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Pretentious Douche
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Default Leaving Town

I'm going to be in Seattle visiting my grandma from this Tuesday, the 14th, until next Tuesday, the 21st. During that time, my access to the internets will be limited if not non-existant. Taro should be handling the inner arc in my absence, as he's doing already, and Stone's outer arc will continue once I return. Flight leaves at 7 am, so you guys have one more day of me before a break <3
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Pandemonium Puppet
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I won't be having internet access this weekend, from Friday until Sunday. I'll be online again on Monday. Ya'll know how to reach me if something really important comes up.
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Hyuuga Kaito
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My grandma is in the hospital. ICU. I'll be there as often as time permits, which these days is pretty often. I'll still be working on Engi though. To be honest it's a better distraction than none. I didn't know where else to post this, but I didn't really want to start a new thread for it.

In any case, I'll be around but noticeably less active. I'm taking notes with me as I go and I'll have all the edits done on whatever we settle on as they come.

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Mr. Hicks
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It's sad to say but I'm going to be sidelined for a little while. One of the fans on my laptop has a busted axle and is not running like it should. And since I'm not willing to risk breaking my only means of a computer at home by possibly overheating it (pretty much possibly destroying it), I've decided I needed to take it to a repair shop.

Only problem is I don't think I have the money to take it to a repair shop right now, so I pretty much won't have a computer during the two days I'm off or during the mornings. I will however be present as much as possible during the times I'm at work (hopefully they will not deny me the internet while I'm here >.>;).
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King Koopa
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I'm leaving in about 12 hours. Going to spain for two weeks and activity will probably be slim to none.
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Robot Admin
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Going to be gone from the 24th till the 26th for the penny-arcade expo in seattle.

See you guys when I get back.
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The Sovereign
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I might not be available throughout the first weekend of September. This would the 1st and 2nd of that month. I'll be on an airplane to the States for a business meeting, and while I do have internet access there, I'm not sure how much time I'd have left after an airplane flight, hotel check-in, probable jetlag and so forth.

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Apparently Mist GM
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I already PMed Panda about this, but might as well tell you folks. I'm taking a short break from Engi starting today. It'll last only through this weekend, so it's not like I'm going to disappear. I just need to put my mind on some other things or else I'm going to explode.
Has been on Engi longer then kyz.
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I'm going back to university tomorrow and not sure if my internet will be set up in the house I'm living in, so I might be gone for a few days until everything gets set up. If that's the case, I can still pop in now and then if I happen to be within my campus' wireless network range.
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City of the Shooting Star;;
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My internet access has been cut off (Wow, again? What a surprise!) at home and it seems I won't be getting it back until my grades start coming in.
I have access at school though, which is where I am writing this now.

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