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Default The Escape

"A right mess, is what it is." Corporeal Isuku said, as she led Hanairo and Wakana through the prison complex. She spoke with a bounce and that Wakana wasn't totally sure was appropriate approve of, but Isuku seemed sweet, so instead of staring at the bobbing pony tail she was following Wakana turned her eyes at the prison walls and spent her attention there.

They were much less pretty than her escort was. The cells of medium security were hardly built for comfort. The men and women who'd built this place did so in a hurry, and well, but the sacrificed comfort for effectiveness. Whatever heating system was in place was clearly only in place to keep the prisoners from freezing to death. Wakana could feel the cold on her skin and the biting crispness in her breathing.

The walls were all steel with concrete, no windows, with lines of electric light tracing down the hallway over the cells doors, gleaming harshly. The cells doors themselves looked like simple steel, but the runes that were carved into the metal . . . "Bit much for medium security."

From the way Isuku had stopped dead and the look in her eyes when she turned back toward Wakana, it became suddenly clear to the engineer that she'd probably continued on talking after Wakana got herself distracted. Good job, Wakana.

She kept her face steady. Wakana reached down, grabbing at an outline on her skirt.

The outline parted from her clothing like a like solid object, because suddenly it was one. A long black dagger—Songbird—was in her hand. Gently, she brushed the Songbird's side against the bars of the nearest hell. There was a spark of bright electricity and force as power arced from bar to blade which threw Wakana's hand violently away from the point of contact.

When it was over, she was still holding Songbird, but it was smoking. Wakana blew on the blade and pressed it into her side, where it meshed with the fabric. "Medium security." The slightest arc of Wakana's eyebrow implied a question.

Isuku's face went through several expressions before settling on trepidation. "Um. Yes. I, uh, don't actually know anything about maximum security." Her eyes darted. "Classified stuff."

Wakana stared wordlessly at her for a moment. Then kept walking, keeping her face stone and glad that her silver blood made her embarrassed blushes so much less obvious.

"So. Um. He sometime between 100 and 110 hours, yesterday, in the morning . . ." Isuku had to make a little awkward job to catch back up to the front. "His name is Harumi Shige, a Corporeal, up for court martial next week. When our patrol got here, well . . ."

Isuku swallowed. Was Wakana the reason? Why I am like this?

". . . You'll see."
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And I thought the mountains were inhospitable...

Hana was no stranger to the cold, her extended family lived high atop a mountain, and the thin, biting air, was something she'd simply had to get used to, but at least it was a dry cold. This though, this was something different. The sea crashed against rocks and ice not far off, filling the air with salt and moisture that served to make a damp, insidious, cold that worked its way through you to chill your very core. It came as no surprise to her now that back in the days before the LMG descended on the city for its renovation as a penal centre, that paying to share bodyheat had been the cities most lucrative business. Of all the reasons she'd always had for not wanting to go to prison, she never expected the weather to be one of them.

As she followed along behind their, bizarrely chipper, guide, Hana let her attention wander to the walls and walls of cells all around them. Her eyes darkened till all that could be seen in them was the familiar golden flash of her clan, as she scanned the surroundings for any Gurou she might recognise. She had, after all, brought her fair share of criminals back to face justice at the hands of the LMG, it wasn't unreasonable to assume some of them might have ended up here. Not that she was worried she'd be recognised or anything of that sort, she made sure her alter ego was substantially different to her day to day self, not to mention the thick coat and winter scarf wrapped around her neck and lower face practically masked her identity on their own at the moment anyway; no, it was more that she had never really followed up on any of her assignments after her part was done before. Probably for the best, since half her work included genuinely befriending them and she worried it'd break her heart if she knew what trouble she had lead them all into, but now she was here... She had always been the curious type.

Before she could get down to checking individual auras though she was struck by just how much Gurou was within the prison walls. From the outside the place had looked fairly substantial, and from inside it looked equally cavernous, but when you could see every single poor soul trapped inside of it, then the scale really dawned on you. And that was allowing for the fact that as an Intel operative, she happened to know the facility was not even close to being at capacity; she couldn't help but wonder that maybe this place was a little much, even for a government with as many enemies as the LMG had, this seemed, well... paranoid

Her attention was brought back to the present when the third of their trio, Corporal Senritsu, seemed have found her own issue with the prisons methods. Hana and their tour guide watched quietly as the engineer pulled a blade out from nowhere and gently struck the bars of a vacant cell, causing a violent electrical reaction that far outstripped the force of the strike; to her doujutsu enhanced eyes the lightning had almost been blinding.

Both Kunoichi looked expectantly at the prison officer for some explanation, but the question was dodged, the officer hiding behind their chirpy, innocent demeanour. "Remind me not to stand too close if we end up needing to test the solitary confinement cells..." Still, if nothing else, their escort was finally getting to the point of their visit; evidently something wasn't quite right even with all the overprotective security measures. Something that made even their effervescent new friend nervous to say out loud.

We'll see...? It couldn't be that bad could it? Hana stared ahead in the direction they seemed to be going, using her heritage to try and get a sneak preview of what lay in store for them, only to be greeted by an unexpected absence of what one would expect to see in a prison. "Oh..."
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