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A new location has been added to the Engi universe: Seirei no Shima, the Island of Spirits. This large island sits far off the shore of the mainland, to the east of Lightning Country, and is the rumored final resting place of the many tailed beasts who once walked the earth. Whatever the truth to its history, the island is home to a number of strange, bizarre phenomena, and has recently had a number of chartered expeditions finally make it to the island. These expeditions employ shinobi and civilians in increasing number as the hidden riches and dangers of the island come to light.

At the moment, the island has its own information thread as well as an example mission/story hook list. In the coming days, keep your eyes open for an event open to shinobi of all countries and backgrounds that will explore the depths of the strangeness on the island, and what has hidden from human eyes for so long.

Questions about the island? You can direct them to the Island discussion thread or send them me directly via PM/chat.

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Happy Engiversary!

March eleventh is here! Engi is really and properly a decade old. In web years, that makes it an ancient thing, as old as the earth with a voice like thunder. In person years that makes Engi old enough to have all its baby teeth out. It's a small marvel that this website about ninja on the internet has managed to stay afloat as long as it has, with no sign of slowing down. This wouldn't have been possible without the members who told stories with us. We thank you from the bottom of our heart. I hope our series of updates and additions to Engi have got your attention and spurred your imaginations!

As a final Engiversary gift, we're giving five AP to anyone who posts in the update thread to claim it within the first two weeks. This offer is valid up until March 25th, 2014, so get it while you can!
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Clan and Organization Payment

Less important than the AP above, but AP all its own. We have made a small rules adjustment in celebration of Engiversary. That is, starting next month, Clan and Organization GMs will receive a monthly payment of AP if their organization is deemed 'active'.

Some people have been the GM of the same clans for years now, while others have put in the occasional work with no real benefit. We want that to end now, so GMs know that their hard work is appreciated.

As Kaen said above, 10 years of Engi is a marvel. Good work everyone!
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Item and Taijutsu System Updates!

If you've been sitting in chat, you've probably heard about incoming changes - well here they are.

The Item System is getting a complete rework aimed to do two things: give those small items everyone takes for free and make weapons more flexible in general. You can review the new system here in the handbook.

The other major system update is to Taijutsu. Pure, weapon, and hybrid taijutsu now always have +9 bonus stats per stage and three specials slots. As of posting, 95% of tai on the site have been edited to reflect these changes, though we may have missed a few [Specials Sacrificed] tags here or there, so please let us know as you find them. For the most part, this means characters are getting more bonus stats across the board with just a handful getting any serious stat shifts.

We're also saying farewell to a few unused taijutsu styles - Temperature Fist, Whirling Stars, Yo-yo Taijutsu, and Bandages of the White Moon have been moved to junk.

As far as character updates go, because of the sheer volume of incoming changes, please do not post updates in the Engiversary thread. Instead, place your necessary edits in the character's next rated thread and we'll take care of the changes as needed that way. All unique items will need to be rerated and reregistered (sorry!), but do look over the new rules as weapons without fancy powers can almost certainly be replicated by the generic rules.
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