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Default Looking for More Mods! Specialists Needed! [Closed]

Hey everybody,

I know that engi has been real quiet for quite a while now, and there are a lot of reasons for that. One of the facts of engi is that people grow up, grow old, grow away, and every now and again it is prudent to inject new blood into the staff. This serves a lot of purposes, for both the members of the site and the staff. It makes sure we have fresh perspectives. We get users who are excited to work. Plus it also makes sure staff doesn't become a bunch of dark cloaks distant from the mindset of members.

Personally, I tried to get a lot of ideas started in the last few years, but I have personal obligations that have slowed down my ability to dedicate time to learning technology and industries I didn't interact with previously. To put it simply, I'm too busy to do as much for Engi as I want to, which annoys the heck out of me. Which is why I'm going to make the attempt to fix it.

That's why I'm looking for a few specialist moderators. These would be mods that believe they have the skills to take care of areas of engi that I suck at, while also doing the usual fun stuff like ratings and GMing. I'm going to rattle the giant evil cages of the rest of the mods to see what falls out, but this recruitment of new mods-in-training is unrelated to that (what I'm saying is, a whole lot could change quickly). I'm going to lay out what I'm looking for, and anyone interested should PM me a sort of 'resume in short' of what makes them good for the position.

This is what I'm looking for:

Social Media Staffer - Do you know twitter? Facebook groups? Tumblr? Have skills in SEO or publishing platforms? Do you think you could learn?
  • Social Media Skills
  • Able to control the inner guts of social media accounts
  • A drive to lure in members from across the web

Community Staffer - Have you RPed on a few other sites? Do you know how to talk to admins/mods and form allegiances? Think you can field complaints and problems from Engi members old and new?
  • Connect with other forums to get the word out about engi
  • Form alliances with sites to further goodwill
  • Create an atmosphere on Engi so members communicate outside of RP posts

Tech Staff - Can you work with CSS? Vbulletin? BBCode? Do you even know what any of that is? Do you know the inner guts of forum panels, or any similar systems? Ever wanted engi to be beautiful?
  • Commission or create new visuals for Engi's layout
  • Solve or troubleshoot tech or security concerns
  • Field most web tech questions from staff or members

These are the sort of skills I expect, but that isn't to say that someone has to be perfect. Because this is just a fan forum, not an awesome office job down in silicone valley. If you think you know enough to be any of these, or think you have the time or dedication to learn, let me know.

If you think you're too new, don't. Since the focus of these positions is on these tasks over Engi moderating, I am fine giving someone plenty of time to learn the latter.

If you're worried about previous social complications (aka, if you don't like or are annoyed by previous staff clique-stuff) then I wouldn't worry. Those are problems I will deal with, because it is important to have people that can help.

Besides your main PMs with me at the start of this, I communicate online in a variety of ways (skype, email, facebook, whatever), and I hope to hear from people who are able to have conversations about exactly what they need to complete the work they have to do.

Fair Warning! Engi moderation is still a no-pay job. You get paid in certified engi fun dollars, aka AP. Though engi does still have a lot of funds available for work that would typically require a fee (like paying for new layouts, or similar).

Okay, that was a lot of typing. Please feel free to PM me. I'll keep this around for the next few months, and I will let you guys know whenever I have someone in training, or someone approved to just be a mod.

Ask questions here, or in PMs.
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What about a mod position that shows up once every six-eighteen months to remind everyone that he once existed? =p
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I think that's just called 'normal mods'.
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Open to join the Tech Staff.
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