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Old 03-12-2008, 07:01 PM   #21
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Is it speech time? Can I have a speech, too?

My first experience with Engi was three years ago, around this time, in the short lived days of 2.0. Being young and foolish, to a greater degree than I am now, I made a few newbie mistakes and was promptly chased away by Tigre and his big, bold name. I left a few remnants of characters and vanished unremembered, like most who can't handle it do. A year passed and I hadn't thought about Engi once. I was essentially in the clear.

And then I was invited into the chatroom. I had never been there in my short stint and I still don't know who typed my name into the add user bar, though I suspect it was Anne, for those who know of her. I became a chat regular in an instant and have since logged so many hours in the room, idle and otherwise, that my screen name has essentially become a permanent fixture. After connecting through the chat, I was spurred into rejoining the site at large and started the first step of character creation, which was difficult given my lack of experience with forum RPs. Nothing I'd ever done before had numbers or the kind of quality expected.

Regardless, I put together a Sound senshi and got him approved and the rest, essentially, is history. Two years and a dozen or so characters later, here I am still, always doing something even if its just typing something mean into the chat room. In the time I've spent here, a lot has happened, both online and off, and it's comforting to think that there will always be this little space of the net that I can come back to. There's been ups and downs, but the positives always outweight the negatives.

Like Merdle, I've met people more important to me than those I interact with daily. There are people I'd do anything and while that sounds strange, I absolutely appreciate it. I hate to think of what I would be up to if Engi was not around; being vocal online has led a once shy alter ego to similarly open up and I love that. Further, Engi helped me develop my writing and is part of what spurred me to start nursing dreams of publication. It is important to me and will be until its server corrodes.

So, Engi, happy birthday and thank you, even if you cause me rage every now and then.

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Old 03-12-2008, 07:22 PM   #22
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Been here for a little longer than a year now, but it's been a blast all around. Except for that bit when I got myself banned in month 1...

But anyway- keep on rolling, Engi!

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I'm still new, but that doesn't diminish my love for Engi!!!! (Even though I haven't roleplayed once because my bio is still in the works.) Uh, and another thing. I'm a freshman at age fourteen! Sew down't mayke fun of teh gramur!
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Well, I know that about 99% of you don't actually know who I am, but I don't care, I'm going to make some form of long-winded contribution as well

I joined pretty late in '05, and by the time I actually got around to making a character, guess what? It was time for an upgrade! So, the site that I'd come to enjoy spending time around was more or less shut-down. Fun? Not in the least. I can't say it was fun, but it was an excercise in patience, something I've always had problems with. We got out, and I found something out... I was no longer addicted! It was so wierd, the thing that I'd waited for so long to come back was finally within my reach, and I don't feel like making the effort. It wasn't too difficult, it was just... I didn't have the enthusiasm. To make a long story short, I came back a few months later, made a few characters, joined up with a genin team (which fell apart a few weeks later).

I left again, after that, and I could have sworn that I would never be back. Names always came back, though. I could never completely erase the memories of this place. I never really took part in any conversations, but I lurked. A lot. I did a whole lot of reading while I was here. Nobody really knew me, but I pretty much knew everyone that took part. I spent a lot of time just reading through page after page of posts.

All in all, what other people've been saying is true. Engi's not dying, in fact, it's just as strong as I've ever seen it. The community is what keeps people around. Thanks for... 2 and a half god years (that I've seen) let's go for another 4!
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I don't have a long or impressive story. I just watched Naruto one day, wanted to start RPing since I'd never done it before, then hit the google and there Engi was. It hasn't been boring in the least, though; I talk to one or two of the people here more than a bunch of my real friends, shared some laughs, made some online memories, and learned how to play dota (loooooool).

So all I really have to say is 'happy birthday, Engi'.
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Deresuke Gojarappe
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Woot! Engi is 4 now. LEts see, what do 4 year olds like? *gets engi naruto gloves, headband, and naruto chakra game* hey can I borrow those sometime? lol

Ive been here for a little longer then a year and its been awesome (minus of course the lockdown, that sucked)

Woot! Happy Engi no Birthday !
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Old 03-13-2008, 12:18 PM   #27
[R E D A C T E D]
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Like others, I don't have much of a story. Hell, a lot of people don't know who the hell I am, and I'm fine with that as well.

I do have to say that I was glad that I chanced upon Engi last year, though. Like it was mentioned before, it was a simple google search after growing bored roleplaying on various chatrooms with my half-assed attempts at a decent ninja.

I'd say that coming onto this forum was "fate" and I'm so...what's the word? Well, fuck it. I'm glad that I never looked back from then. Like another person said, I'm just trying to improve myself as well.

Happy Birthday Engi.

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Wow 4 years of Engi? 4 seems to be a popular number for me here... 4 years FEP's forums have been up... I've been on GAIA now for 4 years...

Really what is up with the number 4? XD

ANYWAY! *ahem*

Happy Engiverasy. Here's to year 4 and many more!

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Well, I have to admit that this is only my 10th month on Engi. 'Cept you all can see my join date to the left, so you know that. Anyhow, in just my short time being here, I've really come to appreciate Engi and all the good things it brings to my life.

I started watching Naruto about 4 years back in Boston, when my Vietnamese roommate showed me the classic Naruto v Sasuke battle at the end of that arc where Sasuke went Missing. Back then, that was where the anime was at. A few years later I managed to figure out how to use bittorrent, and started watching the anime from episode 1 with my ex-girlfriend. I got the episodes from Narutochaos.com back then, and one day I clicked on the 'Narutorp' link on the side. The rest is history, I suppose. I was struck then, and am continually amazed by the level of writing and the depth of the world that has been built around here. Engi is a major anomaly, without a doubt a rare thing.

I've been through some pretty harsh times since I joined, and a few of my closest friends I've met on Engi really helped me survive those times. So, I'm grateful for that. Also, I seem to have a strong urge to escape the normal routine life. Usually, I play video games, but games I find don't really allow me to express myself. After all, the plot and characters in any game, or the rules, are very unyielding. Then you have Engi, which is an escape, and also a chance to be creative and express yourself in some way. I appreciate that in Engi. I can escape and yet I can bring my creativity along with me. Like so many have said at one time or another, Engi also gives me the chance to improve my writing. That rocks.

But most importantly, and this is something I enjoy seeing deepen, Engi is about friendships and fun. I haven't really gotten a chance to get to know many people on Engi, especially my fellow EoE and also some of the higher-ups. But everytime I really get to know someone on Engi, I find myself appreciating that connection and considering it a rare gift. I look forward in the next year to getting to know everyone that I am still scared of or shy around.

So here's for another 4 years of good work in good company.
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Old 03-13-2008, 04:47 PM   #30
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Wow. I'm late... again. Kind of humbling having only been on the board for a little less than two years. Anyway, I've got to say I'm impressed, I hope to see many more of these in the future. Peace.
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