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Default Getsuei Das- Sailor

We'll find another way to dance

Getsuei "Das" Dasturo

Country/Village Water Country/Hidden Mist

Physical Description
Das is a lean mean fighting machine, the kind that knows how to move his hips. Average height with an average build there is nothing specific to state when it comes to these attributes. However, the best way to describe his body would be to compliment his fighting and dance style. Ever since he was young he started to learn how to be a break-dancer, with a weapon attached to his side. With the excessive training from dancing and wielding a large sword, Das has grown into a thick muscled brute that has a small figure for his strength. His body moves like no other person he has witnessed and he seems to move like the waves. One handed floor spins and back flips from the starting point of the ground has made him very comfortable in his own body; and the most specific thing that most people will comment on before they see his dancing skills is his dark blue hair. It is a wild mane that has some has stayed in a semi-organized fashion. However, it will run wild when he begins to dance. It covers the upper half of his face with his pointy ears peeking out on the sides. His brown eyes can barely been seen through the veil of hair.


The feel of a tight leather jacket and baggy jeans is all that Das needs. The trench coat is so large you wonder how he is every able to move properly let alone dance in it. However, it is soon shown that the jacket does not stay on him for long. The coat is dark blue with a close likeness of his hair. It reaches down to his feet when he normally wears it; and it is always zipped up. However, with a modification the lower half was designed to always flair out. The attachment for the zipper actually doesn't start till his midsection. It is an interesting design but it allows some movement. The final part of the jacket is on the left sleeve; the insignia of the Getsuei can be seen in pale white color. Being a dancer he also has very baggy blue pants that are tight around the waist, but as they descend they flair out and become baggier. Finally Das has a gold chain that hangs towards his mid section. Interlaced in many links the chain ends with an insignia of Mist; the waves being connected by a silver link.


Das has a great personality that is loved by most; from the young and dumb kids of his generation to the old and knowledgeable elders from the past. Whether he is above rank or lower in rank he treats everyone the same way. He is a friendly and personable kind of man and will often make jokes of others as well as make jokes about himself. He can even sometimes be seen rapping and enjoying a battle of words with his fellow shinobi. The life living in a temple has been taxing on his social life but it still hasn’t hampered his extroverted lifestyle. Days in and days out of praying is a common thing that Das doesn’t mind. But once that is over with he can be seen hanging out with his fellow shinobi in a circle of laughter and a wide variety of jokes.

However, there is another side to Das that many of the fellow sailors have seen. During times of war or missions Das will demand utmost respect. It will be seen that he is a great leader with the personality to match, which allows him to command those under him; but it leaves him to show respect for those that are above his rank. He has a loud and commanding voice for the type of man he is. When in battle he will take on the most responsibility and head into battle without much thought sometimes. He has an awkward and random way of fighting with his sword. This leaves many opponents wondering where his next moves will come from. Das likes to make his battlefield his dance floor; flips, backspins, and jumping are all normal for Das because of his past experience of training under his Sensei when he was younger. Woman are usually his number one target, and being the ladies man he is he will attempt to woo as many girls as possible. Whether it be from his amazing dance skills, or his commanding voice, to his pretty boy eyes he seeks to get any girl.

Nindo; "Way of the Ninja":Turn Down For What?


Primary Archetype: Ninjutsu Specialist
Special: When taken as Primary Archetype, the character receives a free Stage One jutsu from a universal Ninjutsu list.
Primary: Chakra
Secondary: Own Choice
Tertiary: Own Choice
Stat Merit: +2 to Power, +1 to Control
Stat Flaw: -2 to Strength, -1 to Tactics
Secondary Archetype: Getsuei Clan Specialist
Special: When taken as Primary, gain a bonus +1 to Reserves.
Primary: Chakra
Secondary: Mental or Physical
Tertiary: Mental or Physical
Stat Merits: +2 Reserves, +1 Power
Stat Flaws: -1 Strength, -1 Stamina, -1 Tactics



Physical Secondary(50)

Strength: 1-2[NS]-1[GCS]+16[pool]=14+4[CnK]=18
Speed: 1+19[pool]=20+16[MP]=36
Stamina: 1-1[GCS]+15[pool]=15+20[MP]=35

Mental Tertiary(40)

Intelligence: 1+13[pool]+2[AP]=16
Tactics: 1-1[NS]-1[GCS]+13[pool]+3[AP]=15
Willpower: 1+14[pool]+3[AP]=18

Chakra Primary(60)

Power: 1+2[NS+1[GCS]+20[pool]=24
Control: 1+1[NS]+20[pool]=22
Reserves: 1+2[GCS]+20[pool]=23


Jutsu and Techniques:
Mugenru-pu // Infinite Loop
Level Four: To Hit / (To Win)[Jutsu 1-5]
Requirements: Speed 15, Stamina 15, Tactic 14, Strength 13
Stage Bonus: +5 Stamina, +4 Speed
Accumulated Bonuses: +16 Speed, +20 Stamina
Special Tech
Jinku: Hyoushi no Odoriko (dancer’s rhythm)

Chigatana no kenbu – Sword dance of the Bloody Sword
Stage One: Sneaky Bastard[Jutsu 6-7]
Stat Requirements: Strength 5, Stamina 3
Stage Bonuses: +4 Strength, +3 Speed, +2 Stamina

Global Ninjutsu
Stage One [Archtype Free]
Kawarimi no Jutsu (Body Switch Technique)
Requirements: Power 2, Tactics 2

Stage Two[Jutsu 8]
Kinobori/Kabenobori no Jutsu (Tree Walking / Wall Walking Technique)
Requirements: Power 5, Control 4, Reserves 4

Stage Three[jutsu 9]
Shukuchi (Reduced Earth)
Requirements: Intelligence 8, Tactics 8, Willpower 6

Getsuei's Lunar Ninjutsu
Stage One
Name: Giji Tsuki (False Moon) [Jutsu 10]
Requirements: Willpower 3, Control 3

Stage Two
Name: Taiin Bunshin (Lunar Clone)[Jutsu 11]
Requirements: Power 6, Reserves 6, Willpower 4

Stage Three
Name: Taiin Karui (Lunar Minor) [Jutsu 12]
Requirements: Power 8, Reserves 8, Control 6

Stage Four
Name: Taiin Juuyou (Lunar Major)[Jutsu 13]
Requirements: Power 14, Reserves 13, Control 11, Intelligence 10

Stage Five
Name: Getsuei (Moonbeam) [Jutsu 14]
Requirements: Power 18, Reserves 17, Control 17, Intelligence 14

Name: Tsukiton: Tsukihada (Moon Element: Moonskin)[Jutsu 15]
Requirements: Power 17, Reserves 16, Control 16, Willpower 15

Stage Six
Name: Jin uchi za Tsuki (Man in the Moon)[Jutsu 16]
Requirements: Power 21, Reserves 20, Control 19, Willpower 17, Intelligence 15

Hidden Mist Ninjutsu
Stage 1
Name: Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu (Water Clone Technique)[Jutsu 17]
Requirements: Intelligence 3, Reserves 3

Stage 2
Name: Mizutamari no Jutsu (Water Puddle Technique)[Jutsu 18]
Requirements: Intelligence 5, Tactics 4, Willpower 4

Stage 3
Name: Mizukaisou Bunshin no Jutsu (Water Reflection Clone Technique)[AP 1]
Requirements: Power 9, Control 9, Intelligence 7

Stage 4
Name: Kirigakure no Jutsu (Hidden Mist Technique)[AP 2]
Requirements: Intelligence 15, Tactics 15, Willpower 13, Power 14

Stage 5
Name: Suiton: Suihou no Jutsu (Water Element: Water Cannon Technique)[AP 3}
Requirements: Power 17, Control 16, Reserves 16, Intelligence 15

Shinobi kit-0
Large blade-Katana-3
Debilitating Poison-3
Item Points Remaining:8-8=0


Das was born into the type of family that would make the Getsui clan proud. In fact Das' family was nothing but "old fashion". Most of Das' past is nothing but him going to the temple, praying, and sacrificing his time to their deity. It was a life, but it was not the type that he wanted to live. Being in the younger generation of the clan it was no wonder that Rukusudo would become his idol. Because of a complication with his birth, his mother was unable to produce another child; and because each family was supposed to have a registered shinobi, it would seem like it was destiny. It actually happened on accident because Das' father had returned from a mission maimed and barely able to use his left leg. Left with no need to care for the shinobi life his father chose to become more of a religious man and force the responsibilities on his only son.

Attuned to the ninjutsu aspect of his clan Das continued honing his skill. Throughout the whole time at the academy he continuously trained. His days consisted of morning prayer and the burning of incense till it was time for him to travel to the academy. Despite the other children knowing of his clan’s history they didn't see him as anything different and in fact Das was a natural leader. He created many life long friends throughout his years as a student. He was respected and liked to the point that even when he won the genin tournament he was cheered and applauded at by the kids who he beat up.

Despite being a Getsuei he still was unaware of the type of power he could harness. Because of this he relied more on his blade when it came to fighting. The finals of the genin tournament would be intense for civilians, but, for the teachers it was nothing but kids play. It was awkward at best but it seemed like Das was the best awkward kid. With a swift but surely lucky swing the Getsuei was named the winner as the opponent laid on the floor. Returning back to the clan grounds he wasn't met with some amazing celebration, but instead was only congratulated by the younger youth that were shinobi. A visit from Rukusudo proved to be a major inspiration towards his future career also cemented his role as a shinobi. The real story of Das didn’t start till he met a certain sensei that would prove to change his perception of how to battle.

The sensei in question was a man by the name of Kyo Sako. He was an interesting kind of person; he walked around like he was at ease, not a care in the world. His loose clothing and even outlandish personality really stuck with Das. He would tell stories about how he was part of a dancing crew of shinobi that was well known around the area. It was a hobby of his when he had the free time and despite his unprofessionalism Das was truly interested. The man sprung around the battlefield in such a dazzling way it forced Das to be envious. How such a large weapon can move like water and propel him through the field to take down their foes amazed him. One specific occasion cemented his love for the style.

It was a rainy day in Mist and the team was destined to fight a nuke-nin. The man was also proficient in his weapon skills but the outlandish and fluid movements of Sako were too much for him to handle. As a last ditch effort the nuke-nin went on for a head on attack, and despite the size of the sensei's blade the rogue ninjas attack was met with a dead on hit from the broad side of his blade. It felt as if an earthquake had devastated the area around the man; the nuke-nin collapsed. It was latter learned that the vibration that was emitted from the godly attack had crushed most of the bones inside the man.
From that moment Das and Sako became the best of friends however, despite the need and wanting to ditch his religious background Das was always interrupted with the duties of his clan. But because of his strong rooted beliefs Das endured such trivial tasks. The days that his team was not on a mission was spent with training in his acrobatic skills. At first it was an awkward motion, that type that afforded him deep gashes and unintended disarmament.

"You got to find your groove bro....Like let it fill your body with whatever you feel man."Sako stated towards the young Getsuei in a carefree voice.

With the words of his sensei Das began to move his hips and awkwardly swing the blade as if it was a dance partner. This lasted for about a year before he mastered the movement. It then transcended to a sort of break dancing where the blade would act as a weight for head spins, back flips, and jumps. It was his type of style.

The team was a cohesive cell that achieved many things but nothing that could compare to the showing Das had at the chuunin exams.

The test was an interesting one in the way that the only team from Kirigakure was Das' team. It was a pitiful turn out but it was one that would prove to be enough for the shinobi world. Word had traveled quickly and Das had become an overnight sensation. He was even starting to get some respect towards the older generation as well. There was no doubt he was a skilled shinobi. Despite training feverishly he was able to set out his time to respect the god of his clan and help the elderly on occasion.

The only test that should be considered important was the staged invasion that happened during the tournament section. Only ten genin had survived the initial tests before the true test for Chuunin promotion would happen. A few days had passed since the original two tests and the brackets for the "tournament" were set up. The field would be held in a remote location in the Iron country. The landscape was bare and there were few places to hide. As the tournament began the genin were called out to the field. The rules started to be explained when all the sudden the proctor was knocked unconscious, as well as the on looking sensei's from the different villages represented. Four mysterious men arrived in the middle of the ring and declared that they would be the reapers of the future generation.

"We are here to take the youth from the future for if there is no one to grow this world will become ours!" The man stated as the other three members began to fight Das and his fellow shinobi.

"Joutou!" Das wasted no time as he summoned a false moon into the air. As it rose it grew larger and expanded into what seemed like the actual moon; casting down a shade upon the battlefield. However, even in the small amount of time it took him to force the moon to rise some of the fellow shinobi had already begun to fall. Two to be exact however, that didn’t stop him as he rushed who seemed to be the main figurehead of the group. Sifting through hand signs Das sacrificed his body to touch the man's leg. A quick grab resulted in a swift kick to the abdomen, which forced Das to land a few feet away. However, he began to rise with a smile and started to run a distance away. It seemed like a cowardly move but it was on purpose. As he rushed towards a boulder to hide he created genjutsu clones that would fight for him and distract the opponents.

Once he was safe he created another set of hand signs, which ended with a clapping of his hands. Stuck together the true nature of his jutsu began as the hooded leader began to show visible signs of discomfort in his leg.

"What the hell did that little shit do! Find him now!" The leader stated to the other three members. However, by the time they found out where Das had run off to the leader of the mysterious group suffered a broken tibia.

"Get a medic! one of the men declared from the mysterious group. All the sudden the field was filled with shinobi and the proctor as well as the sensei's all stopped playing possum. It turned out it was all a test and the surviving genin would be promoted. Obviously due to the great impact and stunning use of his jutsu, Das was promoted without a second thought.

"You did good kid, I didnt think someone had that kind of power." The man stated as he was being carried off the field from his injury.

Returning home Das was met with what seemed like the whole village. Only he returned back from the exams as a chuunin and everyone couldn't be happier. This included the Getseui clan, which held a small celebration in his honor. It was now shown that the next generation was a force to be reckoned with. It was such a nice feeling to be recognized but it was short lived, as it became time to join the Navy. Das also grew a liking to want to explore the world and thought that the life of a naval officer would be his ticket. However, his dreams of exploration and a carefree lifestyle would quickly be stopped.

"Get on the floor maggot! Make sure that deck is cleaner then the water! I want to be able to eat off this deck and see my beautiful fucking face! You understand that?" The commanding Sailor stated towards the rookie sailor that was now Das.

Luckily, Das was used to a sort of pecking order and respect from his elders. However, it was not something he was used to at this level. Taking his duties seriously Das created a perfectly clean deck that was only later dirtied by the same yelling Sailor. It was a shitty life but Das made the best of it. Pushing a beat into his head, he began to continue his cleaning with a sort of dance that attracted some attention. Quickly enough Das became known as a local dancer that would entertain his fellow Sailors on long trips on their down time. His moves would also encompass his blade as back flips and lunges were incorporated into his routine when they were on land. It stunned his fellow Sailors that the use of such a large sword could be so fluid and creative. The travels and tribulations of a Sailor would continue to be a necessity in Das' life. Only until a few years ago had it truly began to bloom and his skills with his Getseui ninjutsu and swordplay would prove to be immeasurable during the Seagull Conflict.

Under Araisho Shuzamaru the conflict was slow, demanding, tedious, and half heartily fought. It was as if everyone was running at half speed because the Mizukage was afraid of unwanted casualties. Das could get behind the thought but it was a war they were in. Civilians were civilians and it would be understood as a necessary sacrifice for the betterment of the village. However, this plan of action would be short lived as Nemoha Maya became the new Mizukage. It was a huge victory for the Navy in itself to have the former leader become the Mizukage. It gave a great moral boost as well as a huge push towards a more totalitarian view on the war. Within a few days The Seagull Country and its fellow island allies were decimated to the point where they were now considered a tributary countries. It was a great victory but Das would not be awarded with any medals or fancy promotion until a couple months after the fact.

Through the confusion of the coup and the war some shinobi had decided to leave the wondrous new rule Mizukage. One such was a rogue shinobi that was know very well to Das; his old teacher Kyo Sako. The man was the kind of carefree man that didn't like the war and was secretly against it. It only became obvious after the war when he could not be found and a letter explaining his absence was discovered. Having prior knowledge of the man Das was sent with another two men to obtain him.

It was a dark night; the moon was only in half bloom but due to the lack of light the moon was able to glow over the forest with pockets of darkness in random spots. That was where the four shinobi met and soon enough an all out fight had broken out. As a support for the time being Das created his moon as well as two clones that were the exact replicas of him. However, the real amazing thing about this fight was that Das had created a third unseen for the fight; and at a distance the last one waited in hiding before striking. The fight was loud and fluid as the three men were beginning to be overpowered by the old teacher gone rogue. One man was dead with his face lying in a puddle of his own blood and another had his whole arm blasted off by a quick flick of the man's large claymore.

"Come on bro...we were best pals we cant go out like this. How about you join me man...It would be like you died and no one would have to know. We can run away from this war stricken land and just run....I hear its nice in Rice country. There are some weirdos but we can find a place I’m sure...Become a traveling breakdancing crew even! What do you say?" Sako was but Das could not turn his back.

"You know I cant do that man...come on. Maybe we can figure something out for you?" Das tried to speak some sense into the old teacher but it was too late for him.

"Cant do that man..." He stated as he rushed Das. Both of the clones tried to hit the old teacher but they were quickly dodged by the man's awkward fluid movements and as the claymore was about to dig itself in the shoulder of Das he expelled into a huge amount of smoke; a log was cut clean in half. All the sudden the third hidden clone jumped from the bush and launched an attack on Sako.

"Sorry bro.." Sako stated as he swung and right when his blade landed on the clone a ray of moonlight sprung from Sakos large intestines.

"So am I" Das stated as it was evident he had fooled his own teacher and his sword impaled and exited his midsection leaving a huge wound hole.

The massacre was gruesome for anyone to bear and when Das returned to the village with his report he was rewarded with the rank of Jounin. The account from the other living shinobi had impressed Maya and it seemed well deserved. However, Das still holds a little bit of his sensei's will in his own dance moves. Never forgetting the type of man that taught him how to dance under the moonlight.

Other Info:
3 AP- Jutsu 8AP on Stats
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I like this character a lot. The name is a little weird but I talked with Merdle and Seikon about it and they said it was fine and I'm down for it, too.

The character sheet is a little bit obnoxiously formatted but all my character sheets are obnoxiously formatted so I can't knock the hustle.

I really love that this guy struggled with mastering his dancing and swordplay and that it was reflected in his stats, too. That's a nice touch! He's a charming guy and I hope to see lots of fun adventures with him in the future.

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*hisses at Photobucket*

Approved, Mist and clan-wise.

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Currently [OPEN] to item/jutsu registry checks.
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Das has a great personality that is loved by everyone
I'd change 'by everyone' to 'by most', because objectively speaking not everybody is going to love this guy.

Your stats are calculated a bit inconsistently. Sometimes you add the AP separately, sometimes you include it in the base calculation. I guess it doesn't matter since you already spent all your AP on stats but it really confused me when I was checking the math. It probably confused you too, since there's an error in it.

Willpower: 1+14[pool]=15+3[AP]=17

It doesn't make any difference for the rest of the character though. Fix that and I'll Half Approve.
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All fixed, thanks for the added point :P
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HTML Code:

[B]Physical[/B] Secondary(50)

[B]Strength[/B]: 1-2[NS]-1[GCS]+16[pool]=14+4[CnK]=18 
[B]Speed[/B]: 1+19[pool]=20+16[MP]=36 
[B]Stamina[/B]: 1-1[GCS]+15[pool]=15+20[MP]=35 

[B]Mental[/B] Tertiary(40)

[B]Intelligence[/B]: 1+13[pool]+2[AP]=16
[B]Tactics[/B]: 1-1[NS]-1[GCS]+13[pool]+3[AP]=15 
[B]Willpower[/B]: 1+14[pool]+3[AP]=18

[B]Chakra[/B] Primary(60)

[B]Power[/B]: 1+2[NS+1[GCS]+20[pool]=24 
[B]Control[/B]: 1+1[NS]+20[pool]=22 
[B]Reserves[/B]: 1+2[GCS]+20[pool]=23
If you replace your stats with that formatting, I'll give you an approval. You only need one "=" sign, and I left the formatting on Physical the same more or less since there's an added benefit from the tai. The Mental and Chakra stats were my main issue.
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done tenchar
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