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Default Engi Summerfest Contest 2019!

Hello Engi! I have been given the coveted Super Slot! While I might be the greatest and most active member on this forum I figured it would be better to let my humble self give it away, but instead of just throwing it at someone, why not spice it up and make it a contest? That’s why we have

Engi Summerfest 2019!

The rules are quite simple, everyone that is participating will need to make a character that has all the traits of the super slot, which are:

-An Avenger, someone that is the last of their clan.
-Access to a forbidden list from their village
-Is an advanced character, meaning more points to start with.
-Tai Savant, meaning all taijutsu costs one point per stage.
The character can be a genin, or a jounin, be from any accessible village, or even a backstory as edgy as Sasuke! Please make sure to link the character and jutsu are linked in this thread. All I want is for everyone to have fun!

The contest starts as soon as this post goes up! And all entries will be judged on July 21st!


Judging each character will be based on a point system instead of a simple ‘I like this the best’. Every character will be graded with a score out of 50. The highest score wins! In the case of a tie there will be vote allowed to all engi members to break the tie.

Criteria is as follows:

Originally Posted by Character (20)
Is the character well written? Can I visualize them without a neat picture? Does their personality make me or others want to see how they react to things? They they have a strong biography? Are their next steps clear and do they have a goal? Good Nindo? Etc.
Originally Posted by Clan Jutsu(20)
Is the jutsu unique? Does it seem fun and interesting? Is there a theme? Etc.
Originally Posted by Avenger Backstory(10)
Is the reason they are the last one an interesting tale? Does it justify the ability to be an ‘avenger’? Etc.
The characters do not have to be fully approved by the end but they should be completed! Feel free to PM me, I’ll be making sure to answer what I can!


1st Place: Super Slot! Which includes, an additional character slot, avenger, forbidden jutsu and tai savant all in one!

2nd Place: 11 AP

3rd Place: 5 AP

4th Place and below: A sense of pride and accomplishment.
Even if you don’t win, you also might want to consider registering your jutsu and creating a clan with more than one survivor!

I’ll edit, and add and change what needs to be changed, feel free to ask questions, I’ll clarify what I can. Happy character creation!
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More days left until the contest is over! Don't forget to get that guy ready to go!
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Virtual Dream
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Here's my (admittedly rough draft) of my thing. I'm contributing to community held events! I swear!

Avenger backstory is to literally avenge his pops. 2 unique.

¤Nara Shikagerou, Sennin of Leaf.
¤Hyuuga Yuu, Genin of Leaf.
¤Sanada Ema, Chuunin of Leaf.
¤Gushiken Ren, Chuunin of Mist.
¤Hikoboshi no Natsu, Miko of Wind.
¤Sajime Sahori, Jounin of Stone.
¤Kiku-ichimonji Jun'ko, ronin samurai.
¤Hatsuyuki Shiro, renegade shinobi.
¤Keisei Ranko, The Prince of the Keisei.
Available for Registry Checks
Engi Tech || Leaf & Stone Secondary GM
Important NPCs: Higashi

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u havin a giggle m8
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Character idea-Essentially a bull shark with a parasitic fish attached to him, which allowed him to survive the disease of his clan.

Clan Nijutsu-Body of the Shark

Clan History
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Okay! The characters have been read multiple times and the winner has been decided! I genuinely enjoyed all the clan idea's and hope that those that didn't win contemplate changing them into a clan with more than one survivor. But who care's what I say, you all just want to see who won!

4th Place
Junge! Real talk, the Beppu are the best clan in the world and they are truly god's gift. However they're so good I can't give them first place for fear of ruining the balance of Engi. Sorry fam.

3rd Place
I really liked the doujutsu and the concept around it. I hope that you decide to work on it more. You are awarded 5AP!

2nd Place
I'm a huge sucker for Mist, the clan and the concept are really strong. You are awarded 11AP! Junge has also decided to donate to the prize pool and you are given the Thread Booster, courtesy of the Beppu!

1st Place
VD! Cyborg? Cyborg. I think the character lends to alot of mystery and the concept is a bit unique for an avenger. I hope you enjoy the Super Slot and all the perks it comes with!

Thank you everyone for participating, I hope you have a good summer! Please don't die of heat stroke.
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