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Default Tantrum's Swap Thread

Name: Tosou You no Jutsu | Spray Paint Jutsu
Stage: 1
Description: A very basic technique for the use of Sumi ninjutsu. This technique allows the same use with a spray can in place of a brush. Like Hake no Jutsu, the same rules apply.

[There will be 3-4 people using this swap]
[Hajime Jun'Ichi] - [Ame Genin]
[Kodahma Sano] - [Iwa Chuunin]
[Shourai Makai] - [Sand Chuunin WIP]
[Harimusha Kou] - [Kumo Chuunin WIP]
[Tenzo Kamui] - [Kusa Jounin WIP]
[Netsu Haburi] - [Kumo Jounin WIP]

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Know that while you can teach other characters this through RP and have them learn that way, they can't simply have it out of creation or because you said 'and so he began to teach them' in the end of a particular thread. Multiple persons can use the same jutsu, but it must be taught in thread or it cannot be done.

Stage one.
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Might be best to register it as an Organization Swap List then, if it's for what I think it is.

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You would need a registered organization first, Ignis.
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This is just a team jutsu for a genin team......
[Hajime Jun'Ichi] - [Ame Genin]
[Kodahma Sano] - [Iwa Chuunin]
[Shourai Makai] - [Sand Chuunin WIP]
[Harimusha Kou] - [Kumo Chuunin WIP]
[Tenzo Kamui] - [Kusa Jounin WIP]
[Netsu Haburi] - [Kumo Jounin WIP]
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You'd need to RP them. Besides, they're going to be Academy Students. Having that jutsu right off the bat isn't academy stuff. If you're twelve, chances are you're picking your nose and worrying about pokemanz battles, not learning complicated swap jutsu.

Just RP it. Oh no, the horrors!

and [Halfproved] at Stage 1.
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Yeah, just teach it to them. But I'm sure you're aware of this already. So... enjoy.

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Half Approval.
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I'm guessing you still want it, but it's Approved for 2.5.

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Approved and...do you have a swap thread already? I don't see one in your sig, so this will becoming your new swap thread. Ta-da.
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