if I cannot use paypal?

A: Try harder. Push comes to shove, I may be able to find alternate means to take a donation, but Paypal is good because it keeps an accurate record of the transaction for all parties.
Originally Posted by Junge
Q: Can you buy rewards for other members.

A: Yes you can. Just state who you are giving the reward to when you say what you are purchasing.
Originally Posted by Junge
Q: Do 'Avenger' clan characters count against your clan character limit?

A: No, they will not.
Originally Posted by Kapeesh
Q: Can the Sennin purchase promote a character?

A: No, it creates a new character.
Q: When can I use my purchases or unlocks?

A: Rewards purchased can be used once they are confirmed and purchased. Understand that some rewards take a lot longer to accomplish than others, and your purchase doesn't come with expedited shipping. Goals that change the site-rules must enter Information first, either in the handbook or in an information sub-forum. Rewards like AP can be used right away.
Originally Posted by Chi
Q: Does the confirmed amount of AP include Site-Wide AP unlocks?

A: No. The amount I confirm is what you purchased.
Originally Posted by Wess
Q: Who makes the personal summon list, and what can it have?

A: The summon list would still be made by staff, with input from the member it is for. This makes sure that the summon is to the standard of the other summons on the site. For that same reason, the summon could end up having jutsu from different villages or areas, if it is approved for them.
Originally Posted by Bass
Q: Do Jinchuuriki characters have to be new characters?

A: Yes.
If you have any other questions, ask me in this thread, or PM me. I will add it to this FAQ!

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Dropped $35. Guess I'll go take out another student loan now...#studentlyfe

Edit: Dropped another $35 to make it an even $70.

I'll take a personal summon list and the Thread point dealie.

So that's 12 + 2 for the site wide = 14.


Edit: So for the thread points, do we need to claim here what we want?? I'd like them to go to Anzu please.

I'd like +1 Intelligence and to swap Stage III Detox from the Ninsen List for Ondochousetsu (Temperature Control) from the Medical List

Also, her picture link seems to have expired, can we replace that URL with this one?

PHP Code:

Thank you Relu for the buttons!


~ Mist Secondary GM [ in training :P ] ~

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Yay for payday, and for engi. First three goals met as I have just donated $225.

I would like the donation special/cross-village list/forbidden list/personal summons/sennin. I think that leaves five dollars swinging in the wind but y'know, who really needs rewards??

I think the AP I get from donating is... 225-50=175, so 10+17=27? +2 from site-wide AP from the stretch goal.

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Straight hundred. Benjamin Franklin is killing the game!

Imma take Limit Breaker (50), Donation Special (5), Bulk AP (15) and Tai Savant (25)...5 bucks left, I guess put that to an extra AP.

Bringing me to 16AP purchased...I think...somebody'll help me out.

Edit: Chat helped me out. I have 20 with the Abby points.

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$150...just a wiggle over £100 by PayPal's standards

The line-up:

$5 Donation Special (2 TP)

$15 Bulk AP Pack (3 AP)
$15 Bulk AP Pack (3 AP)
$15 Bulk AP Pack (3 AP)

$25 Tai Savant (for Tatsuo)
$25 Tai Savant (for Tanryoku)

$50 AP Limit Breaker (for Tanryoku)

The Breakdown:

- 10 AP for the first 50
- 10 AP for the next 100
- 9 AP from bulk purchases
- 2 AP from Oak's donation goal bonus
- 2 TP from donation special

= 31AP + 2TP

Happy Days!
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For buying a Sennin slot, can it be a promotion to an existing character or does it have to be a new one?

Donated 200 for

AP Limit Break
Personal Summon List
Donation special

That should be 29 AP including the site wide +2 AP.

Any rewards to apply to a certain character go to Chouku Shuju

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Goodness, payday plus a significant set of refunds this month... Alright.

Donation Special ($5) +2TP
AP Bundle Pack ($30) +6AP
Tai Savant ($25)
Cross Village List ($30)
AP Limit Breaker ($50)

Total: $140 = 10(5) + 9(10) --> 10 + 9 = 19 + 6 + 2 (Stretch Goal) = 27AP + 2TP

I don't really rp much and I really only have I character (that has done anything since like 2012), sooo... let's just assume all this goes to Hotaru?

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As I can't edit my first post, being among the dwindling number of active members who aren't staff , I'll post my update here.

Donated another $30 towards a Cross-Village list (for Tanryoku) after realising that he was going to need one for the next part of his character arc. I probably could have waited until next payday but figured 'what the heck, eh?' Tis the season of giving...and trick or treats!

The additional 3AP brings me to 34AP + 2TP.
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The first 24 hours! Astounding!
Every donation goal that we had has been crushed. We will have to conjure more goals, and stretch them out a bit better.

First, confirmations: (if you are confused, PM me and I can talk about it)

Masked One is confirmed for $70 and 12 AP
Oak is confirmed for $225 and 27 AP
Buko is confirmed for $100 and 18 AP
Calibur is confirmed for $180 and 32 AP
Chi is confirmed for $140 and 25 AP
Kapeesh is confirmed for $200 and 25 AP

Remember folks, Thread Points are not AP.

Current Donation Total? $915!

As for site-wide unlocks!
Please wait until an unlock has been added to the rulebook or site info before trying to use it. Aka, just because something is listed as unlocked here, doesn't mean that you should try to register it immediately.

So what have we unlocked so far? Well let me reveal some of the 'mysteries', and then I will edit the main list to describe them in detail!

For the $100 level, the mystery goal was
NPC Country Info!

For the $200 level, the mystery goal was
Non-Village Clans!

For the $250 level, the mystery goal was
The Sennin List!

For the $350 level, the mystery goal was
The First Engi no Side Arc!

For the $450 level, the mystery goal was
Engi Site Skins!

For the $550 level, the mystery goal was
A hosting upgrade!

For the $650 level, the mystery goal was
Bijuu and Jinchuuriki rules!

As for more goals? Give us a little time to give you more Goals to reach!

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I still remember a time way back when Samaru still posted (albeit usually in relation to site maintenance), but when it comes down to it, family really does take precedence. All the best to Sam and hope my little 100$ donation can help make a difference.


5$ - Donation Special (2 TP)
15$ - Bulk AP Pack (3 AP)
30$ - Cross-Village List (For Toshimi)
50$ - AP Limit Breaker (for Toshimi)

AP total: 15 (donation total) + 3 (bulk pack)+ 2 (site-wide) =20 AP
Followers of Bunrakudo

A Torn Soul Split Down The Middle: Kasatsu Toshimi
The Retinue: Her Private Army

Registry Beggars

Zillch, thank you very much!

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