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Hana just smiled meekly at Yuu. He put on a good front, but Hana knew the terrible truth behind it. The Byakugan was a coveted commodity, its ability unmatched by many other doujutsu. Not only could it see through illusions, but it was capable of enhancing one’s vision for miles, as well as giving that person the astute ability to see one’s chakra system. Hana had good eyes and an attention to detail, but she would never be on par with a member of the Hyuuga clan. Many others realized that painful truth as well, one that had nearly sparked a war over one hundred years ago.

Kannon was, more than likely, dead. The only strand of hope left for her to cling to was the fact that they hadn’t found the rest of him yet.

Hana watched as her teammate, undoubtedly in an effort to steer the conversation elsewhere, made sound effects. At first, she just sat there silent, but his way of talking an exaggerating the sound effects inevitably earned a soft chuckle. A small grin crept onto her face, and she reached for one of the ribbons he’d given her, letting her chakra run through it.

“Honestly, they’re better for company than anything else. Spending so much time by yourself gets lonely, you know? I’ve gotten a little addicted to breathing a little life into them lately. Every time it senses danger, it’ll give you a soft squeeze, and it likes to look around. It’s kind of like having a pet snake.” She shrugged, increasing the amount of chakra that flowed through the ribbon. She doubted Yuu was interested in seeing her juvenile attempt to have at least some sort of companionship.

After a few seconds, the ribbon she held began to whirr around her arm, complete with its own sound effects. It sounded like a metal saw cutting through the air, moving just as fast. After a moment, she let it loose, aimed a short distance away, toward the ground. It moved rather quickly before it hit the earth, stirring up grass and dirt as it attempted to tunnel into the ground. It went on for quite some time before Kioko hopped over to retrieve it.

“Hana-chan! You shouldn’t be getting your present dirty!”
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