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Default Character Sheet and Ranks

Character Sheet and Ranks

Table of Contents

Character Sheet
Ranks and Caps

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Character Sheet

See the bottom of the post for a template you can copy/paste that has the bold tags included for you.

Name: Your character's name goes here. Note: it should be a Japanese name, not English.

Character Type: (Indicate here if your character is a shinobi, non-shinobi, or missing-nin character)

Country/Village: (Country/Village information is shown here and here.)
Rank: (Choose from either Genin, Chuunin or Jounin)
Division: (Indicate your characters division if applicable)

Physical Description: (A detailed description of your characters appearance should go here, including information such as eye colour, hair colour, etc.)

Clothing: (Indicate the type of clothes the character wears, including where they wear items such as their forehead protector if they're a shinobi)

Personality: (Provide a detailed description of the characters personality. This should be at least one decent sized paragraph in length, if not more)
Nindo; "Way of the Ninja": (Briefly describe your characters nindo, what it is they believe to be most important which they live by day to day)
Clan/Bloodline: (Indicate if your character is a member of a clan or bloodline. Write none here if you are in no clan. Clans are listed here.)
Primary Archetype: (Archetypes are listed here.)
Secondary Archetype: (Note: A secondary archetype is optional, but recommended).



Strength: 1
Speed: 1
Stamina: 1


Intelligence: 1
Tactics: 1
Willpower: 1


Power: 1
Control: 1
Reserves: 1

Jutsu and Techniques
(You must list your techniques including the list they are in and the stage. Do not put in the technique descriptions. Please link to the original list/thread your jutsu and technique come from. Jutsu and Techniques are listed in this subforum.)

(List here any items/weapons your character possesses and their cost. The item system is explained here.)

Item Points Remaining: 8 (You start off with 8 and should change this number to reflect how many you have after purchases)
Additional Item Points Gained: 0 (This indicates any extra item points your character may have gained)

Biography: (This is the most important part of the character sheet. You should write a reasonably long account of the characters history and how they came to be who they are today. Must be at least 500 words long)

Other Info: (Include here any other information you feel might be relevant to the character which we have not provided a space for, such as personal quirks, or further explanation of some peculiarity the character possesses)

Writing Example: (A writing example is used to let as determine your skill as an rp'er. It should be approximately 400 words in length, and it should be written like you'd write a regular post in the rp. This is only required for first character registrations)

Thread Ratings: (This is where a copy of the location your thread ratings will be along with the points your character earned in the thread.)

To see what registered and approved character sheets look like, take a look at these forums and threads.

Below is a copy of the character sheet template you can copy/paste without needing to manually add the bold tags in:

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