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Old 03-11-2009, 10:28 PM   #11
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:P As randomly as I seem to come and go, and as many RP sites I've been to (and are at now), Engi has been, and will likely always be the best around. I just want to say I love every last one of you guys.

Yeah, I know what you're really up to.... >


Keep up the good work!
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Happy Birthday Engi!
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As im not one of the "elite" contributors to the greatness that is Engi no Jutsu, I don't expect my words to carry much weight. But I feel I have something that needs to be said. Engi for me, is that warm teddy, that trusty robe, and that cozy bed in the middle of the winter. For no matter what I do, I can always come back and wrap myself in it.. As a college football player who wakes up three times a week at 4:45 to run stairs and sprints, lifts in the afternoon, and all the mandatory Bullshit in between, this site is a release. I come from running, and the first thing I pick up my phone to do is check if Kym has rated my thread or read one of Mizu's last enjoyable posts. Theres a certain unbridled joy that comes from reading the superb descriptions of Hitoko, the clean rhetoric of Kaito, or Bukowski's absurd Fisting. The list of memorable writers is long and Im sorry i can't remember all the meaningful people.

And to think that i gave this up many times. Engi is a drug, and sometimes I wanna quit cold turkey, but the itch comes back, the urge rares its ugly head, and all I can do is lower my head and take a sniff. Thank you Engi, and Happy birthday.
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Five years. To be honest, I've been phoning it in for the last two years or so. I show up around Anniversary time (except this time I showed up early), putz around for a while shaking my fist and talking about the way things used to be, do a little roleplaying, and then wander off again. So--yeah, five years.

I can't say I'm still into this whole Naruto thing; my expiration date on playing ninja has pretty much passed. So why do I keep coming back here? Firstly, this place represents a lot of time that I didn't put towards my classes and my solo projects. Time spent working on stuff, reading stuff, arguing about stuff--especially arguing about stuff. Secondly, I would hang out with each and every one of you* if the opportunity came up. It might, I have a lot of traveling planned. That being the case, I like dropping by on occasion to see who is still around.

I was going to mention the effect Engi has had on my writing, but after thinking about it for a moment I realized that it'd be a bit ironic^. Instead, I'll just end it here (but not really, since I'm about to type out some footnotes to match the previous marks.)

*Assuming I talk to you, that is.
^Ironic because I could take many paragraphs explaining how roleplaying here has made my writing more concise. I could go on and on about how precision in language and pacing in action became my preferred method of storytelling. I could rant (and still do, on occasion) about megaposts and how they become the hammer that makes every situation look like a nail. Doing all of that would fly in the face of brevity, though, don't you think?
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Originally Posted by Nan_Wu View Post
And to think that i gave this up many times. Engi is a drug, and sometimes I wanna quit cold turkey, but the itch comes back, the urge rares its ugly head, and all I can do is lower my head and take a sniff. Thank you Engi, and Happy birthday.
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Five years. Half a decade. Most relationships one acquire in real life doesn't even last that long, or that strongly for that matter. Yet we are still here, each of us prowling these orange-lined boards. Stubborn buggers, Engi's members.

And to that, I say cheers. ^^
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Ok, everyone else is doing speeches, I want to be sentimental, too.

I joined on a hot summer afternoon when I was drinking Sake and watching naruto animu. I was helpless and hopless and stupid. Very nerdy. So I stumbled across the site, set up an account and forgot my password. Then I deleted the email and couldn't activate my account. I was forced to lurk, which was great because in those days, the registry wasn't hidden like it is now. We didn't need to worry about people stealing our shit 3 years ago, it just didn't matter.

After that, I always found time to get on. I spammed a lot at first, got my post count up to 3000 in the first year, and felt great about it. Made a terrible name for myself, got laughed at, made friends, made more enemies, but the only thing that kept me coming back was the fact that Engi provided a breeding ground for creativity and excellence. I'm not in any way a prolific writer, but I found my niche. Engi has been, to me, absolutely important. I check it everyday, I get frustrated when I can't post every day (Looking at you EVERYONE BUT JAMI AND JAZZ).

Anyone else notice only the gays post frequently?

So we've seen the reincarnation of Engi, Takanaki's assholeish world of assholery, Darka's days as Jupiter when he pretended to be someone else, Dia's days when he actually posted, Jazz's introduction as a new member, CNAgy not being on here anymore, Tigre getting a tigress preggerz, Pande stepping down, Saru being creepy. Countless people left, and countless people came in to fill the spot.

Nearly every staff member has changed position since I've been here (every single regular mod, actually), the Elders continually shuffled members and things have changed. And you know what? I love it, and I'm not going anywhere at all. Deal.

Here's to the 6th.
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Sir Kana of Furyville
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Well, I don't have much to say, but Happy Birthday Engi and I hope to see many more.
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Oh man. I am still hung over from last night. But happy belated birfday Engi.*my head*
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Happy Birthday Engi.

Characters and Status of said characters.
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