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Default Non-shinobi Countries

The Wild World
Hi-ninja no Kuni - Non-shinobi Countries

The Story So Far...

The rest of the world doesn't quietly wait for the great nations and their shinobi villages to act. There are many countries that rest between the spotlights, or along the edges of the known world. These countries are filled with villagers, secrets, monsters, and more. The last 100 years haven't been kind to each of them, with places like Bear Country remaining broken after years of conflict by neighboring shinobi villages, or Bird Country remaining a land of violent warlords because it is too poor and weak to hire the help needed to stabilize. In a violent world, there are countries that only know strife. Both Coal Country and Swamp Country have turned to rebellion and revolution to bring themselves out of dark periods of feudal labor.

Not everyone suffers endless violence. Some countries are safe, but find themselves in political turmoil. River Country is a prosperous metropolis, but suffers from gang and mafia activity that have disrupted their government. Valley appears to be a land of priests and faith, but holds dark secrets that turn a lens of doubt over their presumed sanctity. Meanwhile, countries like Wheat and Wave have become quiet destinations, though not necessarily because nothing happens there.

In the center of it all is Iron Country. Home to the mighty Last Legion of Samurai that have defended the world since their creation for generations. Iron is known as a safe haven country, and the City of Kings at its capital has mortal penalties for violence. But that means it is a place for all sorts to congregate, including those who don't wish to be found.

Off the known map there is the elusive island known as Spirit Island. This land housed the wild chakra of the Bijuu after their capture 100 years ago, and has transformed into a terrifying place of tribal politics and unnatural beasts. Because of it being found again by the shinobi villages, the Bijuu have returned to the world. Weaker than before, their chakra has been split between the spirits of the original nine, and many Bijuuko offspring that now wander across the world either hiding or causing chaos. These strange minor 'demons', the Bijuuko, are a cause for political concern, as they show the power to gain in strength through cannibalism and struggle, possibly becoming as strong as their Bijuu cousins.

[The nature of the rest of the world is free to explore, within reason. On engi, you can establish a lot if you pay proper respect to the GMs and Admins of the site. Want to fight a rogue shinobi in Bird? Feel free. Want to establish a conclave of Stone shinobi hiding in Bear, the Stone GM may take interest in that development. Want to say a whole hidden village has been hiding in River? The Admins want to take a look at that. The scale of your adventure dictates who needs to know what is happening. Not always so we can say no, but often so that the story doesn't end after your thread. Some of the best organizations, clans, and stories on engi come from what started as personal plots. So make sure you share!]

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