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Default Hello..

Hi, I'm dragnelle..
I look forward to roleplaying with you all.. ^^
Not sure what else I should say..
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Yi Ge Xia Tian
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In truth, that's all that needs to be said!!! Welcome to Engi, one of the best forum based roleplay sites on the interwebs.....period. The site is simple to navigate and there is a wealth of knowledge to pour over and sift through as you get acclimated to how things work around here. I suggest, first and foremost, to head to the RP Handbook.

Again, welcome and I look forward to maybe RPing with you one day.

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Virtual Dream
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The Handbook can be a bit daunting, but the most important aspects are

Character Sheet and Ranks, which tells you how many stat points and jutsu you can select for your character. Most new members tend to go for a genin because there's less numbers to get your head around, but if you're feeling up to it, I'd recommend a chuunin. Chuunin have a bit more flex in their roleplaying opportunities (especially if you're just getting your beak wet with Engi), have a bit more access to the more iconic jutsu, and can run in ages from early teens to old age.

Archetypes define your ninja's combat specialty. Your archetype doesn't have to define your roleplay, backstory, or anything like that, but it might give you a jumping point. For instance, I have a medical specialist--but he's a Hyuuga, and the specialty represents a byakugan user's natural affinity for pure chakra manipulation for him.

All of the regular ninja gear you can imagine (shuriken, kunai, scrolls, communication devices, etc) are simply a part of any ninja's kit, but if you want something larger or more distinctive, you can check out our Inventory system here.

It makes sense to try and read everything in the handbook, but some things won't apply to a new member on a new character-- sennin (kage-level shinobi), bijuu, bingo book/missing ninja) are probably better suited for when your a bit more experienced on the site.

You'll also need to give your village's history a once over. This is the biggest barrier to entry, since the ninja history of Engi differs greatly from the comic book we're inspired by. Most references you find to canon characters are either as an example (For instance, the Chidori technique might tell you it was developed by Kakashi), or are related to canon clans (our Hyuuga clan, for instance), but more or less everything from the ground up exists as an alternate version of the comic book world.

Feel free to take your time and take bites out of all this reading, and don't feel pressured to try and do it all in one day! Immerse yourself in the world that's been created here and become a part of it, and then you can make a character that feels real and breathing, a part of a shared story we've been writing for over a decade now.

Welcome to Engi! I hope you have fun here.
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