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Default [Rain] Maeda Clan Recruitment and Free Clinic


Due to overwhelming popularity, no more Maeda characters can be registered at this time. I'm told Rain has some other clans though, go look at them too! I appreciate your interest, though, and if you want to put a sheet in unfinished for me to look at in the event this limitation is removed, I'd be more than happy to help.

So we're officially in the paint now! Amegakure has a new bloodline, the Maeda, who can grow bug armor and do nasty parasite related stuff. If you're interested you can post in this thread with questions or PM me and I'll be happy to provide whatever information you want.

The clan info:
Basic Info

The clan techniques:
Chitin Armor Tai
Parasite Ninjutsu

Mission list (in progress!)

How bad is an infection?
Symptoms can be mild to severe, with most Maeda having a few side-effects of constant infection but generally being healthy. In normal individuals it causes very stomach-flu like symptoms but is normally not lethal in healthy people. Children and old folk are the most susceptible and can die from infections, which is why the Maeda don't have a lot of kids and don't live to very old ages.

Is the parasite intelligent?
Nope, though there is nothing to stop your character from believing otherwise.

How does the whole life cycle thing work?
Karamushi come in two forms: larva and adult. The larva are the worms that are manipulated in the parasite ninjutsu list, and the adults are the worms which produce chitin in the armor tai list. One infected individual can house tens of thousands of the larva, and several hundred adults if the infection is persistent. Special strains of the parasite unique to the Maeda are capable of producing fast-developing infections, so the distinction between adult and larva is less important there. Adults can live as long as hosts and are animals in their own right.

Maeda karamushi can infect anything living, so pets are cool too!

What are you looking for in a Maeda?
Anything that uses the premise in a cool way. I'm putting a soft limit on the age of Maeda characters of about 30 years, since any older might cause weird timeline issues. Jounin characters will be looked at very closely.

Any plans?
I've got the skeleton of a Maeda mission list completed, and would like to start a little clan arc as soon as the first character is registered. I am more than willing to NPC in threads (even solo!) so don't feel like the lack of members currently is a problem.

Any freebies?
The first Maeda to complete a thread will receive 3 AP, the second 2 AP, and the third 1 AP. The same character could get all of these if they're active enough. If any additional AP falls into my lap you can expect it to end up here.

Can my non-Maeda character become a Maeda?
The Maeda are a bloodline, so outside of some wacky implant-type stuff, no.

Can Maeda infect other Maeda
Yes but the infectoin doesn't last as long, nor is it as effective. IC-wise you're not allowed to use Maeda techs on other Maeda, though you can still do things passively like track those you infected with your personal strain.

If you need any help with character creation or finding threads afterwards, please contact me so I can help.

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You know I'm down for this shit. I just gotta pick between a Stag Beetle or a Kabuto Beetle antler set.

AP - Swaps - Weapons/Items
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I love the idea of a bugman. I would be interested in this clan in a big way.

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You know I'm interested; just have to finish the bio!
Available for registry checks, just ask!
If you need character sheet edits done, let me know!

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We welcome Maeda Ten and Maeda Kazuhiko into the slimy, rotten fold! As of now there is no limit on clan characters so feel free to continue making a Maeda (or start making one) if you are still interested.

I will be updating the Maeda bulletin as threads are completed to keep track of activity and hopefully craft some character-specific story arcs for anyone who wants to participate. As always bug me over PM if you have any questions.

Kana Edit: I'm limiting the Maeda to 3 people for now. At least until there is more interest in other parts of rain. This is possibly momentary.

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Hey fellow hip young kids, fresh new hot Maeda things for your consideration!

Starting at the end of May 2016, I'll be official handing the reigns of the Maeda clan over to Wess. He's the dude you gotta ask Maeda questions to now, if you had any.

As a parting gift, I'm giving away my remaining AP to the faithful. Sleepy and Cayuga can both claim 5 AP, and Wess will get 10. I bet you nonbelievers wish you'd made a cool awesome Maeda now, huh?!?

I'll still be available up until May for Maeda related happenings, however, and expect an NPC and story-type update to the Bulletin up until the day the switch-off happens. If you have a Rain character whose interested in participating in Maeda excitement, just contact myself or Wess and we'll be happy to get you involved!
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Thanks Junge bro
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