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The feedback Kojirou received from the genin was rather vague, but it was enough to lure Ryu away from his intended interrogation target and back to the estate. The jounin knew that the man was about to recover and be back to perfect health, or just shaken at most. So he quickly ran towards the motionless man on the ground and sent a swift foot to the man’s face, knocking him out. Ryu hoped the man would still be there once the action was over. He needed at least one person alive and coherent by the end of the battle.

The jinchuuriki quickly sprinted back towards the estate where he left his teammates and spotted a single guard at the door. The guard spotted the approaching shinobi and pulled out his sword, preparing to duel with a demon, but it ended up being more of a slaughter than a duel.

In mid sprint Ryu pulled out his cleaver from his back and took a single horizontal swing with his right arm as soon as his opponent was within range. It was a predictable and easy to dodge move coming from a huge sword. The swordsman didn’t expect to hit with that strike, but it was just to initiate the fight between the two. He was going to end the man with a counter-attack.

The opposing swordsman attempted to stab Ryu was a forward lunge but instead of dodging the jinchuuriki simply grabbed the incoming sword with his left, armored hand while he slashed downwards diagonally with his cleaver, sending it towards the enemy’s neck with more menace than a guillotine. The cleaver made contact, effectively splitting the man into two uneven halves and spraying the door behind the man with a lot of blood.

Ryu then channeled some chakra into cleaver and left hand using the teachings of Ryuujin-fu. He was about to enter a dark place and the flames were an asset to both Ryu and his teammates. He realized being on fire made him an easier target, but he wasn’t worried about his own safety from a few thugs. The mission was all about the owners of the estate.

As soon as the flames were lit the burning swordsman kicked the door open, illuminating the entrance for all to see. The jounin more than a handful by himself but at that point the bijuu within him had been awakened. He felt a little boost in power a refreshing feeling that made him even more dangerous, but he was still in control. Even though Hamza was awake, he was still in a very dormant state and no one around would realize that anything had changed with the jounin thanks to the effects of his special gauntlet. The only thing that would possibly be noticed is slightly increased aggression and a bit of extra oomph to Ryu's physical prowess, but then again no one around knew the jinchuuriki well so there was nothing for them to compare to.

Everyone okay?

OOC: Using bijuu + being attached twice = Ryu at 20 drive right now therefore bijuu is now "awakened" and gives +1 to all taijutsu levels.
Techs used: Flaming sword swap in conjunction with Shounetsu [Inferno] ryuujin fu special technique

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The campfire crackled, embers floating around like burning fireflies. The smoke is low and solid, a testament to the tired winds that had long since rested. Orange light flowed on his skin. He turned his face and pushed platinum hair from his face, smiling broadly. "There are so many things I would change, have done differently, I mean. But when you were in the hallway, something came over me. Perhaps I'm just a tired jounin looking to settle in the sensei route, but you fired me up." He spoke freely when he could. It was cathartic to be honest sometimes. "I felt a rush when you warned me and protecting Habesobi-hime... I was faster. Strangest thing."

The sickle flew toward him and Yuri smiled. For some reason his muscles moved with finesse, the coordination his mind normally attempted, but his body conditionally limited. He felt like he was made of molten gold, luxurious and exquisite. He felt powerful. He felt important. His arms reached for the longbow as he stepped up from the shadows and gained a perspective on the area. They were safe, but someone was attempting to take the young regal girl. Whether that meant body or life still remained to be seen.

He launched an arrow straight into the sickle's groove where it connected to the chain, changing the trajectory into the soft wood of the exposed rafters above. Yuri grabbed the chain and pulled hard sideways, allowing slack on the arrow side but pulling the shinobi off balance.

In his hand was a single kunai. There wasn't much special about the kunai.

It was what was on the kunai that the attackers would find interesting. While Yuri was busy healing, he was already busy creating an antidote to the poison, the poison that had caused the woman to sweat and lay stoic and solid. Her blood pressure had been so severe that Yuri was afraid her arteries were split down the middle. If Yuri couldn't fix her, he would need to begin a regimen of medications to heal her.

Well, she was stable now. She didn't need this.

He stuck one of the attackers in the flank, solidly hitting the emptiness below the ribs and above the small intestine. With a little wiggle he could have hit a kidney, but he didn't need it anywhere but in an area where some small veins could "whoosh" that drug back to home base. Almost immediately the man dropped his arms, stumbling over the loose chain before him. In a few seconds his blood pressure would drop so quickly that his brain wouldn't pump enough to keep it going. He would essentially hit a snooze button and have a half/half chance he'd wake up.

Yuri didn't need people alive to have them play along. In fact, dead enemies were easier to deal with. You don't have to interrogate someone. When they're dead, they don't sob loudly and say, "If I told you, you'd just kill me anyway!"

Yes. He would.

"Down," he said with determination, moving directly in between the boy, girl, and second attacker. He wasn't fast enough to end the opposition's life, but his speed, his amplified speed, carried him in the way. His bow caught the brunt of a short sword, metal framed sliding the blade to a central grove and aiming bar.

"Sorry, Up," Yuri grunted, holding the blade in place. His arms were starting to burn. This hurt. "Up. Up for you, Kugo. Up, up, up!"



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