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Sanosuke stared at the samurai, the cocky, lackadaisical sword holding, mechanical monster of steel.

Should I simply ask for him to let me pass?

Now, do you really think that'd work, little Seijuu? Why don't you let me help you...?

You'd want that Bakuto, wouldn't you?

I'd say more than you know but I have a feeling you know exactly how much, son of Kaigen.

He gripped his katana, Jin with a fury and he stared at the mechanical man with a raised curiosity. He tilted his head, he moved it side to side and then he spat on the floor. It was foolish to think this to end any other way. Sanosuke practiced Chigatana no Kenbu but he had studied many a sword style in his pampered tents and with his expensive tutors.

Sakata-Ryu Kenjutsu had a saying, a philosophy for them, but words any swordsmen could obey.


He dashed towards the mechanical man, sword unsheathed and moving with the erratic steps seen within Chigatana no Kenbu's Ryuusui no ugoki. His goal was clear, his motivation and purpose needing no explanation or discernment.


When he reached the steel samurai he launched a vicious slice to the creatures head, determined to either meet it blade for blade, or decapitate him in one motion.


Well? You get the picture.

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Sanosuke's sword sliced clean, and he managed to get to the other side okay, not a 10/10 landing, or even 5/10, but he didn't fall on his face. Instead, the metal samurai's face fell to the floor with a hard thunk, and then a shifting noise as it settled there. It stopped spinning the red eye facing in Sanosuke's direction down the hall, now behind the metal samurai.

The samurai brought the sword on its shoulder down and then turned around with an uncanny speed. It pulled the small knife at the waist and slashed out with that as it brought the sword down from above at the same time, creating a cross slash where Sanosuke now stood.

Meanwhile, downstairs, Kuma's knee struck the kendobot before it could even manage to adjust in response to the rapidly approaching Sound-nin. The chest of it was blasted in, and it was sent flying across the room and into the closest wall. The arm on it wobbled up, trying to target Kuma again.

The larger one didn't respond to the caved in chest cavity of its mate, instead it pulled back the cleave-length blade it had and charged forward with a wide swing of the weapon, crossed down to crash into the mat of the floor even if the blow misses.

The currently half-crushed into the wall bot was still trying to aim for another round of projectiles, lazily following the sped up Kuma.

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