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Default [Spoilers] Boruto Episode 2

Thoughts? Academy reject rubs me the wrong way.

But I really like how they're playing on the next generation with them being like, "yeah our dads are friends so we know each other but we're not friends."

I wish there was more explanation of the weird Hyuuga half doujutsu technique Boruto did in the first episode, though.



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I feel like everyone who isn't based on a character from the original series, feels like an uninspired design. It is pretty Dragon Ball GT, with everyone feeling like remixes of stuff we've seen before.

Most unbelievable part of this whole episode, is the idea that Sai slept with a woman, and produced a child. I don't believe it for a second.
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I second the idea that Ino raped Sai and/or donated the materials needed for her to father a child.

I sensing that Boruto, like his name, is just a copycat of Naruto. It literally felt like I was watching an early episode of the original show when he was fighting Iwabe. Right down to the shadow clones.

Let's RP & fight. I'm always down for a plot.

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