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Default February 2019 Newsletter

Welcome All!

Another month, another Engi newsletter. This month is special, because it has my birthday!

Oh, and Valentine's day. Plus it is Black History Month. Well, there is a lot going on in February. Let me take a moment to talk about the engi-specific stuff going on.

Clan and Org Payment is up here. Remember, if your clan isn't getting payment but you think they should, let me know. I'm not in all villages at all times, so I may be behind on a thing or two.

We have some staff movements happening! The GMs of several villages have shifted so that we can better take care of the villages around the site.
In Cloud - I will be taking over as primary GM (this happened a while ago)
In Stone - Bass is now the primary GM! She will be taking over for Jami who is now a secondary.
In Mist - Junge is going to start helping out Grans. Let him know he is doing a good job!
In Rain - Wess is now helping out Kana, and together they will keep Rain flowing.

I mentioned previously that I want to do a donation drive at the end of this month. Staff is still finalizing details for that, so expect it at the end of the month, or start of March. We want to have some old favorite options, as well as some new stuff to look forward to. Please look out for it.

Remember to keep up in the global arc, so we can keep it moving.

That is all for this month. I have to go cut into a birthday cake. Hit me up below with any affirmations, congratulations, or questions for February. I'll see you guys next month!
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