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Their opponent didn't waste much time on talking before flames erupted from his mouth. The flames formed the shape of a dragon, and even though the attack was focused towards Ryu, the genin still quickly moved to get out of the path. Hotaru in her wildest dreams couldn't imagine using a jutsu as powerful as that one, as it seemed that was the kind of jutsu that you were to use if you were to melt everything to the ground. So much for this shrine.

Hotaru didn't leave herself any time to be fearful that he unleashed this jutsu without seals or any other preparatory or channeling step. That would seep in only after she managed to escape. The whole building they were in squealed with the force of the jutsu, shattering windows and breaking beams. Absolutely preparing to come crashing down.The genin squeezed out of one of the shattered windows before the whole wall collapsed. Hotaru quickly dashed for the adjacent building which was perpendicular to the line of fire from the enemy's jutsu.

She made it, barely. The smell of burnt hair that followed her was certainly hers, singed. She also felt the residual heat on her back and the back of her limbs that signified a burn. She still had good range of motion and wasn't in distress when moving, so probably not serious. The genin made it to the top in time to see Ryu's clones (and possibly Ryu as well) chasing after the red-eyed man for an attack. Hotaru was a couple of buildings away on the other side of the decimated shrine. The genin quickly flew through a familiar set of hand seals that she used earlier in the day to create a clone of her own and the two made their way around, to get closer. Her clone moving faster than the genin herself.

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From his perch, it seemed like those red eyes of his didn't miss a thing. As the four Ryu made their approach up the side of the building, the red-eyed demon smiled and let out a burst of flame from his mouth. It wasn't an attack, the flames rolled out in a burst and then formed up as columns. Then the flames shook off, and they were copies of him, sword included.

As the four Ryu appeared, the demons moved around each other in a prepared maneuver, their four blades meeting the four assailants with an insidious grin on their faces. Ryu's swordplay seemed superior though, quickly two of the demons fell, and they burst into roaring flames of intense heat. Leaving two demons, one seemed to be having trouble holding his own on the rooftop, the other was cool as could be, deflecting blow after blow.

Meanwhile, Hotaru's journey toward the fight was interrupted. The clone that was leading the pair was cut down no sooner than she started. Out of the shadows between the structures appeared the man, as if he wasn't having a fight elsewhere at the moment.

He pointed a harsh finger at Hotaru, his eyes narrowed, "You, you're going to sit this one out." His fingernail was painted black, sticking out against his exposed skin. It somewhat matched his stark black hair. As he gave the command, there was the loud sound of crows all around Hotaru, cawing and taking flight, but they were nowhere to be seen.

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