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“There’s probably a joke there somewhere, just can’t find it.” his bright smile slowly dissipated as he could not find the right words to get the jounin’s spirit’s up. Even Sudao’s tone started to sound like slight jabs, even if he was not noticing. Maybe Sudao was being mean, or maybe the chuunin was just looking too deeply into things; it still hurt.

“Well I mean I’ll remember the code, but for now we should get on and get to sailing!”

Even though it’s a rowboat, stupid.

The chuunin bit his bottom lip as he eagerly engaged Sudao to get on. Then taking a moment for himself and realizing that it might not be a good idea. While Sudao was gifted/cursed to have a gem talking to him and knocking him down a peg, Genta was a genius in that respect. He could do that all by himself.

Maybe this was Sudao’s training once again, but instead of physical damage he was dealing with social awkwardness? Probably not but it was the only thing to prevent Genta from cringing at his own actions. “Ahem, let’s just drift around a bit, even if we aren’t going anywhere it could be fun.” He lightly rocked the boat with his own feet, shaking it lightly as if to make it a temptation. He knew he was going to remember this awkward attempt at getting someone on a boat when he goes to bed in a few years, but he also knows that being injured and laying on the couch like a sack of stones wasn’t going to help him either. The chuunin grabbed the oar and almost started to pull on it, creating a splash at Sudao, but he held back. Instead he patted an open seat on the boat. Waiting for the jounin so he could row onto the lake.
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He watched Genta’s smile suddenly disappear. He opened his mouth, trying to think of something to say to cheer him up before deciding that it was probably too much work. Genta seemed like the type of person not to dwell on things too long anyway. And besides, it wasn’t like the entitled aristocrat cared.

Looking down at his pajamas, Sudao debated a protest but decided against it. They were already out here and the chuunin had made a point to come cheer him up, even if it did turn into a sparring lesson. Plus, depressing him even more sounded like there would be some kind of repercussion. Gingerly, Sudao trotted to the edge of the sandy shore and just kind of stared at the boat for a moment, as if he was making some sort of tactical assault on it.

Taking a deep breath, he cleared the sandy shore and landed in the boat with a grimace before sitting down next to him. Surprisingly, the sun felt nice, beating down on his chilly form.

“Alright, Genta. Row away.”
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