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Default Thank You ALL FOR DONATIONS!

I wanted to thank you all of you have donated! Can't thank you guys enough! I'm glad the Naruto-RP is such a nice, generous community! Not sure how many of you know me - I was one of the founding members of Engi a long, long time ago. Once very active, during my college years. What am I doing now? Obviously, not being active in this forum... I'm a daddy constantly chasing after a 2 year old toddler. I never did get into RP, as I was doing more of the technical, behind the scenes stuff, including community organizing and marketing. I'm so glad many of you find this place special. I want to wish you all a great holiday season. Cheers to all, samaru (Dan)

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Definitely a pleasure hearing from you boss, been such a long time. Hope all is well and that your holiday treats you especially spectacular!
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Thank you, Dan!

If you hadn't built the community that you did, none of this would be as it is today, and many might not have had the chance to express their appreciation as they already have (and continue to do). So you keep doing what you're doing. We'll be here, eternally grateful.
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