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Default The Elders of Engi no Jutsu

The Elders of Engi

A new usergroup has been added to Engi. This group is meant for regular members who have been around long enough to gain our trust, and have some more priviledges than other regular members.

List of Features:

- A pretty username color to stand out from the others
- Can store more private messages
- Can give half approvals and disapprovals in the registry.
- Gain access to a part of the forum inviible to other regular members, which is meant for discussing things with the staff.
- More special features may be added as time goes by.

So how does one become an Elder of Engi? Well, first of all, we need to trust you. So it's good if you've been around for a while, done some good work for the forum, haven't been obstructing the rules, and so on. We'll also look at insight, because giving someone the power to approve means you need to have a good grasp of the rules and all.

If you think you are entitled to a position amongst the Elders of Engi, go to your UserCP, and check the option on the left called Group Memberships. You'll see Elders of Engi being the top option. There, you can select to join the group. I will then receive a message about your request, and will decide whether to accept your request or not. You may also find yourself suddenly part of this group without asking for it at all, though.

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