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Sabaku Ookami
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I'm in no position to make a long winded speech, but i'm going to say Happy Birthday Engi, and thanks to everyone for welcoming me to it, and to Kurosuna for bringing me here.

Here's to many more birthdays to come and maybe i'll be able to make a speech as long-winded as some of the others here.
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Yowza... I'm going to wait and see if I stick it through the Fifth Engiversary to make long-winded speeches, but I will say this:

I discovered Engi by it's one true, worthwhile accomplishment: quality roleplaying. While some of the stuff that comes out of these boards is utter silliness, true, I was struck by the thought and honest hard work that went into what many would consider a pasttime. I mean, collaborative, fictional writing with strangers? Come on. The idea sounds preposterous, but it works, and I'm glad to say that we've all driven it forward.

Of course that would mean nothing without Engi itself, though, so..


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The Doubtful Guest.
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Wow..It's been four years this site has been running?

I should have found out about it at the first! But, I was turned to this by a good friend of mine about signing up. Unfortunately due to my stupid track of time, and procrastination, I winded up coming during the Lockdown. But, it was pretty neat to learn about the workings of the site. ^^

HOWEVER! It was really neat to meet all the cool people here like Meno, Hyuuga Kaitou, PP, Tigresama and Narf.

And it was really nice of all the comments people left for all my artwork that I posted.

So to Engi Ren says. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And may you have many many many many many more birthdays, and more splendid members.

P.S. Thanks for the support of meh artwork Narfy!

Compliments to Kreiger for the awesome Signature!
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Happy birthday, engi.

I appreciate this website more than a lot of things. For many, though I've strayed away on numerous occasions, this has got to be the one hobby that I always return to. And it's not a bad thing, either. I practice writing here, and storytelling is very important to me. I plan to do some of it professionally someday. Engi isn't like some unhealthy gaming obsession. I've learned more about writing here than in school, and while I've only had high school experience so far, that's still saying a whole lot.

The community is one of the tighest, close-knit ones I've come across. I don't know, I don't need to elaborate on anything. I just think I'm obligated to thank engi for welcoming me into this community and putting up with me all of these years.

Thanks, engi.
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:3 Happy Birthday!!! ~<3

X3 I haven't really been posting lately, but that doesn't mean that I haven't been lurking... I keep making plans to come back, but school keeps kicking me in the shins whenever I try to develop interests in anything. I still luff Engi and everyone on it... It's the first forum that gave me any real practice/experience in how roleplay should be conducted, and is still by far the best experience I've come across so far! XD Even though I never really paid that close attention to Naruto, I've always had an interest in Engi, and here's hoping that it'll be around for a long long long time.

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> .
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Only 2 pages long? Where's the party at? =S
I'm slightly late.. sorriez.
Big upzz Engi!
(wow, I'm gangster.)
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Wow, multiple sites I've joined in the past year are going on four and five years. Kind of a funny coincidence actually. I guess I just wish I could've joined sooner so I would have been able to participate in a birthday and have it actually mean something.
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Well I can't say I've had the best of times here at Engi (hey I've only joined very recently), but happy birthday Engi. Have many good years to come.
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