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Default Happy New Years! Welcome to 2015!

Happy New Years!

Now that all chronal stragglers should be caught up, it is a good time to say happy new years to everyone on Engi!

I know that we have our periods of slowness here, and the holidays can especially drag, but all the more reason for us to take a moment to stop and wish each other well. So from me to you, Happy New Years!

2014 was a crazy year in general. The site's ownership changed hands, Naruto's manga has ended, and many rules changes were thrown around like some sort of draconian forum candy. Overall, it was an eventful year, and I'm glad that everyone took their time to help make it happen.

Help has been huge this year, with EoE doing their part, the smaller staff stepping up to take over village after village, and regular members expanding their skills to make sure everyone has a chance to be part of the vast story that is engi.

I'll just say that even though I may seem distant at times, I will be here for 2015, as long as there are nerds here who want to pretend to be magical teenagers. I mean, I better, I'm paying to keep this site on the internet.

All congratulations below are welcome, or just general happytime stories, I don't care. Either way, see you guys in 2015.
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Happy New Years!!! I know I'm new and have been mostly inactive, but I hope 2015 will be a year where I have time to at least enjoy a little bit of Naruto based roleplay!!
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u havin a giggle m8
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when did this jank get here

happy new years now GET TO POSTING

those 15 pounds you want to lose can wait, there are pretend ninja that are in dire need of attention
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What he said lol. Nah, but Happy Holidays to everyone here on Engi.

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