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One after the other each of the missing nin took care of their respective targets without any major issues. Once all the samurai were killed Taichi finally felt some relief. Things weren’t going as smoothly as he was used to so it felt good that the intense part was finally over. However despite them being past the dangerous part, there was still more work to be done. Although the rest of the task was mostly Taichi’s area of expertise and it was why he was recruited by Moko.

We’re fine.” He stated as he approached his cuffed crew mate. He also continued talking as he nonchalantly tore away the cuffs just like he did with Moko’s. “Yeah, we can head to the boat now. They’ll be waiting for us and depending on samurai protocols and procedures, they either have no clue what happened to us or they’ll be out for our blood soon. Better take care.

Admittedly Taro didn’t know much about how the samurai operated. He didn’t even know where they were heading once they left the city of kings. He assumed it was to a prison facility or it could have been a secluded execution. The mystery behind the samurai’s methods triggered a little concern from the former grass shinobi. He knew he had to be careful in such unknown circumstances.

In a slight puff of smoke Taichi’s original form emerged as he approached Moko. Then he pulled out the scroll from his pocket and offered it to Moko.

You have some personal interest in it, don’t you?” Taro ‘accused’. “What do you want to do with it before I find it a buyer?

Taichi was led to assume that Moko had some personal interest in the scroll because it wasn’t the only valuable thing around, but it was the only thing that seemed to interest Moko. Taichi couldn’t really tell exactly how valuable the scroll was without consulting his experts, but he assumed that Moko could have found targets that were about as valuable with considerably less risk. There just had to be some amount of personal gain involved. Perhaps whatever it was on the scroll had the potential to be useful to Taichi as well.
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It was an honest question, but not one Moko was sure he wanted to answer. Taro got him the scroll he needed, and Moko knew he could be trusted. But Moko's idea of trust was wildly different than most of those around him. The last time he trusted anyone completely was before he got roped into being a shinobi, and even then he still lost so much on the little trust he managed to give to some of the men and women he met in the meantime. But Taro got him out of a bind, he deserved more than just a pay cut.

Moko walked up and put a hand on the scroll, "I ran into a geezer that tried to kill me and some acquaintances. Turns out he was part of an order of geezers, and this scroll might be lined with a few of their secrets."

That was the honest truth, he took it and looked at the outer casing. It looked normal, but if the old man in that cave was some sort of shinobi, who knew what sort of precautions could be in place. It was going to be important to get it in front of someone who could figure out all its secrets.

"Honestly," Moko said with a spreading smile on his face, "I'mma figure out their secrets, then I'm going to murder every last one of'em, and squeeze out anything they have left from there. If this can get me the kind of power a' need to get my revenge, then that's the cost that they'll have to pay."

That sounded a little more crazy than he originally intended. But then again, the guy did try to collapse a cavern on Moko's head. He wasn't exactly feeling kind about the whole issue. He needed to get the scroll checked, and then after that probably came some time working out the details.

"Thanks, couldn've done it without you," Moko said with the scroll under his arm, "Once we get back to the boat, we'll get this checked over, and I'll get the original back to ya'. Then we can line our pockets a little, eh? That should make this whole bloody affair worth it."

He let them lead the way. Getting back around Iron was going to be tricky. They had broken a cardinal rule of the city. They were going to have to change disguises, and he was sure Samurai security was going to be a little strict, for a while. But he couldn't help but be excited. Finally, things were looking up.
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