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Default Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Welcome to the official Role Playing Handbook of Engi no Jutsu! Here, you’ll find all the information and rules that you’ll need to know to have a fun and successful roleplaying experience on Engi no Jutsu. For your convenience, this table of contents has been made for you to easily navigate through the rather long official Handbook.
  • General Information:

    Rules and Regulations of the RP
    - Here you can find all the basic rules and regulations involved in role playing on Engi. There are also various specific rules regarding the RP that does not really fit into any of the other topics.

    Engi no Jutsu! Role Playing Setting and Guide
    - A small thread in which the setting of the world in which Engi no Jutsu role plays in is explained thoroughly and in detail.

    Engi's Official Discord Chat
    - An introduction and guide in how to join in one of the most integral parts of our community: Engi no Chat!

  • Character Creation:

    Character Sheet and Ranks
    - This thread has the character sheet which must be filled out to register a character for Engi. It also has the various ranks said character can be and the amount of stats, jutsu, and lists/styles the character can know.

    Archetypes and Divisions
    - A list of all the archetypes and divisions your character can be. Also has the rules for specific special archetypes such as Puppeteers and Beastmasters. Furthermore, "Combo Archetypes" are also listed in this thread.

    Ninjutsu and Genjutsu Systems
    - An explanation on how Ninjutsu and Genjutsu, the Chakra-based disciplines of being a Shinobi, work on Engi.

    Taijutsu System
    - An explanation on how Taijutsu, the Physical-based discipline of being a Shinobi, works on Engi.

    Weapon and Item System
    - The basic rules of weapons and items, specifically regarding weapon points and the sheet which is used to register new weapons or items. This thread also includes the basic weapons list, as well as information pertaining to our implants/transplants/prosthetics system.

  • Customization and Growth:

    Creating Custom Jutsu and Seals
    - An explanation of how to register jutsu, special techniques, and cursed seals for personal use.

    Clans and Organizations
    - The rules and registration sheets for clans and organizations

    Thread Ratings: Gaining New Stats/Jutsu
    - An explanation on how to gain stats and jutsu through the course of your RP experience.
There is also an RP Player Guide, with lots of little tidbits and guides on important aspects of Rping on Engi. You can go there and read the guides written by other members of Engi by clicking, this.

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