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Default Engipendance Day 2019

Happy Patriotism Day!

For some of you, its time to celebrate the love you have for your country; and for the rest of us, why should they have all the fun?

For this months mini-contest, let us know why your shinobi love, or don't love, their home country. It can be a general explanation, or maybe a specific event or incident that really cemented their feelings one way or another.

As always, a prize for everyone who enters, along with some bonuses for those that really make us go ooh...

PS: Don't forget to vote in June's MotM Cos... you know, prizes are nice.

Example: For Hana, its Stockholm Syndrome and propaganda, plain and simple. Lightning country is obviously the best, it has to be. If it wasn't, and all the horrible, horrible things she's been made to do to keep her country great would be lies... and that would make her a monster. And she's not a monster.
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She was always nagging and dishing out homework. Nise “Bat-eared” Basa was the most dreaded of all the academy staff, and her classroom was a nightmare in of itself. Lost children flickered in and out of the aisles during lessons: whispering incorrect answers in tests and suggesting pranks that would definitely be caught out. Almost as old as her clan’s well, she was the eldest of all the sensei. There was probably not a jounin alive that did not go through her classroom walls, and all would remember it well. Especially the first assignment she always handed out:

Why do you love the Rain?

Hayate remembered his first days as he sat at the back of the classroom. An outclass at the time, avoided by the same classmates that had caused his accident. He had barely been released from medical care, when he was shipped off to the academy for shinobi training. Still unable to write with his new acquired mechanical arms, he pondered on the task at hand. Staring out of the window, he thought of the dorms he had been placed in. The fresh clean clothes he was able to wear. The full breakfast he had eaten. The opportunities ahead of him. And then he thought, ‘Maybe Rain is not that bad.’

Detention again. Akisame often gave into the shadowy invitations that floated around their haunted homeroom, which lead to his popularity among his fellow students and the disciplinary counsel. He was however always a good academic student with a strong physical background, so punishment never reached the extreme ends of the spectrum. His first assignment, which was handed in late as he was tricked into filling in the incorrect due date, was also a stand out in his trails that typically tipped the scales in his favour. The young Shichou, innocent and true at the time, loved Rain more than anything. He loved the people, mingling in the Sectors, helping out where he could. He spent more time out and about in Rain than he did at home when he was a kid. His instructors often debated if he would end up as the Amekage or a missing-nin when he grew up.
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Hatsuyuki Shiro reveals the location of his hidden village.
¤Nara Shikagerou, Sennin of Leaf.
¤Hyuuga Yuu, Genin of Leaf.
¤Sanada Ema, Chuunin of Leaf.
¤Gushiken Ren, Chuunin of Mist.
¤Hikoboshi no Natsu, Miko of Wind.
¤Sajime Sahori, Jounin of Stone.
¤Kiku-ichimonji Jun'ko, ronin samurai.
¤Hatsuyuki Shiro, renegade shinobi.
¤Keisei Ranko, The Prince of the Keisei.
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My character, Hana, is patriotic in the regard that she simply feels useful. She's become numb to her emotions and suffers from survivor's guilt. She might do bad things, but she's grown accustomed to it; the lines between good and evil have been permanently blurred. As long as Leaf still welcomes her, she will call it home.
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Sosu truly felt pride in his Kage as he created a large glass tree in the epicenter of his village. Cementing the idea that someone just like him could become the strongest in the village
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"What kind of question is that?"

Sento squinted for a moment. He wasn't certain if the query was a serious one, but after a few moments, his shoulders untensed.

"Lightning Country didn't used to be like this. It wasn't always this war-torn hellscape, it wasn't always people shouting because they were unheard... it wasn't always possible to make it better than it was. I could have taken the path of least resistance and sided with the Lightning Lord. That would have been the easy thing... but I chose to say. Because someone made me believe that I could actually help create something with these bloody hands.

"It's a work in progress. It's far from perfect. But the opportunity to do that work to get closer to perfect... Can't really put a price on that. I owe the Denryuu everything for that."

With that, the jounin walked away, waving over his shoulder. "And if you tell anyone I said that, you're a dead man walking."

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Every country has its goods and bads, and Ton understands that his is no exception. Regardless of this, he still loves the Grass and calls it home. There's nothing quite like being able to listen to the serene sounds of Lake Purity while relaxing in a docile boat. Sure, most countries have lakes and beautiful places of their own, but nothing will ever beat the nostalgia of the place he spent his youth.
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Well thanks to my RL computer disaster, this one overran longer than I planned.

Since it lasted four months, as an apology, take 4x the Prize

4AP to all entries
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