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Default Sage Mode and Summons

Summons and Sage Mode

Summons are mystical animals that have power over chakra. When a contract is signed with these groups of animals, it is possible for a summoner to expend chakra and blood to conjure that summon to their location. When badly hurt, or at will, the summon can unsummon back to their previous location in a poof of smoke. Summons organize into houses or families, and a summoner will often have access to a whole house of summons with their contract. The major contracts, which often have long cultural histories, their own wants and needs, and relationships, can be useful in and out of combat.

On Engi, there are a variety of ways to 'summon'. Simple summoning uses a scroll, the proper symbols, and maybe a drop of blood mixed with chakra. The Minor house summoner jutsu are minor contracts that don't require long term contracts with a major house.

The major summons are lists where one family of animals make a contract with a summoner, allowing them to summon successively more powerful animals in that jutsu list. Once you have a major contract, you cannot have another major contract unless you lose the first (by unlearning all of those summons). Getting a major summon contract could be as simple as taking the Universal Summon Contracts after completing the necessary number of threads, working with your village GM to find out what it would take for your character to unlock your village's summon contracts, moving up the summoner paths (explained below), or earning a unique summon list.

Rules for Using Summons

-Only one summon can be active in combat at a time. In non-combat situations, multiple summons could be present if the story requires it.

-You can only learn 3 jutsu per stage in a Summon list.

-The summoner of a summon animal has control of that summon, and the summon gets to make its own offensive action in a post. The exception to this is if a GM or Mod that is GMing a thread decides to treat the summon as an NPC, in which case they control the summon's actions.

-Unless a summon is outright killed, a heavily damaged summon will return to where they were summoned from, or their House's home. They cannot return during that thread.

Rules for summoner swaps

-A summoner can create swaps related to the animal of their summons.

-A summoner swap can have elements related to the theme of the summons, but cannot venture outside of that.

-Summoner swaps are not sage jutsu, don't require sage mode, but are also balanced and rated like normal jutsu.

-Summoner swaps can be swapped into lists they thematically fit into, global nin/gen, or over a sage jutsu (if you really want to)

-Examples of a summoner swap is Anko's Shadow Snake Hands.

Rules for creating summons

-Most times, a moderator will either create a summon list, or designate someone to create a summon list. This is because they are powerful enough to alter village landscapes, which means they need GM or Admin approval before entering RP information.

-A summon contract has 3 slots per stage, and the summons themselves count as the first technique. The other two slots in order are for a sage technique, and a summoner swap slot.

-Summons within a House or Type can have the primary/secondary/tertiary focus of their stats organized in different ways.

-Custom summons (Aka a swapped animal) is not allowed.

-Stage one can only have one animal of a contract, and no sage technique. It may have a summoner swap.

-Summons do not need to meet extra requirements for their jutsu, except for stats. Summons do not need a jutsu from a previous stage to take a jutsu, except with taijutsu. A summon does not need to meet any requirements to have the Sage jutsu from their stage.

-Summons may have unique abilities, but they take up a jutsu for the summon. (EX. Like Enma's staff transformation)

-Every stage can have one Sage jutsu per house. Sage jutsu (explained in detail later) can only be used by summons, or by a summoner in sage mode.

-Summons follow a specific stat template, both for what stats they have, and the stat requirements to take a summon.

Summon houses should also have a personal Information sheet. This sheet gives a history, description, and personality to the summons that should help players interact with summons they take. Each summon can be described in the technique in the summon list, but the family as a whole can be described on the Summon Family Info Sheet.

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