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Default [Calamity] ROCK Climbing

[Unstructured Climb Thread for Kaori, Sudao, and Masami - The Gem Miko of Stone]

I miss the Miasma.


Not that she didn't agree a little; for someone who loved the darkness as much as Masami did, there had been something wierdly comforting about the long trek through the blackened lands. If it hand't been for the constant danger, and threat from the less adorable of the mutated animals, it would have almost been peaceful. That, and inside of the murky fog that perpetuated the forest you couldn't see the stars... what was the point of perpetual night if you couldnt see the heavens?

Not that this part of the expedition toward the summit was any more pleasant. As she considered their predicament she was hanging upsidedown from one of her vine blades, anchored around her leg to give her arms a rest from the climbing they'd been having to endure. The main path was easy enough, but the various outcroppings and sheer faces they had to scale as the journey progressed were becoming rather... repetative. At least for her, her companions didnt seem too bothered, but then they weren't having to do each one four times.

Kaori was bowling ahead, along with their supposed guide. The pair had hit it off like a house on fire; the guide clearly loving the part of his job that let him meet new people, and Kaori never turned down the opportunity to make a new Bro, leaving Masami and Sudao bringing up the rear. Honestly, she was impressed with his progress, given that like her he had never gotten around to mastering the ability to walk on non-standard inclines - his sheer enthusiasm was propelling him better than any Jutsu could. And Sudao, well, she couldnt quite see him from her inverted position, but she imagined he was faring just as easily as any shinobi who had actually learned the basics would. She sighed.

Tendrils grew from her arms and reached out to the next good spot from which she could lever herself the right way up and onto the next stage of the main path; as she dislodged the extended blade of her previous anchor and swung up and onto the flatter ground again, she couldn't help but wonder...

How in the hell's did we end up here...
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It wasn’t normally like Sudao to remove his shirt, but here he was, jutting out along the rocky outcrop next to Masami with a backpack that seemed a bit too full. Even stranger still were the khaki shorts and combat boots he wore: The summer heat was messing with him, and the aristocrat clearly missed the colder mountains of Earth Country. He removed his ballcap and took the shirt out of the pack to wipe his brow before replacing the vestment and taking a gander towards Masami. He was surprised neither of his teammates had picked up on the Wall Walking technique yet: It made his journey significantly easier, even though he wasn’t quite as accustomed to the physical exertion.

His gaze traipsed down from the Kiyama's leg to where she and her subjects hung. He almost appreciated the comedy of it all – a vine, growing Kiyama. After observing her for a few moments, he started walking again, his soft strides easily carrying him past her and up to Kaori and their escort’s level. He watched them with the same curiosity, their picks, neko-te, or whatever they had chosen to use going to work. He wasn’t sure how close they were to the top: He couldn’t see it, if that was any consolation.

He took a few more strides, finding a nice place to prop and look down at his teammates. Sweat glistened off him, and the look on his face was somewhere between amused and irritated. All Sudao would have to do would be to look through the eyes of a Warden or priestess that was already atop the mountain, and he was sure that he could shunshin to their location. Still, part of him wanted to make sure his teammates could make it to the top safely: He felt somewhat obligated, after the mission that lead to their promotion.

His gaze turned toward the miko accompanying them, and he let out a loud sigh in order to get his attention.

“Are you sure there’s not a faster way? You know. For the group?”
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