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Default Engiversary the 11th: The Steel Anniversary

March 11th, 2015

The 11th year of Engi, Engi’s steel anniversary. Together we have been here RPing for so many years, that it is hard to imagine life without each other. Engi has brought me lifelong friends, Engi has helped me experience people and places I never would have considered otherwise, Engi gave me my direction in school and life, and Engi found me love.

Engi has gotten us through countless Naruto movies, plenty of filler arcs, ridiculous boss battles, and then now… the end of Naruto itself. We braved it all, created wild stories that not even Kishimoto could fathom, and had a fun time doing it. A lot of us have grown older, some have kids and families, others have responsibilities that make it impossible for them to be here with us.

We remember them though, because Engi has been here for 11 years, and even if someone has to go and live their life, they are not forgotten. I remember the death of Kages, wild revolutions, tournaments that never should have happened, inter-clan conflicts that spilled over into years of politics. I also remember smaller things, the death of genin, convoluted romances, fights that turned into chatroom arguments, and threads that changed how we looked at their participants forever.

Every year when we come back here, we try to find some insane way to do what we absolutely cannot do. We go back to the thinking board, and we, the staff, wonder how we can say ‘thank you’. It isn’t some teary-eyed thank you, I mean we were there for a lot of the hard work after all. It is that thank you from a friend, where they pass you a drink, while you relax in the livingroom, and they just want to thank you for being there. So really, whether you can RP for a day, for the whole year, for just a thread, thank you. I know it may not always seem like it, I know that we can be distant or seem crotchety, but that is because for a lot of us who have been here for years, Engi means so much that it can be easier to pretend it isn’t here than to see it so different from what it once was.

So this year, Kana gave us a grand idea. I’m not going to sit here and butter you up with another crazy gift that we won’t be able to maintain. I’m not going to open a new zone of the site, or create some list that breaks mechanics. Instead, we’ve knocked on a few doors, gave the old folks their pills, and we are going to see if we can’t RP a little. If you check out Iron today, you should catch the rumblings of something happening, a meeting of the mightiest shinobi in the world, and some of their most important lackeys. This is all impromptu, there is no planned grand plot that will come out of it. We are going to do our best, see where the story takes us, and try to have a little fun.

Every village is present, in some capacity, so if your shinobi wants to be where the political tension is going down, I would pay Iron a short visit. Maybe you are part of the massive security entourage? Maybe you were already in town. Whatever works for you.

Besides that, for an old fashioned gift, how about 5.5 AP? One for every 2 years of engi.

What’s that? What can you do with .5AP? Right right, cut off the half, 5 AP.

What’s that? You have too many characters who are at AP limit? Okay, I get you. How about until May 10th, you can claim the 5 AP and a Staff AP limit break on one character, non-refundable (That means after that character is gone, you lose it for good). This limit break will give you the power to pump up to 33 AP into a character, in the same way staff do. Once you claim it, it will be put at the top of the char’s sheet, and stick with them for good.
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Happy Engiversary bitches! :3 And I say that in the most loving way possible.

Personally, I think this has been the best post I've seen celebrating Engi's birthday. The insane gifts made some a little more awesome, but this is the most sincere and honest one yet. Though, I'm still claiming my AP and Staff Breaker on a character. Gifts are gifts after all and any gift is awesome.

Next year, I'll have been on Engi an entire decade of my life. It is hard to imagine willingly devoting that much of my time and effort to something that I don't get paid for. Especially now when I'm one of the ones who has a kid and family in addition to outside responsibilities that keep me insanely busy.

In the end though, I realize that it isn't the site itself. There are other places to RP, a few ones where magical ninja can be played that were made farther along into Naruto when things like chakra affinity and other stuff was added so they're technically more up to date. It is the people who I've met here and all the crap we've gone through together on the board and off.

Where else will you find people who are awesome enough to give you advice when you're pregnant? Tell you yummy and easy recipes to make when you have some weird craving that won't be satisfied? People who will stay up with you until wee hours of the morning for some world takeover plot, insane political plot twist, or spend hours drawing up a map of an island that exists in both your imaginations? What other place can produce threads that with a little creative on the spot editing can be made safe for little kids as a bedtime story because they woke up in the middle of the night and don't want to go back to their room? More importantly and most poignantly, where else are you going to find such a diverse group of people who genuinely care about what is going on in your life outside Engi who will call you just to check in when they haven't heard from you in awhile without bringing up the fact that you owe them a post?

Sure, Engi is like anything. At times, getting to post for someone or do something you need to do feels like it is a chore. That's gonna happen. You're not going to love it all the time... but it is the bond with people who keep you coming back as it often has me. I've tried other places and they don't feel the same. I love all my distant and crotchety old admins, mods, and members. And even though I hope we will get new people who will stick around as long as we have, I'm very happy with quality over quantity. <3

So yeah, sappy post done. Time to get to work

Happy birthday Engi.
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Let me clarify exactly what a 'staff AP limit break' means. It means, for one character, you can use AP on it as though you were staff. We have different rules that govern our RP spending, which I will lay out now:

Jutsu AP Limit: Six points may be spent on jutsu
Stat AP Limit: Three point limit on EACH stat, for a total of twenty-seven.

Also . . . points claimed!
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I'm not mushy like Sinno over here; though I'll admit, I checked for Engiversary before I left for school this morning. Almost like some kind of giddy child who wakes up at 5 AM to see what Santa has left for him, and then runs into his parents' room and jumps on the bed frantically trying to get them to wake up. But they don't let him open his presents until later.

THAT WAS ME THIS MORNING. So I'm claiming that AP and AP Breaker trait, and I'll be playing with it all day while eagerly watching that Kage thread like it's a parade (woah, it kind of is) and sipping on the eggnog I apparently got passed in thanks.

But for real, I really do love this site, despite my awkward preteen ramblings being rampant on this site and in dire need of good, old fashioned hanging, drawing, and quartering. Still, it's you people that taught me to write, and I've come to think of this site like a home away from home. It's the perfect place to get my teenage angst out and learn life lessons at the same time, so, I'd like to thank the Internet for having me stumble across this hidden gem.

And you guys too, I guess.
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The best part about this is that now the staff AP limits are actually on paper somewhere. Every time I needed those I had to ask since they weren't in the handbook. Good times.

Anyhow great job those of you still posting. I'll be shunting my 5AP 1 at a time to the next 5 posters, so they can each claim 6 AP instead of 5. Merdle might be too cheap to split the difference but you know me, I'm a nicer guy than most. Share the love (:
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Learned my lesson from past Engiversaries. Always post after Junge.

Anyway, yeah, this is like the fourth Engiversary I've been able to see, and I'm glad that I've stuck around. Even if I'm one of the only "new generation" members that decided to stay. I guess in that regard, that still makes me the new guy, but I've been able to be a (small) part of this place either way, and I'm liking it. So I guess I'll stick around.

(Planning on actually getting active for real, though.)

Claiming the obligatory 6 AP. Thanks Engi. And you too, Junge.

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I guess I'm feeling sentimental, so I'll go ahead and post.

Ah, wait... first things first I'll go ahead and defer the AP that Junge was offering to the person below me--- I really don't need it, haha. I want to say that I think this is my fourth anni where I have been staff--- I think I became functional Rain GM in ~2009? So maybe it's actually sixth? I've been here almost a decade! Crazy to think about for me, though I know there are people who have been around for half of their life.

Either way, Engi has been a nice refuge for me over the years. During the times where I felt like I needed a medium to write and express parts of my personality and stresses, it was not only great therapy but also a pretty inclusive friend circle where I could feel comfortable.

Though I would say that I've mostly lost what little literary spark or talent I had before, I get pretty happy hovering around now and reading the creations of the community. I fondly remember all of the days and nights where I used to sneak on to write, to chat, to think up the next cool list or character that I would use. Many characters members who caught my eye and made me think excitedly; "I want to roleplay with that!". I still like to go back and read some old threads, take in the history.

Naruto is done and when that last chapter finished, I have to admit that I felt a little sad. I loved the Naruto series and what I was able to create based on it. It's what brought me into roleplay which inevitably brought me here into this community so I'm thankful for Kishimoto and all of you guys who've given me a lot of enjoyment over the years. Happy 11th~

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So... what's up guys?
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Well, it's not like me to be sentimental (at least not when i'm not RPing), but it's hard for me not to be that one guy who says "I totally agree with what everyone before me has said" because it's true.

I'm certainly not the most active/consistent poster, but i'm plenty happy with the characters i've cooked up since joining what seems like ages ago, and I am supremely thankful to all those RPers past and present who have helped me shape said characters into what they are now. It's that opportunity for further growth that keeps me coming back, though I get plenty a kick of reading what other Engiites have come up with too.

So happy 11th birthday Engi! Live long and continue to prosper!

PS: I guess I may as well claim those 6 AP while i'm at it.
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Zillch, thank you very much!

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I'm not good at writing these sorts of things, but Engi is a wonderful place that I'm fortunate to be a part of.

This community has supported me through moving halfway across the planet a couple of times, finishing middle school, entering and finishing high school, and through starting and finishing college. And now as I'm working on my PhD. I still periodically pop on the site and into main chat just to hang out.

Engi is definitely a place of comfort for me and it's because of all the wonderful and diverse people that have worked to make this site what it is.

I hope Engi continues to chug along strongly into the future, and I look forward to seeing you all there!

And for reasons... I'll claim those 6 AP

Edit: Classic Engi deleted my post the first time I tried to post this. Good ol' classic Engi.

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