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Default The 8th Year - Engi no Jutsu

Things are always changing. That is easy to say, but we rarely think about what we mean when we say it. No matter how much Engi there is in this website after 8 years (Eight right? sheesh), it still continues to change.

I have been here since 2006. To put that in perspective, when I first came to this roleplay I was a fresh face out of high school. Now I'm in the work force. That difference, from halcyon days of youth to the trials of now, I couldn't think of a better description for Engi.

Members come, go, come back again, say something really goofy, go, pop in to say hi, then fall asleep in chat. The rules shift, and shift, and then you realize one day that the possible became impossible and the impossible flooded the registry.

The important thing is that Engi is still Engi. No matter what villages are available or closed, no matter how many characters you have in threads, no matter how many people are floating in chat, we are still Engi no Jutsu. That's because Engi is an atmosphere, where you can talk about how realistic it would be for a pre-teen assassin from a village of murderous superheroes to host dinner party. That's because Engi is a community, where you don't need to hide who you are, what you love, where you're from, what you do, or any combination of those things. That's because Engi is a story, where characters have a history that could span novels, where we put more effort into NPCs than some published authors put into their real characters.

This is Engi. I'm still here because I can't imagine any place like it. I've made friends here. Actually I found love here. There are faces that I cherish, and others that I miss every moment they fade away. That is, until they come crawling back, because they all do.

Now, to the nitty gritty. Due to a mix-up, we are starting this celebration rather late in the day. You will get the traditional gift now. Every member who comes in here and posts can claim 3 AP to use where they please. This is the easy part, this is just because you are here with us. It doesn't matter if you are an old member, or a new member, this is our gift to you.

We will be posting more prizes before today (well, the 12th) is over. We have another announcement as well.

Thanks for being here with us for another year. Thanks for being a part of Engi.

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Happy Engiversary, it was fun spending time and RPing with all of you and I will enjoy spending many more.
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I always wonder what it would have been like to play back when engi was "good", I think it would have been pretty similar to now. Only difference would be is when I delay a post for the weekend it would be "weird" and "lame" and "douchey".

This is my first engiversary and I know that I'll be here for more.
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Woo! Happy Birthday Engi!

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u havin a giggle m8
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don't need to hide who you are, what you love
And people on the IRC tell me to stop bringing up my interest in little boys.

I'll shaft my 3 AP to whoever posts next. Also, most unproductive year ever! I think I finished one thread- and left two handfuls of threads dead in the water. Were it not for the great community I'd be more discouraged, but that's just how it goes sometimes. I'll be rubbing my hands (and only my hands) together in tense anticipation of whatever grand celebrations are to come.
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Does that mean i get 6 AP, Junge? You really do love me.

Anyways, This is my...second Engiverisary. I have grown much since then (I should think), It has seen many highs and lows, as well as the members. I am not the greatest writer, but I should hope through Kaen's obsessively long reviews that one day I may be yet! (a long shot I know)

Either way, Happy Bday Engi!

Thanks Merd, and Junge.

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8 years already? Wow I practically grew up with you losers. <3

Thanks for the 3 AP, Merd.

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Fuck all of y'all, I just want the free shit.

Happy Engiversary.

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Happy Engiversary! I've not been here nearly as long as some of you, and as I look back at my old threads, I can't help but to chuckle at how much I've "grown" (literary-wise of course. I have a sucky maturity level).

So, again, Happy Engiversary, and let's hope it will keep me alive through high school.
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... Holy shit ... Six years in this place. It is crazy looking back at the memories made here. Waiting in AIM chat while this place was in Lockdown. Literally going through pregnancy and raising Ariana with a number of people here. Drunken and... intoxicated calls to a few of you who became seriously close friends. Crying to some of you when I was sick of after I found out I had epilepsy, only to joke about it later when the seizures became more regular. Just... wow man. It it is amazing what time can do to people.
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