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Um. Lots of stuff is happening.

1) My bag was stolen and yeah I'm upset and grumpy and pissed off
2) An old school friend passed away so I'm dealing with that
3) I'm preparing to move to California for the summer (BCUS OF A FRIKKEN COOL JOB YEAAAA) so it includes lots of planning
4) Skool isnt kool

I'll be posting but at a somewhat slower rate, SORRY PALS

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Mr. Hicks
Will RP For Meat
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I'm just letting everyone know that no I haven't disappeared off the planet again, I have just been stuck at a hospital with shit wi-fi for days because my grandma has pnuemonia an sepsis. ):
I want you to take a good look at me and my work and accept that I am not a person with a plan.

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Based Kiba
Based Kiba
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Hey guys, going to a wedding tomorrow morning for my cousin, and I'm going to be gone until Monday. Also, just as a forewarning, I'm working 6-7 days a week for the month of April, so my activity may dip, but fear not. I will find time to post for y'all and rate threads and do trial modly things.

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New Member
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Between the 11th and 23rd of this month I'll have fairly sporadic posting. I am going away and cannot guarantee PC access, though I do know I will be online for at least a few of those days so hope to get some posting done then.
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Robot Admin
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Okay guys. I'm prepping for PAX, and then I'll be at PAX.

So I'm in wishy washy mode for the next week and a half. See you on the flip side!
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Robot Admin
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I return!

Back to business as usual.
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Robot Admin
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I thought I made this post since I was the newest post, but now I'm halfway MIA for National Novel Writing Month.

Message me, and I'll respond. But it might not be day of. Sorry.
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in lame man terms
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Said it in chat, will say it again here: I will be spotty for at least the rest of this week and who knows how long after. Baby time.

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Combo Breaker this weekend, I'll be around in chat but Engi stuff'll have to wait till I get back on Monday.
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Cosmic Horror
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Hey guys, I'm making my out of state move from Texas to Colorado on wed so I've been trying to get things ready, meaning I haven't had a lot of free time. I'm going to try and post this week, but I just want to warn I may be unable to until I get to colorado next week.

Thank you all for understanding!

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