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Hyuuga Kaito
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Default Engiversary - 4 Years in the Making

There comes a time in any forum’s life where you begin to question the ability of that forum to carry on. People have come and gone throughout Engi’s four years, but I can honestly say that not one has persuaded me of this fate.

The story is likely a familiar one, but for those who are new to our community it would do well to understand our humble beginnings. Engi began as a co-op to the infamous narutoforums that was owned and operated by Trigunflame and Tazmo. As you may or may not know now, Tazmo has seized complete control of these forums, and it is perhaps because of this that Engi exists today.

At the time, it was a very basic and loose standard of roleplaying. There was a character sheet, a short approval process, and a forum to put your words to paper. That was essentially all we had to work with, but it worked well regardless. At the time it was run by a handful of moderators and, for a time, it was all we needed. Two forum hacks later and admin drama lead us to seek new providence, though, and we settled on the old foulpseudo board.

Operated by Manten Shikaku, the leading minds behind this project were Pandemonium Puppet and Final Ultima. Arguably, the two aforementioned admins were merely henchmen in comparison to Pandemonium Puppet, but nonetheless Engi was born when the three got together to draw up the basic schematics of the forum. The day the forum opened was four years ago, today.

Annotated, our history dates back to this and continues on through a slew of events that have lead us to the present. Engi has withstood the many tests of time and, on more than on occasion, has been found at death’s door waiting to be relieved. But time and again we have proven more resilient and capable, banding together to work towards a better forum that we can all participate in. In all Engi has survived three iterations, and this third format has seemed to work best.

It is my true and honest opinion that Engi is in its most ideal form as we see it. A combination of old and new school traditions, furthered only by a staff that resembles this practice. Amongst the many that I began my career here with, many still remain and I am privileged to call them friends. I have been with them through this long journey and shared with them much more than the writings on a roleplaying board.

Because at its heart, this is what Engi represents. Every single one of you is part of this community, whether you feel like it or not. Without you all beside us, there would be no Engi. It is you who move and shake the forum; drive its will and hammer its resolve. We are a people tied together by a common interest, certainly, but we reach further than that.

It is my wish that you all take this and apply it to your stay here. Whether it be brief or for the long term, Engi has proven that it has what it takes to keep you coming back. In our fourth year of business I am proud to say that we are a forum that sees no definite end and our only obstacle is each other. If we can, like in years previous, continue to work and play together to the best of our ability I am certain that Engi will thrive and last yet another four years and perhaps more.

Let this past year be one that you remember not simply as a milestone, but as a reminder of our struggle. Lockdown was a testing time for all of us, but it does us a disservice to neglect the toil poured into it. Engi would not be here today without the efforts of that time, and I do not shirk away from its mention. We are all better for it, and for that I can thank no one more than Pademonium Puppet, who had a vision and made us realize it. Without his guidance, we would not be here now.

So on the day of our Engiversary, I would like to compliment all the staff and members of our forum. You keep me here and keep me working. As retainer of the least gratifying position on the forum, I can genuinely say that it is still worth it. Engi, I thank you for all these years. I know that, together, we can make the best of our time here.

But let’s not tarry, there are announcements to make as well! This is an exciting time for Engi and we wish to commemorate the occasion in style.

First off, we are now opening our doors to an Engi-sponsored IRC chat. It will be regulated and kept clean by the staff, and more importantly provides us all with an easily accessible medium to communicate instantly through. It shall replace our standard enginochat on AIM, and will become the official chat of Engi from this point onward. You may find directions on how get to this chat and all other details by clicking on this link.

Secondly, what would Engiversary be without some sort of competition? Well luckily for you all, there are more than a few of these in the works and, to me, the most exciting is SaiENGI. Yes, that’s right. Like the successful Sai-tourneys of the past, there will now be one that focuses solely on Engi. Direct yourselves here to participate in that. Likewise, there will be trivial pursuits and a new competition/project lead by our esteemed sushyisama that will also crop up in the following days. Stay tuned for those!

Third, and I do this with some hesitance, we are considering re-opening our donations. They will follow similar rules and guidelines as before, but with a few twists to compensate. These are not available as of yet, but when they are it will be announced. Did someone say something about merchandise? Stay tuned!

Lastly, it is my greatest pleasure to announce something else to the forum that has been lacking since our first days here. We have always been driven to deliver you the best story to follow along in this Naruto-based universe, and we have always been successful in some small way or another. But this year I want to assure you all than an event has been months in the making and will affect the RP in a very real way. I want to announce now that the Chuunin Exams will be coming to you Summer 2008. This is not a hoax or a myth, but the real deal. Sign-ups will be handled by your respective GMs, but until we are more firm on dates I would not bother them about it now. Just know that this is the path we’re taking the RP, and it will encompass a great many things that will help ensure our future as the premier Naruto RP on the net.

Many things are bound to happen in course of this next week as we celebrate the short lifetime and achievements of our fair forum. There may even be some things that will affect your individual characters, but we will leave that for you all to find as these events transpire. In the meantime, I encourage you all to stick with us and keep doing what you do best. For without all you and your creative urges, Engi would be noticeably less interesting and enjoyable.

Happy Engiversary everyone! See you all in the chat!

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"Ask Slav" :)
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I've never been one to write long winded crap on Engi Anniversaries; and it surely wasn't for lack of opportunities. So, this time, I'll try to do better than just write some half-assed "Happy Birthday Engi" - if anything, I'll come up with a half-assed long post (but I doubt that too).

So yeah, 4 years already. Can't believe I've wasted so much time on this site (when I wasn't wasting time on World of Warcraft), but it's still pretty damn fun at times else I wouldn't exactly be here. No one will probably believe me, unlike Kaito, when I say that the best part about Engi is the community - I don't think I'd enjoy 'talking' to most of you, but that's also true for everyone. It's still pretty awesome to pretend being an ass though, so that's how I get my fun out of the community, you could say.

Either way, it's nice to see we've lasted that long; what I wonder is how many more years we can stay. I honestly don't see the end coming in a foreseeable future though; or well, I'd rather not think about it. Looks like good times are ahead.

PS: Chuunin Exams are a myth. "Told you so, lol."
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I've been here for a little less than half, but what I've seen has surprised me. The forum has lasted such a long time because of hard working staff members and consistent/intentional members, and it seriously seems like just yesterday that we were rejoicing Engi's third birthday. This is insane. So cheers to you, Engi.

As much as this pains me to say... our little baby is growing up!
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Four years. While I had prepared a reasonably long winded speech for this, Kaito already beat me to it, and everything he said I can do little else with than simply agree. While I was here at the beginning, I missed out on a large slab in the middle; the late days of Engi 2 and the early days of Engi 3; haven't seen 'em firsthand, mostly because I was too busy with private life, and, to be fully honest, also because I was being a thickheaded bastage who had begun to dislike what Engi had become.

Change isn't necessarily a bad thing. Development is destructive by nature, and we've left behind some of our positives along the way. Is that bad? Or is it only natural? I've grown to the point where I'm inclined to believe the latter. And I think that's also the point I like best about Engi; people have grown here. I've seen some guys here go through the toughest periods of their lives, and I've seen them come out stronger. Because of Engi? Hardly. But still, this was the hub for it, all those times. We'd end up here again after it all, and I think more than a few of us learned more about ourselves because of this site. I'm not the melodramatic type; I don't believe this site is a huge benefactor when it comes to mental development. Quite the contrary, actually; Engi has driven me to the point of insanity more than once. And yet, we keep coming back for more.

Considering all the drama we had here, I think we're quite unique in our disability to keep our shit to ourselves. That's also our charm, I guess; it creates the family feeling Puppet was always so proud of. Engi, as a forum product, will live much longer than four years. I'm sure of that. One thing, though, I really believe will last longer than Engi itself; the memory. I for one am sure I'd still remember names like Hyuuga Kaito, Pandemonium Puppet, Mr Hicks, Slavik and sushyisama when I'm an old man (no, I'm not an old man already, shut up), and I'm sure that when I look back at it all in a few years from now, I would have no regrets.

Still getting pretty long winded after all, so I'm gonna end this here. Thanks, to all of you, for keeping this place going. Thanks for the trust, the hard work, and all that jazz. Now get me to the booze and women, goddammit. Heh.

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What am I reading?
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meh, might as well keep with tradition
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Virtual Dream
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Two things:

1) I love you, Engi. Here's for an other four! (See what I did there?

2) You know, at some point you have to stop and remember that we're all mostly late-teens early-twenties young men roleplaying as overpowered anime-style ninjas.

Aren't we just grand?!

I had seen Naruto a -long- time ago, reading some of the early picture/translations that where popular back then that where really bad image quality and translation (Not exactly fluent in English. ._.) and then saw some of the anime a while later, I believe the first bit of the anime I saw was Rock hitting on Sakura, and then, the first full episode I watched was Gaara's fight scene with Rock Lee during the exams, the day it was released in Japan (nice and RAW), at a card shop.

Never really interested me. At the time I was done with standard action anime and was looking for something -more-. At the time I was roleplaying primarily on a chat-based service and then doing tabletops. A member from that chat based service tried to get me on Engi once, I denied, and then about three months later, after the chatservice had died (after six or more years of my constant dedication, mind you!) I decided I could give it a go.

So, I made my first shinobi, a Sound Kitaeru Anruinimusebu Kutsuu ("To cry silent tears" and "Pain", I'm so effing clever.) An early hymns sixteen year old (seventeen, actually, maybe?) with false eyes and a rocking body, using onken to back up his taijutsu style. People where impressed, I didn't finish my first thread, and then I was out for a while. Then came Chinatsu and Hachiro, a Leaf Chuunin that died and then my Chinatsu became a Genin and I had Lafiel that Mist Genin that did one or two threads before fading into nothing---

But then I had my Chinatsu, who's undergone several revamps but is still kicking strong. She's my only truly constant character. I'm working on that.

And here I am, still, post-lockdown and kinda angry my little Genin isn't allowed to have post stage 3 techniques despite the fact that she could, in fact, qualify for them in time, and silently just roleplaying while post-lockdown settles and looking excited for the future.

Chuunin exams should be fun, I have two Genin that aughta be able to do something during the summer, despite that I'll be moving for the first time under my own income.

Oh, but more importantly, the amazing people here that keep me pegged. My interest in Naruto dwindled, I'm a few months behind on the manga and forsake the anime, but I stick on Engi for a -lot- of you lot.

Big time love for Chiru and Mandara, two people who constantly have kept me interested in Engi, and recently Kiba and Kaen. My friend Suzu came here with a combination of Bran and mine own urging, and so she's a doll. And then the people I get to roleplay with on a daily basis is always good.

And, despite never roleplaying with them properly, a few of you have helped me behind the scenes. Merdle, even back when you where just a little boy; darkbeauty (have we ever even done a thread, girl?!) who went from random girl on Engi to late-phone calls and constant aim sessions, and whatnot.

So, hey. Let's go see what this year brings!

(btw my ninja is so fast he d0j'd ur sword and then hit you but it dont hurt but he hit you again and again and then he ran off a little bit and used his fire style super awesome flame jootsos and then he tossed his kunai knife at you then he used his summoning techniques and then he had all these big dogs come get you and then looking all look with a kakashi like grin he used chidori and pwnt you really hardcore)
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Wow, 4 years.. Ive been here for little over one and im looking forward to many more. Long live the queen, eerhm..Engi!
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Lost & Forgotten
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Happy birthday, Engi! May you stay for another couple of thousands of yeasrs!

^ Thanks Krieger!! ^

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Has it honestly been three years? The reality of time's passage had just only hit me. It's rather shocking to think that I discovered this place three years ago. It feels, even now, as clear as the moment I posted my introduction thread. Bitter-sweet nostalgia overwhelms me as I reminiscence of the days past. So many old friends have departed, but with their absence gives rise to new members holding the same devotion and integrity that has fueled this site for so long.

Despite three years of patchy presence I still love Engi. It's the only thing which sustains me in hospital; the thought of returning home and checking on the forum sends me reeling in giddy, and I admit, somewhat silly anticipation. It's not just the vast input of creativity and energy which awes me, but just the members themselves. Everyone here has their own life, their own stories, their own ideas and uniqueness so often absorbed into their characters and threads.

And so, I wish Engi a happy birthday, not just to the site but everyone who had gifted the forum with their time and brainstormings. I hope to be here, posting again in Engi's 10 year anniversary thread. So thank you to everyone who had to suffer my annoying and unreliable presence for the past three years, yet still retained the patience to hold a civil conversation with me. A toast to many a more years and character registry stalking before the final curtains fall. Until then, I guess the site and its residents shall have to bear with me for a while longer.
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Wooo! Happy birthday Engi, here's to many more great ones.
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