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Despite his best attempts, Sudao was incapable of rolling his eyes. At best, his lids flickered spastically, and since his tongue still refused to cooperate with his brain, the addled jounin settled with vividly fantasizing about bludgeoning the chuunin to death. Foregoing the mission to remain with him, then drawing the attention of their allies – and potentially their enemies – with an explosive tag was more trouble than it was worth. He mused that his best course of action would be a rather stern report, but there was something about the goofy, overgrown teenager that almost made him laugh.

In a way, he reminded him of Kaori, just less… headstrong. The dopey, ditzy nature was still there, that was for sure. The childish sense of naivety that everything would be okay, DEFINITELY there. As he pondered his musings, Sudao kept his gaze focused up toward the sky and closed his eyes for a minute. He could feel the kami stirring around him, and after a bit of effort, managed to call upon their aid. With Genta’s desire to find a shinobi medic, the condition was met. Their allies were close, despite not having been able to aid him in their fight. It was rather unfortunate – had they gotten there earlier, everything, and most importantly, his injuries, could have been avoided.

Despite the ringing in his ears, he heard the medics approach, and definitely felt them as they forced their healing chakra into him. He let out a sigh of relief as he felt his charred skin fall away in place of a new one, and eventually his extremities regained their feeling.

Everyone was lucky that he couldn’t talk yet.
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