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Default MEGA - "Make Engi Great Again" (Recruitment Time)

Knock knock. Anybody out there?

Summer is coming to a close, and everything has become incredibly slow. Engi loves to wax and wane, but the seasons shift with every passing year.

But, hey, I administrate this place, so excuse me if I occasionally feel the urge to pump life into it. I long had plans to advertise for new members, as well as get us some visual improvements. I'm going to reignite those efforts, but I also recognize that that would not be nearly enough.

The site is quiet, and worst than that it is quiet from top to bottom. Many mods have quietly moved on, or just don't see the need to constantly be on the site because there isn't much activity for them to moderate.

Personally, because of the smaller number of active members on the forum, I didn't feel a strong need to look for new mods. This may have been a mistake on my part. Mods should be both willing to moderate, but also willing to participate, and that is important for members to be able to see. For that reason, I think it may be time to look for members who are willing to participate at a higher level.

That's right, I'm looking for people who are willing to become moderators.

It won't be easy. Typically, mods go through a trial period, and have to do a lot of the grunt work without any of the 'so called glory'. In this case, I have a different idea. In 2017 I wanted to introduce the site-wide plot of the 'Gaijin Arc' that was unlocked as part of the funds drive. I've had the idea of letting members be sort of 'micro-GMs' of different groups from the Gaijin world. Now I'm thinking that this Pseudo-GM work could be the trial work itself.

Either way. If you think you might want to help Make Engi Great Again, or you have skills that could help the site, or you just feel like PMing me, let me know in a PM. (Those who are currently mods can also PM me about this whole deal... but I mean, you have plenty of ways to contact me.)
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