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Default Engi no Jutsu - Six Year Anniversary

Most of you will no doubt have noticed the little reminder about a certain event at the bottom of the home page. Most of you also probably did not need such a reminder. I say this, because when it comes to traditions here on our site, nothing comes remotely close to our celebrating its creation date – or birthday, if you prefer. At least, this is what I believe.

The tradition, you will find, is that a person with a bold red name starts a thread and writes a great speech which makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside or ‘nostalgia real hard’. After that, members and other staff members will file in to post, one after the other. Some will write speeches with even more heart warming anecdotes, while others will simply and genuinely post ‘Happy Engiversary’.

This year, however, Hyuuga Kaito is not able to start things off due to a very busy schedule and personal circumstances. With that said, I would bet on him to swoop in and post one of those speeches I told you about earlier despite this limited availability.

Turns out I ended up writing this in his stead. Unfortunately, moving speeches aren’t my forte, which is why I decided to cheat and go look for some inspiration in previous years’ birthday/anniversary threads. So, there I was looking through the Four Year Anniversary thread when I realised that this was the one where we announced the upcoming Chuunin Exams. Suddenly, I’m thinking ‘Wait, that’s not possible. That was two years back? It feels like it was yesterday.’ I literally could not believe it had been two years already since then. Now, consider that Engi has been around for six years and is still going strong. That is even more impressive.

Throughout those years, there were many people who helped make this site what it is today. Some more than the others, but we are not here to compare the extent of their contributions; by simply being a member of the site, you are doing your share for Engi and that’s quite enough. Therefore, I will not name anyone, not only because I might forget a few but also because it would be physically impossible to write the name of every single member who has been with us on this journey. So, many thanks to you, the community, for making this sixth anniversary possible.

That was it for the speech. I can now move on to the more interesting part of the anniversary celebrations: the announcements. Another of our traditions is to come up with something extra, just to make this special day feel even more special.

Last year was the 7th character slot, the year before was the Chuunin Exams announcement. This year, staff came up with a unique opportunity for the role players. Unofficially, we call it the Shinobi Exchange Program. Officially, I don’t know if we call it anything. But either way, details are to be found in this thread.

Secondly, as unoriginal as this idea might be, every member is entitled to a gift of 3 AP – to be used on any of your characters. If you also happen to be a new member i.e. you joined in 2010, you are entitled to 5 AP. Consider the two extra ones as welcome gifts. Here’s hoping you’ll decide to stick around for six more years too. A thread will be created for the purpose of members claiming the said AP.

Thirdly, we will start a thread which will be like a suggestion box. It will remain open and you are free to post suggestions you have in mind for the site. We will occasionally drop by and check for potentially good ideas. This is pretty much your chance to make a more sizeable contribution to the role play. More details in the thread itself.

There may or may not be more fun activities in the coming weeks, depending on feasibility. Just keep an eye open.

If not, that would be the end of the announcements and of this excruciatingly long post.

So, once more, Happy Sixth Anniversary. I hope that by the time we’re reading for the Lucky 7, you will still be around to see it.

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I'm not sure if it is good to say this or not, but barring any horribly unforeseen circumstances, I can say that I will most definitely be around to read the 7th. I grew bored with Naruto just a few months after it came out, but it is easy to see that Engi isn't just some Fansite RP. With some people here, it even goes beyond a community to form a very odd, sometimes dysfunctional, family. xD I've got friends on here that are closer to me than some of those acquaintances I have to put up with that live near by.

Anyways, happy birthday Engi. Thanks again to all the admins, mods, and whatever you call all those other staff positions (even the ones that won't read this because they've left) who helped keep this thing alive. Hopefully in several years when Ariana is older, she'll stumble across here too... and not know who the hell I am and she can have free roam.

Now back to planning another birthday party.
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I only joined Engi a few years ago and I completely agree with Sinn. Some people around here are some of the closest friends I have, sometimes family in the worst cases. I mean, that sounds lame since this is 'the internet' and all, but you just grow closer to them. Some of them have helped me through personal situations when my real life friends couldn't even.

And wow, it's been six years and I'm proud of Engi. Most other RP sites die off, but it really shows how strong roleplayers are around here. That's amazing. I really hope that Engi continues to go strong because it's kinda become more than just a hobby for me. xD I get home and first thing I do is check Engi... I know, I'm a loser, lol.

Happy Engiversary guys.

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Apologies for tolerating with this annoying one for so many years and an early thank you for the future years this site has to keep bearing with me.

May Engi live long and prosperous. Or at least, long. *I wish Engi would turn into a real business. That'd be awesome. Best. Job. Ever!*
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I won't be long, as I'm just as loving of long rants as Slav is (actually I love rants, but I'm not good at them. Different).

I've been here on Engi for a few years as well, not one of the old guard but definitely feeling my age now. I have to agree with Sinnocent, this place is pretty much as important as any number of real friends (too bad for them right? They aren't ninjas).

If you are looking to be accepted, if you are looking to be entertained, if you are looking for help, or just looking for a place to constantly ask people for new music to listen to (I'm looking at you sleepy), Engi is the place to do it.

Heck, any place that will let a hack like me work on the staff has to be open and accepting right? Either way, I hope everyone new and old enjoys their time here. Engi is nothing without the people, and I mean that to the extreme-90s-max. We could be a furry cyberpunk espionage website and this would still be an awesome place for the people alone.

Whether you like to post or not, just remember that we don't care about your posting rate or your post number (though it would be great if you posted sometime RA and Simon), we care about each other.

AND AS FOR YOU NEOPHYTES! Get off your butts and join the chatroom. We can only troll DB for so long, we need new blood in there.
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When I joined in April of '06, I was kind of a brat. I tried to get stupid ideas passed, failed, and left. Just over a year ago (that long? huh), I came back to Engi and haven't regretted it once. This place has a fantastic staff, clever roleplayers, and a level of complexity that makes, for me, making characters almost as fun as using them. Happy Anniversary, and I'm hoping for many more.

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Hah! I won't be beaten by Maboroshi this year. His cryogenic freezing timer must be a little off. Anyway, wow - six years. Sure, that doesn't seem like much to me considering that Asheron's Call and Everquest are still alive and kicking, but still. And the fact that there are -still- people here from when I started or joined while I was on the Staff, that is pretty amazing.

I'll think about getting on the chat. Maybe. Just maybe.
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Wow, so I've been with you guys for three years minus nine months? I never thought of that.

During my absence, I missed people's creativity especially that of Hitoko's and Rizhou. I always remember the times that I feel the gush of excitement when I read RP posts. Like Drusthraros, I started a newbie. I still have long ways to go but slowly I am getting there. From the weak background of my first character, I was motivated by other's stories to create a better second character. I became so into RPing that up to now, I am afraid that my characters got junked!

For some reason, may be its the cleverness and individuality of the people here, I never thought of quitting. I've always struggled to go online despite the lack of sleep, stress, and tension I get everyday. Something's very addictive in Engi's aura that I'm sure most of us feel. We go online and dawdle the boards, go to IRC and bond with others --- we keep finding things that keep us interested in our little community which is something in itself.

Engi will never be Engi without you guys and I look forward to getting to know you more in the following days.

Happy 6th anniversary.

Junked Characters

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wow, i didn't know this site was 6 years old, thats impressive, no wonder its good.

HAPPY 6TH ANNIVERSARY ENGI, i may just be here for a few more

My Ninja:
Fukui, Rika

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I've only been a member for a short time, but I'm sure many agree when I say that Engi is so badass it eats shredded tanks for breakfast. WITHOUT MILK! Thank you to Engi's staff for keeping the best naruto RP alive, and to all the peole who make it what it is! ^_^

~My Little Bucket of Win~
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