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Default Aburame Cho-Leaf Chuunin

Name: Aburame Cho
Age: 17
Character Type:Shinobi
Country/Village: Kohonagakure
Rank: Chuunin
Division: Omoi
Physical Description::Like most of his fellow clan members, Cho is slim and lanky. If found without his clothes on he can be considered quite average. There is nothing that pops out of his physique that would make you question his choice of skills. Relying heavily on his ninjutsu and kikai he saw no sense in building his muscles to some unnatural level. Bones protrude out of his shoulders and his ribs are noticeable as well. His face is a little sunk in and coupled with his ghostly pale complexion he could be considered quite ghoulish looking. Behind his black tinted glasses is a hue of green in the form of his eyes.

His hair is as black as a night with no stars or moon to illuminate the ground. The only real discerning mark on the boys body would be multiple holes in which the bugs enter and exit his body; all of which are lined up around his arms, legs, and abdomen

Clothing:Following suit as well within the clothing department Cho likes to wear loose fitting, comfortable, and boring clothing. Beginning with his lower half Cho will often wear sandals that wrap tightly around his feet with bandages wrapped around his ankles to reduce spraining. His pants are often skinny and tight fit around his waist. His upped body consists of a netted long sleeve tight fitting shirt that is covered by a abnormally large jacket with a collar that protrudes far out from his face. To finish off his attire Cho will always wear black tinted sunglasses that are square in shape. The pants and the jacket are both pale brown in color.

Personality: Cho is the strong quiet type of person. Just like his brethren he lacks the desire to carry on conversations for a long amount of time. He would rather work alone then in a group and when he must he decides to do what is necessary and leave everything else out of the equation. He is not for simple banter with his teammates and despite being able to work as a support shinobi and being quite good at it, he would rather just complete the mission then make friends. Other then his fellow clan members he only has one good friend whom he tolerates.

In the presence of superiors he is nothing but respectful and listens to their command like a worker ant. When with other shinobi of his rank he tends to think of himself higher then them and when mentoring if at all he tends to think of himself as a teacher. He will spend most of his days researching and experimenting with his kikai and other bugs. He puts so much time into his research and discovery of new species that even some of his fellow Aburame find it a little weird.

Nindo; "Way of the Ninja": Protect the hive and it will protect you
Primary Archetype: Clan Archetype and Abilities
Aburame Clan Specialist
Special: Gains access to the Aburame Clan List. If this is taken as a Primary Archetype, the character receives Stage One for free (pending they meet the stat requirements).
Primary: Any choice
Secondary: Any choice
Tertiary: Any choice
Stats merits: +2 Tactics, +1 Willpower
Stats flaws: -1 Reserves, -1 Strength, -1 Stamina

Secondary Archetype: Elemental Specialist
Special: When taken as Primary Archetype, you gain a free low-level technique of the corresponding element for free.
Primary: Chakra
Secondary: Own Choice
Tertiary: Own Choice
Stat Merit: +2 in Power, +1 in Reserves
Stat Flaw: -2 in Tactics, -1 in Strength

Physical Tertiary(24)
Strength: 1-1(ACS)-1(ES)+8(pool)=7
Speed: 1+8(pool)=9
Stamina: 1-1(ACS)+8 (pool)=8

Intelligence: 1+9(pool)=10
Tactics: 1+2(ACS)-2(ES)+9(pool)=10
Willpower: 1+1(ACS)+9(pool)=11

Chakra Primary(30)
Power: 1+2(ES)+10(pool)=13
Control: 1+10(Pool) +1 (TP)=12
Reserves: 1-1(ACS)+1(ES)+10(pool)+11
Jutsu and Techniques: 12
Aburame Clan
Stage 3{Arch Freebie Jutsu 1-2}
Requirements: Reserves 10, Power 10, Willpower 8
Evolutions{Jutsu 3}
Carapace I

Global Ninjutsu{Jutsu 4}
Stage 1
Kawarimi no Jutsu (Body Switch Technique)
Requirements: Power 2, Tactics 2

Konoha Tech Tree{Jutsu 5-9}
Stage 1
Mokuton: Zenchi (Wood Element: A Preface)
Requirements: Power 2, Tactics 2

Stage 2
Moku Bunshin no Jutsu (Wood Clone Technique)
Requirements: Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4

Stage 3
Mokuton: Takken (Wood Element: An Insight)
Requirements: Power 8, Control 8, Reserves 6; Mokuton: Zenchi

Ryuuko No Jutsu (Leaf Dragon Technique)
Requirements: Power 10, Control 10, Willpowe 8

Konoha Bunshin no Jutsu (Leaf Clone Technique)
Requirements: Intelligence 9, Tactics 9, Control 7

Katon Tree{Jutsu 10-12}
Stage 1
Katon: Tanebi no Jutsu (Fire Element: Cinder Technique)
Type: Ninjutsu
Requirements: Intelligence 3, Reserves 3

Stage 2
Katon Housenka no Jutsu (Fire Element: Mythical Fire Flower Technique)
Type: Ninjutsu
Requirements: Power 6, Control 6, Intelligence 4

Stage 3
Katon: Kyuuka no Jutsu (Fire Element: Flame Sphere Technique)
Type: Ninjutsu
Requirements: Power 10, Control 10, Willpower 8

The Den of Spiders{AP 1-3}
Stage 1 - Relo
Control 3, Willpower 2

Stage 2 - Togo
Control 6, Power 6, Intelligence 4

Stage 3 - Shibi
Control 9, Power 9, Intelligence 7

Inventory: Shinobi kit
Item Points Remaining: 8
Screams began to erupt from the compound reaching what felt like the whole village. It was the screams of a young boy in the middle of the bonding ritual so notoriously known for in the Aburame clan. It was a choice that only the parents could make, yet it would change the lives of the children it effected. Through pure perseverance Cho became a shinobi.

The pain of the ritual would subside within the months and quickly years following. It was natural for an Aburame to be adept to his kikai but Cho seemed to have something different then most. It was apparent that Cho would quickly grow and become a valuable asset. However, it was his quiet demeanor that made Cho mysterious to his other classmates. Starting the academy at the normal age of 7, Cho was willing to learn and evolve just like his kikai. Most children were not fortunate enough to start out with something such as the kikai and when Cho entered the academy, he already had a secret weapon.

However, Cho soon learned that the kikai would not be something he should lay a crutch upon. He needed to learn more and that was apparent within the first year as his reality was shaken by the skills of an Inuzuka. The girl in question had already seemed to control her body in a physical way that was unknown to Cho and despite being a savage and Cho being an incredible tactician he always seemed to fail, and his bugs would be squished. Obviously, this was an issue and Cho would have this woman as his rival. The next two years were endless as Cho excelled in the grades but seemed to lack the skills of being physically able to compete and because of this he began to worry. His fear became hazardous to his excellence and evolution. Within the third year Cho was beginning to fail and his idea of perfection was slowly crashing around him.

The four year should be the culmination of everything you learned and despite excelling in the books Cho seemed to only be second best. Inuzuka Sakura was her name and she was completing everything in the physicality category and it almost seemed like her skills would end up destroying the psyche of the young Aburame. That was until a fateful day of a training exercise that involved a mock tournament. The final match was Cho and Sakura.

The battle was rapid and fierce and Cho had instructed to attack the dog of the inuzuka duo. It became obvious as the puppy succumbed to the kikai bites that Sakura was not as strong as he had once thought. It was also obvious that the dog woman could only attack and not think. The final act of the battle was an interesting one as Cho created a wood clone of himself, however, it was the trojan horse as numerous amounts of kikai lay within the wooden clone. As soon as Sakura attacked the clone and burst it into splinters of wood the kikai descended on her. Too numerous to get off Sakura rolled on the floor in pain as they continued to bite her. Soon enough the fight was over, and Cho had won.

Upon graduation to become a genin Cho had become not only skilled with his kikai, but wood release, as well as normal ninjutsu. The lack of taijutsu was eclipsed by this skill and his versatility of his beetles allowed him to excel where others would fail. It was because of this that the recommendations of all the sensei came as no surprise.

The next step for Cho would be his incorporation into a recon team. Skills with his kikai and his communication from long distance went well with an hyuuga woman and his rival Sakura. It was an interesting composition and the two would butt heads for continuous missions but despite their lack of communication they worked well and complemented each other in mission scenarios. What is even more interesting is the budding friendship that Sakura and Cho had blossomed. It was tough love, and everyone could see it. The success of the team had continued for more then a couple years before they were given the duties of hunting down low ranking missing shinobi from the village. They had phenomenal success and they were ready to be recommended to the Chuunin Exams. All that was left was one more mission to the northern border of Fire Country that lay parallel to the Rice Country Border. The only problem is that Cho would not return

Toshi Ren is a C-rank missing shinobi that is known to have skills in Katon. He has information from the village and has retreated to the Northern border. Your team is to obtain the missing information as well as Toshi Ren, dead or alive.
The beginning of the mission was nothing special and the four-man team was on their way to corner their target. However, there was something quite strange happening around them. As they delved deeper into the border of the two countries spider webs began to emerge and wrap the area around them. Not only were more webs visible, there were more spiders emerging from every nook and cranny. So much so that the kikai were having a problem surviving without being near Cho and the other shinobi. What made things even worse was the fact that Sakura’s dog was whining and barking constantly. The final straw was when the Hyuuga began to see multiple chakra signatures.

On the defense the group of genin prepared for the worst possible scenario as the trees started to break and crack in front of them. The Jounin leader proclaimed a defensive position for the group and no one hesitated. Instantly a large beast erupted from the foliage and began to attack the group. About the size of a large dog the spider had an almost human shape. It didn’t take long for the group to dispatch the beast but it was quite an interesting problem.

Knowing what they were up against would be helpful as they went deeper into the den. Before long they came to an opening, which opened up, into a large treeless arena wrapped in spider webs and dead animal carcasses; all hanging from the trees. What really caught their eye was the body of the shinobi they were searching for. Carefully the group grabbed the target from the nest of spiders and began to leave. However, Cho felt a tug on his pants and then a pull, and then he was face first and being dragged further into the forest. Looking up Cho saw his body moving farther and farther from the group at a speed too fast for anyone to catch up to.

As quickly as he was there, Cho was now gone.

Cho awoke to a horrific sight, the bodies of animals and men strewn around him and though his whole body was covered in the sticky spider web his head was free to look around and speak; though no words could emanate from the young boys mouth. He was paralyzed by fear as a large spider creature chopped down one of the bodies and started to suck the innards from inside the husk. Slowly the beast turned to Cho and walked closer to him.

The beast smiled a wicked grin as it drew its teeth closer to Cho’s body and as Cho clenched his eyes shut he seemed surprised at how much it did not hurt as he slowly opened his eyes the beast was replaced by a beautiful woman.

”Tell me your name bug boy?” The woman stated caressing Cho’s face with her cold hands.

Abur….Aburame Cho.” the boy stated and with a great big smile, the woman sliced open the cocoon restricting Cho’s movement.

Falling to the ground Cho tried his best to attack the woman as he sent his kikai to attack the woman. However, with one quick swipe the horde of bugs was destroyed in a flurry of carapace.

”Dear dear me, I see we have a lively one. But please don’t disrespect your kikai like that; they will only die in spite. If I wanted to eat you, you would have been dead already. I want to show you true power and be my retainer. I am The Queen” The Queen spoke rubbing up against the boy.

”What do you mean?” Cho stated clearly uncomfortable by the advancements of the queen.

”I am the matriarch of this spider house and you will become part of my home or I will eat you. I see a lot of potential in you and my fellow house members need to go out and grab good meals.” The Queen reinstated her intentions.

”Where do we begin?” Cho stated as if defeated, a large smile coming across the woman’s face as fangs became visible within her gape.

The days that would come turned to months and then before Cho knew it, he had been within the Den of Spiders for a year. As far as the Leaf Village was concerned Cho was dead and it showed with his name upon a memorial and an empty grave in the ground. The Aburame Clan with the guidance of the Elders following the Queen of the clan had all but exhausted their searches for Cho and accepted his absence as death. However, unaware to most Relo, a tiny spider of the house had been keeping tabs on the Village as a request from Cho in payment for his service and training. Despite being away from the village, Cho wanted to know what was happening.

Even though he was not within the Village he would get notice of what the current event were and that is when he learned of the encroaching forces of the Snow Country and their shinobi.

”I need to go to the Village and help them!” Cho exclaimed as he tried to rip the webs surrounding the entrance and exit of the den.

”You know Cho, for the last year you have learned from me, have been given my brood as your weapon. Do you think I would allow you to leave without giving you an order?” The Queen stated as she caressed the cheeks of the annoyed Aburame.

”Do you know how a spider succeeds so well in the capturing of their prey? We wait for the right moment and we weave our web in the perfect spot. You will know when the right time to strike is and then you will be reunited with your fellow shinobi.” The Queen finished as she strewed more webbing at the entrance.

It was only a couple more months before it was time for Cho to return.

Cho traveled to Snow alone and when he arrived on the battlefield the snow was painted red and the charred remains and frozen bodies of many shinobi laid strewn around the field. It was then that without a word he ran towards a rowdy Inuzuka that was taking on many Yuki- nin. Summoning one of his spiders a large spider, the size of a cat rushed towards his prey as fireballs began to erupt in the air.

One of the fireballs had hit a snow shinobi that was about to lay his sword into the unsuspecting Sakura and the spider jumped and dug his fangs into the neck of another shinobi.

The stunned woman looked at the beast spider sucking the snow opposition dry and almost attacked until Cho spoke to her.

”They are our allies.” Cho stated as he wrapped his Kikai around his body.

”I thought you were dead?” Sakura screamed as tears began to erupt from his eyes. She ran towards Cho and gave him a huge hug. It was obvious that she had feelings for the Aburame.

Cho had looked different from the last time Sakura had seen him. Cho was now much taller, muscular, however, still as silent as ever.

The reunion would have to wait as the battlefield began to flood with more bodies and shinobi. That day Leaf won a major war and Cho had a lot of explaining to do as he arrived back to the Village.

Cho first met with the Council with a consulate of his clan, which involved the Queen and the four elders. Talks of Cho abandoning the Village soon relinquished as he explained where he was and what he had learned. The Queen was flustered at first to know that there was a Spider House with summoning contracts and demanded that this stayed within the Aburame clan due to their affiliation with the other Bug Elders.

Given permission back into the Village Cho was heading right back to the battlefield.

Cho had not only killed ten Yuki-nin but he also seemed to have a prowess and skill far above that of a genin. Especially with his skill of summoning it was obvious that the boy would not need to participate in the chuunin exams. He had showed much skill already and Cho was awarded the rank of chuunin after the meeting with the Council.

It was not long after his return that Cho would be put back to work as sightings of weird creatures began to show up around the border of the Fire Country. It would be Sakura and Cho put into a two-man cell due to their previous group work when they were genin. Their mission was to capture one of the creatures. The beasts were weird and although they were able to regenerate, the poison from the spider’s under Cho’s command were able to force the beasts to relinquish their life. Taking one back Cho and Sakura were awarded a little time off and they would spend it with each other.

Although Cho had been gone for nearly two years the connection between the old teammates was still strong. Cho had no real opinion on the current politics of the Village and when the time came he would fight for the Will of Fire. The Aburame clan however, was mixed and split between Cho’s situations. Most were aware of his mastery of summoning spiders and some saw it as a blasphemy but due to the Queen and the Elders acceptance, everyone had no other choice but to allow it. This still kept Cho in an awkward situation when working with members within the Aburame.

Because of this Cho spent most of his time with Sakura. When the invasion of Kohonagakure happened Cho used all the skills he had refined over the years and with the help of the ANBU and Hokage the Village was beginning to adopt a different atmosphere. It was a clam couple of months before reports of the dead were attacking shinobi.

Because of the excitement and constant fighting it would seem that Cho misses the silence of the den every once in a while.

Other info
Used 3 AP on jutsu
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Picture makes him look fairly chunky/nuggety vs. slim/lanky, but that's just me being too attached to pictures lol.

Stats and jutsu check out -- AP use is noted, be sure to update your AP ledger (sig says 9, ledger says 8 as of last april)

As for the biography, I don't know how receptive the new!Leaf-skwad will be of him basically going MIA for an extended period of time (years) but I'll leave that to the boyos.

Approved for you.


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Okay, first things first and this is just for IC book keeping pretty much, but since you did pick Elemental Specialist as your secondary...I'd like to know what that element is since you have both Katon and Mokuton. It doesn't effect your jutsu or anything but I think if you care enough to take Elemental Specialist as an archetype...you should be able to tell us what the element is.

Also, I am not opposed to him having been missing for years, but as it stands, I feel like the methodology used is simply a way to avoid mentioning Leaf Arc stuff. I think you know this as well because you tacked on a little bit on the side at the end...just to me it's not good enough. If you're going to have an unconventional past, I think the explanation needs to be hard wired. Also...it sort of begs a question to me, what do I want out of a clan character? Especially from a canon clan.

I think a connection to their village if not their family is paramount to that. When I first wrote Fist, I didn't have a concrete explanation on every nuance he felt towards the relationship with the Sanada...and Slav approved me based on the connection I had with the other characters in the village. I ended the biography with questions about how the other Aburame felt, questions about the council, questions about Cho's reaction to returning and dealing with the invasion and little concrete about his feelings or the feelings of others around him. Why did Cho even go to Snow in the first place?

In some respects this feels like it was tacked on to go along with your cool Spiderman Origin story and I am not opposed to you being Spiderman, I just think some marinating and further elaboration needs to be done. I'm not opposed to your Aburame getting his Captain America on and being a fish out of water...

But the explanation and elaboration at the moment need a bit more.

Or perhaps to cut down on the amount of time? You aren't far away from where you need to be, I just think you need to try a different route to get there.

Once you've done those changes/answered those questions in a more meaty way, I'll take a look at Cho again!

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So I made his time in the den shorter, gave a reason as to how he was able to keep up with the current events of the world, added how the council, village, and the clan felt when he returned and how Cho felt about the village when he returned. I hope thats enough.

Edit: I will be replacing my Rain Jounin for this aburame

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I guess I am comfortable enough with this, I still feel he is a little disconnected from the village at large and I find that a bit of a curious approach for a clan character. I do however see myself as an example that when the character finds their voice, their opinions and moral compasses in relation to the village arc becomes much more apparent. There's a lot of logical and logistical leaps done to make your concept work and I find myself employing a lot of fridge logic and force to make the puzzle pieces you've laid out fit.

But I don't think I'm looking for Pulitzer prize winning material here, I'm looking for RPers and characters capable of evolving and being down for a good time. I think you've proven that time and time again, in spite of criticism or critique, that you're an earnest writer and person who simply wants to have a good time. Cho may lack a bit of what I want out of a canon clan character, but I think I trust you enough to give you the benefit of the doubt and I trust your level of investment and interest to spurn out some cool storylines.

You're a very active RPer but the Aburame is a canon clan and the Engi Aburame are near and dear to my heart, so with that said, I expect you to give it your all and be invested in the long haul. I also expect for Cho to not remain an outsider or ignorant of village politics for much longer.

I'll end with the same words that Slav left me when I submitted a rough around the edges Leaf clannie all them years ago...

Originally Posted by Slavm8
Either way, with all that said, I still stand by my words regarding the potential this character has, which was why I was willing to ignore the various lacks in the biography. So yeah, basically, this is pretty much the only criteria which helped sway my decision. This is why I’ll be looking at the character closely, expecting much from him.

Because should it become apparent, at any point, that this was a lapse in judgment, then… never mind
Welcome to the Aburame...

Leaf GM Approvedsicles

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Let's end the speculation, I'm talkin' to all of y'all
Males shouldn't be jealous, that's a female trait
What, you mad ‘cause you push dimes and he sell weight?
Y'all don't know my expenses, I gotta buy bigger plates
Hehehe, and more baggies — why you all aggie?
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Approved, have fun!
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Stats still check out, and you cleared the bio with Buko. Take an approval and go.
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