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Default Eternal Resurrection

Eternal Resurrection

One has to pay dearly for immortality; one has to die several times while one is still alive. - Friedrich Nietzsche

If there was one word that could truly summarize Ninsen Anzu's condition, it was fatigued.

Her last mission had been taxing, both mentally and physically, and had taken an unbelievable toll on the Senshi. Even with the incredible healing prowess of the Naosu slowly restoring her vitality, her body still ached and groaned at the slightest of movements. Her thoughts, meanwhile, hovered precariously between depression and rage, her mind analyzing every failure she had suffered in her pursuit of Hamachi Mikado. While the mission had ultimately been a success, the losses suffered by her and her partner, Seyo Sengo, were great. Still, those mental scars, those aches and pains, paled in comparison to the more...blatant injury that had been inflicted upon the body of the Senshi.

As she paced the streets of the Necropolis, Anzu stared wistfully at the location where her right arm used to reside. Now little more than a stump, it served as a painful reminder of the direct consequences of her failure. Her carelessness and recklessness had led her to disaster, one so catastrophic that even the powerful organism residing within her was not able to remedy the massive amounts of damage she sustained. It had ultimately made a painful but necessary choice, permanently sacrificing utility to keep its host alive.

It was this sacrifice that led Anzu to the sinister Necropolis, home to Sound’s more nefarious populace, the Naga. Despite their eerie nature, the Senshi had to recognize the prowess of Otogakure's resident mad scientists. As uneasy as the Naga and their home made her feel, Anzu knew she had no choice but to rely on their knowledge to restore her to her former strength. Fortunately, she knew just the man to seek. Despite his gaunt appearance and odd mannerisms, she had developed a rapport with her partner in her last mission. Sengo had assured her, upon their return to New Sound, that he could construct something that would allow the Ninsen to perhaps even surpass her former ability. Though she still harbored some reservations, she decided taking her chances with an ally would be far preferable to the unknown.

And so, Anzu proceeded to the rendezvous point her comrade had suggested. The tall oaken door before her was adorned with bones of all shapes and sizes, befitting of a man whose combat tactics revolved around such materials. With her remaining limb, she grabbed the bronze door knocker and slammed it against the wood twice.

"Sengo, it’s me. Open up."

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