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Default [Barnacle] Best Left Buried

The business with the assassin on the boat aside, Shipori and Moko made good time to Kokoyashitou, perhaps the only city of any importance in Barnacle Country. Even then, the city was more like a very large village, with just enough native population to service the various ships that came in and out of port frequently. Away from the dockside merchants and traders, the rest of the city remained sleepy in the morning. Shipori secured lodgings as a token gesture to Moko, to allow him a place to eat another meal and for them to discuss their plans.

All morning, Shipori had been more reticent and standoffish than typical. He did not fidget by writing in his book or pour over his scrolls, and instead he sat quietly in thought with his hands folded in his lap. The ramifications of the supposed Moon Village weighed heavily on his mind, no doubt, but after some goading, Shipori turned his attention to the matter at hand. Before he could veer off to that mystery, he had particular promises to fulfill to Moko.

The museum itself is nothing special. There are guards, but they're mostly to deter children from touching the exhibits and teenage vandals. Until recently, nothing in the museum was worth anything to the sorts of people who might want to rob them. How many criminals are really interested in replica ships and old sails?” Few, if any. Shipori and Moko had managed to become the exception, and now counted the Chuku among their fellows.

That said, I expect we could stroll into the building in broad daylight without struggle. I'd even suggest we do so, immediately, to keep our advantage over these Moon Village operatives before they return to nip at our heels.” Shipori gestured at the scroll that started this whole escapade with the carved symbol at the end of the dowel. “Now, I doubt the scroll itself will be on display. We will need to get into the museum's basement storage and liberate it from the curator, and then escape.

If it contains the information I suspect, you'll have enough of the technique deciphered that you can puzzle out the rest. From there, I'll leave the matter of your revenge to your capable hands.
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