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Wow. Four years already huh? I had wanted to post directly after Jaunty's traditional pic but I guess it's to late for that. Now I'm not that great at making speeches but I thought I should at least say something, yanno? So anyways here it is.

Anyways- I've been here for almost three years on and off and to tell you the truth, Engi is the only RPing site I've stayed on for more than two years. (sure I was inactive for about a year and a half of my three years) but that doesn't make the memories any less important to me. The reason I've stayed on Engi for so long is because the enviroment is such a good place to RP in. It has the perfect amount of rules and systems as well as a good balance of a diverse amount of amazing people. (You guys know who you are.) and all the time I've spent on this site has been memorable and enjoyable. So thanks to everyone who's had even a small part in shaping Engi and helping it to become what it is today.

I hope to be at Engi for the rest of the years to come. The anniversary after that and the anniversary after that one and etc until the FBI come to my door and tell me I'm to old to be RPing as a ninja.

PS: Damn the ending of Kaito's post got me tingly in all the right places. Engi no IRC, SAIEngi, Donations AND Chuunin Exams? ...First comes the Engi no Merchandise and next comes the EngiCON. It's gonna be interesting to see what Engi is going to become in the future.

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Juice Box
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I'm still fairly new, so I can't make any grand speeches about how great Engi was back when and how it's gonna be great these next few years, but I can say this; I plan to be here to celebrate Engi's birthday for a very long time.

Happy Birthday to Engi!
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*Scratches my goatee.*
Hmmm.....it has been a long time. I can remember when I joined back when I was in high school, now I'm a college freshmen. Well I'm not going to type out some drawn out post that most will skip over. I'll just say that I'm happy to still be with engi and cheers to another year of Engi! *Raises glass*
Happy Birthday Engi and may there be Many More to Come!!!!

EDIT: Oh and thanks to all the mods and admins that keep this place up and running. Not to mention the members that keep Engi interesting.
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Son Hijikata
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I cannot believe it... It's been three years since I've been around. Three years of having most of my ideas into junk pile, one after another, and only very few were to survive and arrive to the Information list. For the past three years, almost nearing the second Engiversay, I joined, but never RPed a full RP on Engi. Never have I been the real me, also.

Engi no Chat made an extreme change to my persona, making it twist and coil irregularly, due to the fact that I was lacking a lot of things from the beginning as a high school freshman. A freshman, just arriving to Engi, seeking for to develop myself, physically and mentally (I always spoke about these requirements in chat more than anything else).

Before, I was creative, but still in terrible condition to notice my mistakes in my writings and artwork. With the chat, I found a way to gain several ways of communication. This risked my abilities to write well as it consumed a lot of the time I was suppose to read and practice writing. Actively in the chat since the first week I came until early 2007, my variety of skills went to a downfall. My artwork, not so proportioned as before. My reading, broken and difficult to picture things (and back in the day, I was one of the best readers in my class). My writing, jumbled beyond extreme measures.

Not that I blame the chat, for I loved it and its various ways of telling someone elses personality. I began in chat as calm as the wind and quiet as a mouse, always imputing little food for thought for some people, even other new people. Oddly, I end up as random goofball, always whinning about "How lacked in everything" or "What skills I could have attained". But the old me was little sliding towards being a fool, and would cooperate more to things. Especially when 2.0 was nearing to an end, I was dedicated, and actually understood it. That wasn't until 3.0 showed up, and I had to read the rules that I've studied months for, all over again. For the past year during 3.0, I try to be nicer and try to cope with everyone in chat.

Many people experience things in many different ways. My way of experiencing things is to keep on track of it for long periods of time, and only let little of it go. So my activity in chat, as of recently, has turned into short visits. And I have to say, that my writing only regained little of its creativity, but still has that...odd...style of writing. I promise to fix that.

My artwork also gained little, but that too I am working on. You can see how my skills are as of currently by going to the Naruto Artwork forums, where I'll post from time to tim.

Currently, I am working on everything; studying my reading comprehension, fixing my sentence structuring, and imrpoving my abilities to use the right vocabulary in certain sentences under certain situations.

My resolution to the Fourth of Engiversary, is to only "Improve". That is all.
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came crawling back
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I guess that's what I get for being foolish... oh well.

Originally Posted by from a mistaken thread
So here it is, it's odd that I'm the one to do it, but it is not like I didn't want to on some level.

Happy birthday Engi, you probably can't get drunk and go party, but I'll be sure to down one for you.

I remember being recommended to this site and laughing at it's daunting rules and generally being intimidated by the complexity of the system. I have since come to love and respect the way Engi works. I've even attempted to introduce the logic that is engi in to my friends, who agree with the system but do not actively roleplay enough to take advantage of it. The sense of community is something I do desire when not active within it. Even though I've always felt lacking when I witness the calibre of writing some people on this wonderful website are capable of, that's just another part of engi I enjoy. People help others here, and people protect others as well. Suffice to say, if engi had physical presence, I'd surely move there. Of course this is assuming that engi losing it's ethereal nature would not destroy it...

So thanks engi, for being here, and for all the great experiences and great people.

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I hope I can get this in before this thread is closed for spam.

Unlike Kaito, Tenjin, or even Slav; I cannot boast a lengthy history with this site. Having been here for but a measly year compared to their four, the struggles, growth, and letdowns of this site are out of sight. However; this is not to say I myself have seen nothing worth writing about. In fact, there are a great many things I found in my stay here that only makes me envy those who were there for the entirety of it's 'life.'

While on Engi, I have found inspiration, several incredible writers, and beyond that a close-knit community that holds everything together. I've made great freinds here. People whose names I will remember for the rest of my life, whether in hatred, joy, or indifference. People I met within a week of my first character have since turned into some of my greatest online friends, and a great number of mods have become role-models to me as writers. Engi has a way of sucking everything around it in, and keeping them there; and I love every second of it.

Here's to another four years of fighting, drama, making nice again and roleplaying.
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It's been 22 months now since I first joined Engi. Judging the poorest screenname I've ever chosen, I'm pretty sure I was high when I joined. But, despite that, I chanced upon an incredible community.

In those short 2 years, I've gone through so much - lost a computer, lost a job, got a degree, moved twice, had a tragedy, started earning a living doing what I love, reunited with my highschool sweetheart, and proposed to the best girl I'll ever meet. And the great friends and people I've met have helped me and encouraged me through every moment of it.

With the incredible things we've got planned, I can only hope that I'll be here for every one of them and beyond. Four more years, anyone?

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I wish I had such an amazing story to tell everyone about me on Engi, but no one would like to hear that.

I'm still gonna share it though.. >.>;


lol no.

So I joined Engi around a year ago in October. I had started watching Naruto only in the summer of '06 and then was all like "I WANT NINJA TO GO PEWPEW FIYAAA." So I looked for some rp sites and found Engi! :] It was so awesome and all, but I was so confused. I didn't even know there was an Unifinished section so I posted in character registry and made my first character ever, Akina. I remade her after lockdown and she's awesome [if anyone wants to roleplay just tell me ;D]. I remember my mom telling me to get off, but I was just like waaiitt! I couldn't find anything. I took the archetypes from other characters in registry, but jutsu I just went everywhere. And I had so many mistakes and everything. It was horrible. XD Anyways, to be short, I was confused.

So yeah, I joined when I was 12 [one month away from being 13] and now am 14. Ah-mazing. I met so many people that are so nice and there are still a couple of people that I'm scared. Oh God, I feel so embarressed because this makes me remember the old me in flash chat saying ew to things and being such a child. XD Dammit, I was so stubborn and naive. Still kinda am, though. :P

So yeah. I'm just some jailbait you found at the side of the road running away from a pedo while walking her dog and talking on AIM to an online predator. Wow, long sentence.

DB out~!

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Okay now that some of the more distinguished people have posted, my turn.

I'm going to be short, because I don't have a long history to tell. Heck, I still have under 2 years. Yet I am lucky (and I stress that lucky) to be sitting in the position I currently am in.

I like writing, it is something I've done since I was little as I'm sure so many other people on engi have. I'm not actually all that good at it, but it was always a wonderful expression of my passion for creativity and 'worldbuilding' (that's a keyword folks). So when I heard on this old internet of ours that people actually Role Play on a forum, using characters they create... well I needed several new pairs of pants.

But... I sucked at it (still do depending on who you ask). I tried everything from a post apoc forum to an anime highschool forum (oh lordy). But they were just horrid, loose, and barely counted as writing with one sentence post. It was just... animal. So I dropped it, I moved on to other things, writing short stories and poetry (which I also suck at) before finally finding Naruto.

One Google search for Naruto RP later and I ended up here. It was harsh at first, I invited a friend from RL and we made some chuunin in sand then some twins in mist and everyone seemed a little rude and condescending. But things changed, you start to warm up to it.

Now while I may be 'alone' here in that I don't know anyone else here in real life, there are people here I'd rather talk to on a daily basis over people I went to school with. That's no joke, no fluff, I wake up in the morning and I check Engi first and say hi to everyone in chat. It is now ingrained into my life.

I'm not one for thinking about the past, if anyone knows me well enough they'll know I hate it. I don't like that story about how cool the good old days are and I don't give a crap about past admins or mods. I'm here in the now, I'm moderating now and I'm writing stories now, this is our Engi in the now. I don't say this to be against those who have been here for ages but for those that are new and feel that there is no place for them. Regardless of Engi's age, engi is for the people who are here in the present.

But I run into a problem, balancing my love for the now with respect for those that got me here. So let me say I give thanks to all those in engi's past who made it possible for me to find such beautiful personalities and people (as well as a few ugly ones). Thanks for letting me practice my greatest excercise in world building, taking a village and warping it through one man's vision, a few old mod's plans and my own ideals. Thank you for letting me realize why I live my life the way I do and helping me get past any shame that could possibly remain.

I am happy to be here on Engi, for not only the world we have created but the people I get to see on a daily basis. But as one who doesn't like to look into the past all I can see now is our future. More things will always be happening on Engi for as long as we have brains (so watch for that zombie attack). We will keep shaping stories together for as long as we are together. Happy Engiversary.
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It really is amazing, when you look back on how long you've been apart of this community. It fills you in a way that I can't describe fairly, or even acurately.

As this was my first RP experience, and my only successful one, I don't have any comparative stories. Or even any that relate all that has happened in this rp to others.

But I can honestly say Engi has changed me, even just a little. Odd, for a web site, I suppose, but true none the less. But, the people are what make this forum what it is, and I can say a lot of the people here are my friends. That alone is an amazing achievement.

I have no real long speech, I don't wish to repeat everyone already anyway, but I can say it's been a hell of a ride, and we're not even close to being finished yet.

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