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Kugo absolutely spared a scowl over his shoulder at Yuri at the reference to his family. He didn't know if everyone in Leaf already knew how much he despised this behavior, or if everyone in Leaf was so jealous of their exclusion from his lineage. Either way, Kugo glared with the brilliance of his grandfather's Katon.

And kept walking until they got to the restaurant. Soy sauce, steam, and frying onions drifted out into the street in plumes of intoxicating scents. But Yuri had the nerve to say something again, and Kugo spun righteously on his heels, his stomach vibrating a little.

"Hey, Mister Yoshiyuki-san. It's cool and all that you came along and met up, and maybe you aren't even here to meet with us, but can you please do me a solid, at least while I'm hungry?" Kugo stared up at the man with the attractive features and was wondering if another smirk would come. "Please, just call me Kugo or any form of that you need."

He turned back around, walking into the restaurant, muttering to himself.

'I'm not the next Hokage, alright?!'

And in moments, he asked for a table for three, received a table that would comfortably fit four, and was pointing at the two dishes on the menu he remembered his brother talking about, watching as the older jounin walked towards the table. He had no care as to what their conversation was about, but what he saw enter behind the men was deeply upsetting on a different level.

A man in royal courier apparel (an outfit that Gyousou Kugo had experience seeing), bearing an insignia for Bear Country. The man was frantic, but keenly aware of the blue band tied around Yuri's ankle, the one around Kugo's left arm, and the jinchuuriki's belt buckle, all of them sharing an insignia.

"Shinobi! Are you the one's Habesobi-sama sent for?! Please! Tell me you are!"

Kugo, remembering the name in the scroll, the mission at hand, and his brother's recommendation, stuffed his head further into the menu.

"No no no no no.... Not now." Kugo whispered to himself, trying to think about the pork and chive dumpling that seemed to promise his stomach's call.

"Oh my, you must be! I would recognize a Gyousou anywhere! You must be the one they promised to send, Kugo, huh? Oh Gun-sama is so excited to meet you! And you, the medical shinobi! Oh thank goodness, Miss Gisa is really getting so sick. But really, no, we must speak. And - oh, it smells good in here? Yes, what do you say we sit and eat, and we can talk about this." The courier took a seat perhaps even faster than the jounin could, and had pushed Kugo over one seat, so that they were both staring at the unusual pair of team leaders.

A strange family indeed.

With that, the server came over with the two appetizers Kugo had ordered, and before the courier could say anything, he shoved his hands over all the menus on the table and laid out what would be at least a two course meal to the waiter. And then he leaned back.

"Carry on."

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