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Default Engi no Facebook

Love us?

Love yourself?

Like to be speeeeecial?

Well boy is there a group for you, located on your (read: popular opinion's) favorite social site, FACEBOOK!

So it is that much easier to rant, connect, laugh at silly pictures, and make announcements, we have made an Engi facebook group.

It is secret, which means that nothing on it will show up on your facebook page for anyone else (except other members). So you can nerd out, and no one has to know (or you can bring someone in by showing them our nerd muscle).

So how do you join?

Well first steps first, you should get on facebook and add one of the mods. If you don't know one of the mods on facebook, no worries, you can add me. Marshall Cain (The one in Washington going to Eastern Washington U. if there are ever multiples).

Just add me and I'll add you in. Just make sure you let me know you are from engi when you request it (Or PM me on engi).
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