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From a distant perspective, everything happened in a matter of seconds. Sento charged forward after his kick, only to skid to a halt as two nasty-looking scythes of chakra came streaming toward him. There was a brief glint as an electrical barrier sprang up in front of him, followed by a devastating impact and the sound of shattering glass twice over. Smoke from the resulting energy filled the air, obscuring Sento’s form from view.

The reality wasn’t quite so simple.

The first impact tore through the barrier and struck his crossed blades. Instantly his arms went numb and he grimaced, forcing another to replace it. It was equally as ineffective and found himself flat on his back, his chest on fire. He bit back a cry of pain as he rolled over onto his side. His free hand rose to his chest, Ryuugamaru’s blades having fallen somewhere within the cloud. Majinken lay underneath him, not far from a pool of his own blood. The second swing was far worse than the first, tearing into his rib cage. Instinctively, Sento reached for Tsugunai.

I've got you. Focus on breathing.

That was easy for Tsugunai to say. The moment he tried, he coughed up more blood. Sheer stubbornness forced the jounin to his feet as the bandages surrounding Tsugunai wrapped themselves around his torso. He groaned despite himself as they tighened around him, slowing the bleeding. If he could feel this with the Pain Gate open, when they closed…

He couldn’t be sure what Sosu was doing. It took every bit of his concentration just not to be instantly killed, and even that was proving to be futile. Part of him wished the kid had the sense to run. He didn’t much like the idea of dying with an audience.

I can’t hold this forever, Sento. You have to-

I know.

With the Sword of Redemption in his right, he reached out and drew Majinken into his left hand, drawn by the beacon he’d placed earlier. He wedged the hilt between his teeth and grabbed for one of Ryuugamaru’s blades. Everything felt heavier, including every step he took. Even the miasma itself was starting to become more noticable.

“Kei-mon… kai.”

The sky itself seemed to respond, and a broad lightning bolt streamed from the heavens, blowing away the smoke cloud as Sento’s View Gate blew wide open. The force of it alone shook the ground, filling the air with a deafening thunder. Sento’s entire body was almost completely white, and his eyepatch was burned away by the intensity of his chakra, leaving two brilliant blue sockets where his eyes should have been.

There certainly was no turning back now,


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After his attack on Sento, Ken's blades shifted again. In a blink of light they became a pair of single-bladed broadswords. Their hilts were made of onyx, semi-circles that protected the ronin's hands. The blades seemed identical, but also like they could meld together to form a single weapon if necessary.

He didn't have much time to think. Sosu started his approach, and was quite fast even if his technique didn't have the desired effect on the ronin. It didn't save the man from Sosu's aggressive strike. When Sosu made the motion for his attack, Ken had a retaliation in mind. The sand came up, and just as fast the blades came down and smashed through the rising wave of sand.

The short-swords sliced away at the chakra, creating a wave of pure dust as the incoming attack was swept aside like so much pointless dirt.

In the large V created by his devastating slash, Ken's face was a manic grin. Then the sand from Sosu's attack rained down on Ken, seemingly harmless. Until the small Sosu's made of parasitic sand began their work, small three inch tall sand-nin stabbing between his leftover armor and cutting at the flesh at his neck and face.

"Fiendish!" Ken said as he stepped back and started to toss or cut away at the little Sosu. His grimaces and clenched teeth were clear signs of pain, his face painted with streams of his own blood. It only made his smile bigger.

"You'll have to do better, shinobi!" Ken called out as he stamped out another sand-clone.

Then there was the crack of thunder from Sento opening his gates.

"Oh good, then the odds are still even."

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