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A wake of snow parted before the Sand shinobi's next charge. The way he blew through the drifts of snow as though they were nothing, carving a path like a shark cutting through water...

Inelegant! Completely lacking respect! Like those Leaf shinobi from the war, this upstart held no respect for the beauty of pristine, unmarked snowfall. Treating it like an afterthought- no, worse than that! This man, this boy, didn't even seem to acknowledge the existence of the this frigid clime!

His loss, then!!!

For the briefest moment the parts of the Sand shinobi's fist that were frozen glowed a dark blue. Right as it smashed into him, the chakra charging the ice detonated. Another explosion rocked the earth and sent a wave of white powder crashing out in the shockwave. The Nameless emerged from the cloud at a breakneck speed as his attacker's punch knocked him backwards. Yet he seemed to almost relish it- no, he was enjoying it! Both his feet skated across the deep snow on a thin layer of ice, letting him slide away from his attacker at a speed much faster than he could have managed on his own two (injured) legs. His mask hid his eyes but haggard breathing from beneath it indicated the young shinobi's attack hadn't left him unscathed.

However, if his own technique landed true, that boy would be in far worse shape than himself.
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The ice that encrusted the fingers of Sosu seemed to crack and splinter. He had no idea that there would be some form of active defensive jutsu when it came to ice that was laid on his body. However, it di not hurt. Sosu had been practicing the idea of relishing in the pain and making sure that he would be able to deal with anything that came his way. His Decaying Fist was nothing short of a miracle and as the ice splintered his fingers he could only laugh.

“was this the best he had?”

Sosu was ready for a finisher and as the man cleared a distance Sosu once again rushed towards the man. His after image was once again something of the past and before he could even disappear from his eyes he was right in front of him again. There was no doubt that Sosu had caught his prey in a web and it would be the end of him. A fist was once again landing square in the body of the nameless one.

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Any hints of subtlety or tactics evaporated like the ice in the shinobi's wake. Such willful ignorance, this boy showed! Not just of the environment but of even himself- it was as though nothing else mattered but the next punch. The Nameless's own jutsu shuddered out from beneath his scarred fingers. That purity of spirit made this child a kindred spirit. The masked Swordsman likewise pursued the pleasures of violence with a single-minded purpose. Such devotion made life so much easier. Why think about what you have lost or what you have to gain? Why dwell on the world at all?

It was so much easier to just to indulge!

His attacker appeared to use the same technique to close the gap as before and disappeared from sight. If the young ninja was doing something other than a straight forward punch, the Nameless would be in quite a bit of trouble. The same placid eyes stared out from behind his stolen face. There was no doubt...!

Three sets of imitations ice statues began to form in front of him in a line, but with insufficient speed. One after another they exploded as some unseen force tore into them, their bodies splintering and falling apart almost instantly. The force was such that the shattered limbs were flung in a multitude of directions. The Nameless braced himself for the blow but was still caught off guard by its strength. Even the bunshin hadn't seemed to lessen its power!

As before the ice beneath him paved the way for his body as he was flung backwards. He skidded atop the deep snowdrifts like a stone skipped across a pond and fell to his knees. It took every bit of his chakra to keep from sinking into the chest deep snow, even in his battered state. It was the first skill all Snow shinobi learned, after all. Even a mind as lost as his wouldn't forget those Academy drills.

Yet in his haggard breath he sounded...eager. Full of anticipation. His expressionless mask stared expectantly at the shinobi. Everything was in place.

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