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Yi Ge Xia Tian
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It was very likely that this whole conversation was an act of futility, but Hien saw no need for his "brothers" to cease their dialogue with these good men. For most, if not all of them, this was their only chance to have their thoughts and feelings actually heard by a member of the Village Hidden in the Stone.

The foreman however, didn't care about any of that.

"Get back to work! Anyone found slacking gets their pay docked!"

Immediately, the crowd scrambled, everyone in a race to make themselves look busy. So too did the twin avatars of the jewel. They moved in unison, heading for the fifth floor, there was sure to be more than enough work to be done up there. As they moved, Batsu and the man with the hammer's eyes met and quickly a nod of respect was given, and slowly it was returned. Looking away, the Kiyama clone smirked to himself.

It was a smirk that was shared by the True Son, Hien, who was on the third floor, just about finished bricking the corridor with the sagely old man. Standing straight up, the teen exhaled and wiped at his brow with a grimey forearm. The more experienced worker looked up at him and scoffed, cackling to himself. "Whaddya tired kid? Say it ain't so, there's still so muc-"


Careening over the short wall to the northern side of the infantile structure, came two dark objects that thudded on the wooden planks of the third floor merely fifteen yards away from Hien and the older man, who rose to his feet.

"What in the sam hell is--"

"GET DOWN!!" Immediately the chuunin recognized the two black spheres for what they were; grenades. Tackling the elder man to the ground, the boy wrapped himself around the worker to shield him from the-


The grenades, although small, packed an enormous punch. The blast destroyed most of the third floor and sent debris and chaos flying across the construction site.

Outside, two young men were hauling ass down a side street right behind the new hospital when the explosion went off, they snickered, content with themselves as they went to round the corner, the PDC's work here was done.

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Construction materials spilled from Kam’s heavy cart, overturned, its wheels still spinning, strewn across the ground in the direction he’d bolted. The sound of his pounding footsteps was lost in the din of fear, uncertainty and anguish that had spread from station to station like chain lightning from the point of detonation. Those on the remaining scaffolding were in the worst condition — Hien was first in his mind — but the blast had also flung debris across the whole area, and a number of men were either down for the count or only just staggering to their feet. Everywhere, disarray. Except in Kam’s mind.

Though the scale of the blast had taken him by surprise, Hien’s cry of alarm had given him cause to break with his role for a split second and look to its source. In that moment, he had seen everything, unflinching, even as shards of wood cartwheeled in his direction like throwing knives, and donned a different mask over the first. He was still the travelling workman, but now he was also the first responder, and so far the only person running toward the carnage.

Hien was his first priority.

Reacting to the incendiary patriot who had decided to cast their stone in this way came second, however much their cowardly, ignorant act infuriated him. Kam might have heard a thing or two, but Hien had seen what had gone down. He’d been there. Kam only hoped that Hien still was, but cries from both the outside and inside of the building suggested that might be the case. The scaffolding was in pieces when he drew near, large lengths of bamboo hanging like snapped or dislocated limbs. A few immobile forms lay limp on the decks but one was hanging between levels from a tangle of rope that was sure to give at any moment, his right leg below the knee gone, now a tattered stump. Kam started climbing, anger turning to shock when he realised he was still the only person coming to the rescue.

“Help’s on the way, people!”

Hope was the whole reason they were here. People working together to rebuild. To restore what was lost with something new. Something better. What was better about cowering in fear?

He stuck to the nearest vertical beam, which looked well enough attached to bear his weight, climbing hand over hand and foot over foot like a monkey. Like a normal person, doing what any normal, able-bodied person should be doing in a situation like this. Even working with shinobi if it meant saving lives.

Kam reached the injured man, whom he knew not to be Hien or either of his doppelgängers, but tended to him anyway, feeling for a pulse before securing his legs about the post so that he could pull him close and cut him free. He cast an impatient eye over his shoulder before descending. Those who hadn’t fled were standing about, staring, and only a couple had begun to approach gingerly. It wasn’t enough.

“Come on, you lot, get moving! There’s people still alive up ere! We got a job to do, don we?”

Where are you, Hien?
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Yi Ge Xia Tian
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One by one, slowly but surely, men from all over the debris filled construction site rose to their feet. Cries of help and pain filled groans cluttered the air, still thick with dust that had yet to settle from the blast. But a voice cut through that haze like a hot knife through butter. It was strong, clear, and unafraid in this chaos; a voice that people could gather behind.
Originally Posted by Konkaji Ryuuankamei
“Come on, you lot, get moving! There’s people still alive up ere! We got a job to do, don we?”
It was a rallying cry. One that was soon echoed throughout the site, as men found their courage, and their strength.

Blood trickled slowly through cracked, dirty lips as amber hued eyes finally opened. A pain filled groan soon followed. The teen's right hip felt incredibly hot and it was wet and immediately the chuunin knew what that meant. There was also a heavy weight a top his back, one he couldn't find the strength to get off of him.

As his senses returned to him, focusing through the pain that ravaged his body, he knew that what was giving him so much pressure was a huge slab of cement. It hadn't crushed him thankfully, but the steel wire portruding from it had done a number on the Kiyama boy. Cursing inwards, the boy again struggled to move before letting out a yelp. It was then, that he realized he was not alone in this predicament.

"Hey kid, I think you're a good guy an' all, but don't ya think yer taking things a lil fast?"

Despite the pain that came with it, Hien let out a weak chuckle. The older man was squeezed between Hien and the floor, but because of the teen's sacrifice the seasoned constriction vet was virtually unharmed.

"What say we get this slab 'o rock off us huh?"

Nodding in agreement, the chuunin bit into his lip as he struggled against the weight. The weathered arms of the old man proved to be enough of a boost, the teen let out a loud cry as they finally freed themselves of that burden. Yet they also unplugged the wound in the boy's side.

Hien, in great pain, rolled over onto his back, the old man, who was largely unscathed, knelt next to him and began assessing his injuries while calling for help.

"We need help ova here!!"

Meanwhile, in Hien's mind

(Guys, where are you at, are you safe? Yea, we're good, a few cuts here and there. But you're not so hot huh.....we can feel it.Yea.......can yo-. We're on our way now boss.)

"Thanks Matsu, Batsu."

"Huh? Kid who the hell are ya talkin' to? You delirious or somethin'?"

"No. Just relieved."

In this tender moment, a loud voice broke through, with incredible news. "HEY!!!! We saw who did it, there were two of 'em. My buddy chased after them. Come on!!"

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