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Default The Celestial Fist II:The Kraken's Wrath

The Celestial Fist II (p1)

/The Kraken's Wrath/

On a small sail ship manned by a Wave Country captain, large enough to fit a cabin and a few stowaways, there lied two of the most powerful shinobi in the world. Contemporaries in skill and in reputation, comrades in arms and kindred spirits. The two men stood shoulder to shoulder on the bow of the ship, looking ahead to the island on the horizon.

Seirei no Shima, the Island of Spirits.

"Oy! Ninja! Ship ahead!"

Sanada Sanshiro was the taller of the two figures but it was obvious that he was the younger one and there was a certain difference and respect that he gave the shorter man next to him. The teenager known as The Fist had foregone his normal hoodie to replace it with a large white jacket with a tower insignia on the back--a tribute to his samurai sensei Kiku-ichimonji Jun'ko. A white head band kept brown hair out of green eyes and a rather refined but simple steel katana was on the side of his hip.

"It's about to be that time Taichou," The Fist said as he slipped off the jacket and a pair of wings began to sprout out of his back, "You ready?"

A stupid question.

Renchishin Hitoko was born ready.

The two ninja had crossed paths a few times throughout the last couple of years, first during a Konohagakure Chuunin exams, then a duel in Iron Country and finally a mission that spanned from River to Suna itself. They had bled together, they had killed together, they had fought both together and then against one another. Their bond transcended country and their power transcended their countrymen.

The Sennin of Sand, The Dragon Emperor.

The Prodigy of Leaf, The Fist.

While it had been both money and duty that had bonded the two in River Country, it was now a familial struggle that forced The Fist to turn to his comrade and mentor in this hour. Sanada Masakage, traitor and master to the Sanada bloodline, through subterfuge, deception and force had recruited and masterminded a plan to create a new Jinchuriki out of his own unborn child.

A month ago Sanshiro had dueled Masakage himself at the ruin of the old Sanada homeland--a duel that resulted in both the Fist gaining knowledge of Masakage's machinations but also destroying his people's last connection to the past.

Deadly jutsu and insurmountable skill...

"I've picked up a few tricks since last time," he smiled before reaching into his pants pocket and pulling out a cigarette, lighting it with a snap of his finger--he took a few drags and then offered it to the Sennin, "Though you couldn't let me get the glory, huh? Had to go on and get yo ass promoted too? Couldn't go on a vaction or some thing? Muthafuckin' Sennin and shit. You? Guess they give it to anybody nowadays. Tough times indeed and shit."

Fist joked around with his friend and then approached the front of the ship again, staring out at the horizon to the stormy sea. A ship was ahead of them and heading to shore. A military vessel, a pirates barge that seemed to have had some modifcations straight from Water Country itself. It totally outclassed the small cargo ship that Fist had procured...

And it bares dangerous cargo as well...

The wings of the Fist were brown as his hair but large enough to both carry his weight and catch attention. With other ninja and in another situation he might've showed reticence...

But maybe that's why these two ninja got along so well? It was only with each other that their full potential for destruction could be realized. And Fist knew and Hitoko as well, that underneath all their heroics and achievements, all their medals and accolades...

They were still just two men addicted in equal parts to violence and victory.

"You see that ship ahead?", Fist pointed to the horizon, "We can end this shit right now. Let's go, cut 'em off at sea."

Straight into the fire...

The only way to fight side by side with a dragon.

"Heh," he smiled, "Call me crazy but it's good to be back in business with the one homie I know can handle his muthafuckin' business. Woo! Woo! Woo! Let's get it! Let's get it! Let's get it!"

The most deadly shinobi in the world...

Complete and total professionals.


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A gentle chopstick lifted, dismissing the cigarette offer, but pointed toward the Sanada.

So with those wings, you knew we could’ve flown here–

The Renchishin didn’t smoke anymore.

–right, Fist-kun?

It was bad for his health, and besides:

He was eating noodles, shrimp flavored.

Intrigue left the Sennin’s mouth as he spoke, a flourish of awe lifting his cadence once his partner, the illustrious Fist of Konohagakure, sprouted wings. Now, this was a technique he was unfamiliar with, but as a shinobi whose bloodline blessed them with endless possibilities of altering their genetic makeup – Hitoko shouldn’t have been as surprised as he was. A soft smile thinned thick lips as he laughed, jolly and hearty, one hand cradling a cup of noodles as the other worked the chopsticks like an extension of his own body. It’d been such a long time since he’d seen Sanshiro, and with the Jounin all decked out in such white attire, the Dragon Detective of Noon noticed an air of maturity highlighting the boy’s features. There was a lot riding on this adventure, from what Hitoko ascertained, and The Fist looked to be more prepared for this than he was on their last mission.

Oh, and you don’t have to address me as Taichou anymore, Fist-kun,” Renchishin Hitoko was no longer SHINRAI, “Grandmaster of the Renchishin Arts, though, maybe. Shinobi of a hundred techniques, possibly, but hey, who’s counting, right?

Wow, a lot had happened in such a short period of time, he realized.

Sun kissed blue skies reflected from hues of ruby as the two ninja stood upon the small sail ship sputtering through crystal ocean. The aroma of seasoned shrimp and salt wafting in the soothing breeze that brushed by. It was a bit comical, not Hitoko eating but the Island of Spirits, for the letter the Sennin retrieved caught him moments before his departure back to the isle. He hoped, this time, that a small beast wouldn’t swallow him whole just as he devoured his food. An attentive gaze peered toward the horizon and focused upon the modified military vessel closest to shore, ears perked to the motormouth ninja’s assessment, or strategy, as his chopstick wielding hand secured his dreadlocked ponytail into a tighter knot. Hitoko knew this assignment was dangerous, but didn’t realize they’d be jumping head first into action this early on, hence how casual he was eating. The Sennin turned an eye to the Captain of the ship and smiled even brighter, making sure his cheeks weren’t plump with food.

Oooooooiiiiiiii! Captain-kuuuuuuuuuun!

Hitoko’s hand waved through sky like a child attempting to attain the attention of their parent:

This is as far as you need to go! Please turn around to remain safe! I have some important cargo on this ship, so your safety is paramount!

This was true. Ever since his promotion and subsequent departure from Sunagakure, Renchishin Hitoko traveled with a full arsenal of equipment at all times. The tansu storage cabinetry backpack he carried was left in the gut of the ship, and if he lost that, well, he’d truly be a wandering dragon hermit. As the ship alter the trajectory of its curvature, slow turning away from the island at the horizon, Hitoko nodded:

Well then, Fist-kun – or should I say Fist-taichou. I guess season two begins now, eh?

The Sennin grinned, motioning with chopsticks to indicate that he’d follow Sanshiro’s lead:

Let’s go correct the prophecy of your family, shall we?

And with noodles in hand, he leapt off the ship’s side.
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"Well I was actually hoping that we'd be adults and y'know," he offered before flicking away his cigarette, "Save chakra before the battle of life and death and shit."

He laughed even as he said it--how much had he changed, really?

Originally Posted by Sanada Shinji
"I am betting it all on you--and in order for that to be a profitable bet, I need you to become the man you're meant to be...not next year, not next month, not next week, not tomorrow--now.Today."
Everything has changed.

And it had changed far too quickly. Sanada Masakage had taken everything from the Sanada for a generation after he had murdered his own father and forced the Sanada into servitude to Leaf out of self preservation and fear. Sanshiro had dueled Masakage to a stalemate and had destroyed the Sanada compound with a grand display of katon.

But Masakage had revealed his plan--to fuse a Rokubi Bijuu within the womb of his unborn son. He had given Fist the time of a ritual and the name of the woman baring his child: a distant relative to both he and Masakage but a Sanada herself. Sanada Mika. Fist knew nothing about her or the full extent of Masakage's plan just that it had to be stopped. A man with no loyalty and no code couldn't have the power of a Jinchuriki at his hands.

Such could be the end of more than just Konoha.


It had hit Fist harder than the Dragon had intended...or maybe just as the Sennin had meant it. Sanshiro had been a boy undefeated when they had met and worked together the first time and life had humbled him and tempered him like steel. He had been chasing the man in front of him ever since he had sworn to him that he would only have five more years as the strongest in the world. That it was The Fist who was on his tail and determined to reach the pinnacle of shinobidom with the blueprint Hitoko had given him.

Get stronger.

Now more than ever it remained his only guiding principal.

"Thank you, Hitoko."

Hitoko jumped off the ship and Fist jumped into the air with a few flaps of his massive wings and then was bursting ahead towards the ship heading towards the shore of the Island.

Jeez though Hito--only 100 techniques?

I'm eight years younger than you and I got 76! You gotta step your game up grandmaster.

He chuckled to himself as he flew close to the water reaching out his hand so that his fingers could skim the water. All jokes aside he was very much happy to have Hitoko's strength at his side...

Masakage was as relentless as he was unconventional. He would not leave his heir defenseless.


Sanada Mika stared at the bow of the Water Country Pirate barge, four figures behind her standing imposingly...

"Without a doubt," she said with a small smile on her face, as she rubbed her very pronounced baby bump "It's him."

"Nya~! So quick to be killed! The spirit of the shinobi is really quite amazing, eh?"

"Amazingly stupid, Baehko,amazingly stupid" Mika corrected and then giggled, "He will not have come alone. I expect it's nothing the great and powerful Shiseiju can't handle?"

There was brief pause and then a woman in blue stepped forward and spoke with a dainty reservedness...

"The ritual proceeds," she said with a smile, We can end it right now..."

She stared at her three companions and then at Mika.

"We cut them off at sea."

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Hitoko gasped.

Conserving chakra?

And then choked back tears:

You’re so grooowwwwwnnnnn nooooooowwww Taichou!

No, no, the tears arrived, waterfall style streaming down tattooed and scared cheeks. The Grandmaster Sennin, now weightless and defying the laws of gravity after channeling chakra to pass through the threshold of the Mumonkan – the Gateless Passage – levitated with ease next to his winged comrade. It was a curious situation to be in for him, still, since it was rather new. The whole concept of flight without the aid of appendages or being bound by the restrictions other techniques have while emulating it. Hitoko was, by all means, truly one with the path of the wind, and simply couldn’t explain the sense of freedom that swelled through his being. His smile gleaming just a bit brighter in flight as the two soared through cloudless sky, the blurred image of their bodies reflecting from the sea below as their velocities heightened in pursuit. While maintaining the cup noodles and chopsticks in hand, fiddling with his posture so that the wind didn’t blow broth into his face, the dark skinned shinobi acknowledged The Fist as they flew onward.

No need for thanks, Fist-taichou, you’re keeping to the path and becoming stronger.

The genuine excitement in Hitoko’s voice echoed the tone of a close friend happy to see their buddy’s progress in life. He was proud, but, couldn’t dwell in congratulatory speech for much longer. The two had a job to do, so the atmosphere about the Sennin shifted to a more focused nature. Or, as focused as one could get while eating noodles, anyway. Raising chopsticks toward the military boat they were closing in on, he reiterated:

So we’re cutting them off at sea, yeah?” The warrior snickered a bit in thought, “Wish I could’ve completed my training for the Dragon Contract before this...might’ve been more equipped with a technique to chakra bomb ships – or something.

The mental image of an ancient book with an endless number of pages flipped through the Renchishin’s mind as he envisioned the list of techniques in his current repertoire, and mulled over which would be the best fit for their current situation. Maybe a jutsu helmed from the enclave of The House of Legend summoning house? If he called upon the chained dragon Zennyo Ryuo, the Destroyer of Worlds, maybe he’d be able to take down the ship in one go? Or maybe that was a bit reckless, Hitoko reconsidered between chewing, for the cargo was a mother and unborn child. It looked like the best bet would be just to get close and personal with it, sink the ship himself, act as a human cannonball and plunge through steel with toned flesh. He was capable, and wished to test out his strength.

It’s decided,” Hitoko mumbled with cheeks full of food, “I’ll take down the vessel while you–

–But that’s when a young woman stepped out from the bowels of the ship.


Her skin was fair and looked to hold the quality of velvet to the touch, strands of deep navy blue entangled in a miniature sky hued bonnet that parted her short hair into a layered bob cut. Confidence was laced in each boot clad footstep as the sun shown upon the various sections of compacted military armor that hung over the Victorian-styled mini dress and corset she wore. Amulets and emeralds adorned a white ascot tie and gems glistened on the cufflinks of her arm guards as her steps progressed, but, what Hitoko noticed as he focused his gaze, was how this woman’s eyes were closed – was she blind?

Please turn back now.

Her voice was soft, but her inquire didn’t sound like a request. Without a hint of hesitation in her stride, this mysterious woman moved to the edge of the ship as columns of water, lifting from sea like pedestals for art, created a pathway for her to walk out onto – which she did. The ship progressed onward to shore miles behind her as she kept her pace, a certain air of elegance and beauty radiating her image as she ushered the tides around her.

Turn back now, Sanshiro, or you’ll be buried here at sea.

I promise.

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"Oi! You must got bad information or some shit lady!"

The Fist flapped his wings above the woman and tried to ignore the impressive display of water works around him--at least on the surface. Such was the mind of the prodigy of Leaf and the veteran of over a hundred battles before he had even reached the age of twenty. His mind and instincts were working on overdrive while his motor mouth kept running until it was on E (see: never) and this was as much of an adaption to his nature as it was a strategy in and of itself.

So, yeah, had Sanshiro grown up? Absolutely.

Did that stop him from talking an almost illegal amount of shit? Absolutely not.

"I don't see no square ass Sanshiro here! You want that dude you're gonna need to come over to Leaf with about three other broads, an ounce of Kusa Kush and some River Country Whiskey--I like my shit dark!"

He gripped his hilt of his blade among the mist and spray of the pillars of water that surrounded the three of them and pointed the katana at the woman with an equal amount of measure and lackadaisical technique--stoic samurai this was not.

"It ain't Sanshiro--it's the muthafuckin' Fist! And you can either surrender and hand over Mika or you get exactly that, get me lady? Masakage's games end today."

The woman stopped her dainty walk forward, the water twisting and twirling around her and the two airborn shinobi like a typhoon.

She's moving the goddamn ocean without handseals...?

Of course she fucking can.

For a moment she stood in the maelstrom of her own creation with a serenity that both puzzled and intrigued Fist.

"That is how it is then?"

"Psssh. Gimme a fuckin' break, you didn't think there was another way did you? 'Turn away' 'Oh, okay, my bad, have fun'--C'mon!"

"You talk too much."


She opened her eyes and with a wave of her hand it seemed like all the water in the very sea itself leading up to the shore was convalescing and moving towards the pillars that surrounded the three of them.

"Yo, Dragon...", Fist grunted, "Hope you don't mind getting your hair wet. This is about to fuckin' suck."

And all that water gathered and all that water twisted and it twisted far too quickly--he eyed Hitoko and nodded his head...the plan was simple. It always was.

Survive their best move, kill them with theirs.

"Be blessed with salt, be blessed with stone...,"
she said with a regretful whisper, her eyes closed once more, "Be blessed with death."

She smiled and nodded...

"Be blessed by the power and grace of Huyen Vu."

And with one wave of her palm the twisting pillars of ocean came crashing down hard onto our heroes, it's intent obvious: bury them at the bottom of the ocean.

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"Sanshiro brought a dragon with him–?"

"–That’s quite impossible! I, Qing Long, am the one true dragon!"

"N’yeah, n’yeah, hopefully Huyen Vu leaves some fun for us~!"

"Huyen Vu is strongest at sea, you know this Baekho. We stick to our duty."

"Aww, you’re no fun Suzaku…"

"Fun holds no place on the battle field, only destruction, and despair–"


–And awe.

As a shinobi steeped so far in their career, Renchishin Hitoko was always surprised at the amount of times chakra blew his expectations right out of the water – no pun intended, maybe. Here he was, a man untethered to the logic of gravity, and yet the mere manipulation of countless pillars spun of sea brought a wondrous twinkle to his eyes. Without the use of handseals, a skill that Hitoko just acquired as well, this woman bent water to her whim. But, that was the thing about negating the use of seals, Hitoko discovered; there was always a catch. There was always some type of catalyst that allowed one to operate outside the boundaries of the shinobi world. For the Dragon, this came in the form of jewelry that hung upon each of his dreadlocks. An item crafted from the fragments of a weapon given to the deity Assate’s Emissary, Minoru, which resonated with his crown chakra, the mystical artifact blessed the young Sennin with the ability to mandate chakra based arts without the folly of seals. The question now, though, was simple:

What artifact lent this woman, Huyen Vu, the same strength?

She seems perfect for you, Fist-kun,” Though the situation was dire, there was always time for him to crack a joke, “The water to your flame, ooohhh so romantic!

Tossing noodle cup and chopsticks aside, littering no less, the warrior cracked his knuckles:

I’ll create an opening.

And in a blink of eye, the Renchishin shot forward.

If this woman thought that a few large twisting pillars of ocean would be enough of a strategy to take them down, then she was very wrong. Instead of using raw unfiltered power to swat these constructs from sky, Hitoko was a bit more calculated in the way he maneuvered and operated. He took things back to basics, harnessing a foundational technique of the Rittaisen taught during the First Teaching stage, the Renchishin Grandmaster manipulated wind just as she shaped water. Or, a more accurate sentence was – Hitoko wielded wind as if it were an extension of himself. Nimble footsteps danced from column to column, sweeping enough momentum with his body as he kicked off from platform to platform, harmonizing the strength behind his movements as a whole to send each pillar ricocheting toward the sea below with his ascension. His hands, as well, swept through kata that unified teachings from both Ekitai and Rittaisen rhetoric, though tactical subtle pulses of wind swept from limbs in jet streams of air that further knocked these towers of tide away from he and the Fist – the Crushing Palm / Azure Dragon Gale Talon.

Although it wasn’t much of a big opening, as the two still needed to close a significant amount of distance before being in range for more up close and personal combat, Hitoko was still curious what this woman was capable of. So, still airborne and flying onward, this dark-skinned man inhaled deep:

Fuuton | Wind Element

Then exhaled:

Kaze Ryuu

And from his lips expelled a large transparent dragon formed of breath yet swayed in wind like a leaf, whose invisible form rocketed toward the distant Huyen Vu, who stood prepped for battle.

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He says that she'd be perfect for me?

He's the one trying to date Hyuuga Kiyoko, if I was a lesser man I'd point out this chick definitely has a Hyuuga vibe to her!

Let's not touch that one and shit...

But before any more quips could be made both Sanshiro and Hito were on the move, the Renchishin moving forward and the Sanada moving upwards. As the water crashed onto him and as Hitoko moved past it with incredible speed the two different approaches of the two skilled ninja was apparent in an instant--Hitoko moved with finesse and skill. The Fist moved with an overwhelming force and with the a defiant lack of either of the two skills Hitoko was possessing of.

He spun like a drill through the water brought unto him by the skill of Huyen Vu, his own blade pointed forward and being blessed with the power of Seido Koboshi--The Fist's own chakra allowing him to pierce through the torrential flood brought upon him by the fiendish woman in blue.

The blue sea made way for the blue sky and with a shocking display of speed Sanshiro was up among the clouds, more than a 300 yards up above in about as quick as it would take him to run the same distance and with the same ease. With one flap of his wings they were free from water and the wind of the sky itself cooled and dried Sanshiro off--Renchishin Hitoko had been the man who had introduced the nature of Fuuton chakra to the Sanada.

Fist had also learned to command the wind in his own way.

Hitoko had promised an opening and the faith that the newly minted but highly skilled and practiced Jounin of Konoha had in the Sennin was enough to ignite gasoline. The Fist did not have to pay attention to the battle below...he knew he'd have an opening when he entered it.

The weight of the Dragon Emperor's words did not fall on anyone's shoulders without the proper oomph.


"Konohagakure is in chaos and Sanshiro has been made aware of our goals--there are none in his village who could help him, which makes the person who is obvious," Mika said knowingly, blue eyes glinting with hidden secrets and ambitions, "Renchishin Hitoko--known on the main land as The Dragon Emperor, a legendary Sennin of Sand. If The Fist truly intends to stop us--it'll be Hitoko who he turns to. Guaranteed. He's nothing if not straight forward."

"Ho! Ho~!", giggled Baehko mischievously, "You see Qing-chan! No need to worry--he's not an actual dragon! It's just a nickname!"

"Hmph! Be quiet Baehko! I was never worried!", Qing Long scoffed, "But Sennin? I'm unfamiliar with that ranking--does that mean this false dragon is strong?"

Mika nodded knowingly, her right hand perhaps super glued to her stomach and her own anxiety. Nine months pregnant and being surrounded by battle, her youthful face framed with intelligence but lacking the wisdom truly needed to bring upon calm.

"The strongest."

Baehko gasped with a playful meow and even Qing Long's eyes narrowed at the simple proclamation, it was Suzaku who spoke up, with all the fiery resolution of a leader.

"His strength matters not--titles and skills matter not. Renchishin Hitoko and Sanada Sanshiro are bound by one thing--they're both men," the last word dripped on her tongue like venom, "And men cannot stand against the might of the Shiseiju."


"When you get to where the fuck I'm at--you gotta remind 'em where the fuck you're at," The Fist said as he dived towards Huyen Vu at the same time Hitoko's dragon (barely visible in the reflection between the ocean and sun), "I am the muthafuckin' Fist and what that mean? Behind every fist..."

His sword was raised above his head in an obvious way that displayed his intention to land directly unto Huyen Vu and bisect her vertically, this obvious move doomed to failure was a feint, the real move was happening within Sanshiro's off hand.

That FIST glowed like coal in a blacksmith's hearth and to anyone familiar with the jutsu of Konohagakure shinobi it was clear what was coming next. A legendary technique, something that marked a command of the most deadly and formless element wielded by the shinobi of the world.

A perfect marriage between himself and his homeland...

Kaseiken//Flame Fist!!!

The strategy and synergy between the Jounin and the Sennin was flawless and perfectly executed on the fly and among the chaos of the salt and mist of the ocean wielded like a surgeon by the woman with the blue hair and closed eyes. The result was The Fist coming through the air like a comet with his flaming fist heading directly towards the woman's stomach...


The blow would've landed flush, the brief opening successful, but at the last moment a wall of water came up between her and the Fist. A force field from the depths of the sea itself. The water at first yielded to the power of the Kaseiken, but soon the armor layered itself like an onion and although the steam filled the area and clouded his vision, Sanshiro could see the water slowly but surely wrap itself like a hand around his fist.

"You're strong Sanshiro," her eyes still closed, her face the picture of grace, "But you're not strong enough!"

Snuffing out the Flame Fist like a candle to a wet thumb.

I've only read about one jutsu like this...

The water itself twisted and turned Fist at the wrist before slinging the winged prodigy directly into the air once more, Sanshiro took to the air like an eagle--it was the dragons that taught Hitoko to fly (or at least Fist pictured it going down like that), it was the eagles that had blessed Fist with the knowledge.

His hand was at his comm. unit, his loud baritone voice already moving before his mind could really be sure what was coming out of it...

"This may sound fucking crazy Dragon, but how good were you at history back at the academy?", he said gasping and flapping his wings, exhausted, fatigued and slowed down slightly from using the Flame Fist to no avail, "How familiar are you with the Godaime Kazekage and shit?"


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Ah, the Godaime Kazekage?

The wind dragon roared beneath hushed breeze a moment after Sanshiro’s attack, golden talons curled with the twist of its body as it barreled straight toward Huyen Vu. But, just as The Fist’s technique was neutralized by a wall of water–

You mean the Jinchuriki Kazekage, Gaara of the Desert...

–so, too, became the fate of the serpent construct. Icy blue mane exhaled into a burst of whispers as a barrier, erected from the moisture of the air, arrived as divine protection for the woman in blue. Huyen Vu hadn’t even given the wind release technique a glance, she hadn’t even turned her head for that matter. Rather, her close-eyed focus remained on the two adversaries before her. For, when it came to the Shiseiju–The Four Saint Beasts–

...and his infamous Shield of Sand.

She was their armor.

I know it all too well.

Your abilities will never be able to penetrate my defenses, sadly,” Short strands of hair swayed in sea breeze as she spoke, her words serene and affirming, “Your road ends here, Sanshiro.

Her words were like music, and often, music served as a means to trigger distant memories. For Hitoko, it took him back to his Genin years. Beneath the watchful eye of an audience of his peers, the Bureaucracy of Kaze no Kuni, and an upstart crowd of foreign shinobi all vying for the opportunity to become Chuunin, he remembered it all too well. The scent of ambition and dreams, the tense aura of clashing ideologies, and the blood, and the sweat, and the tears – it was all coming back to him. As a Genin, he graduated top of his class, dubbed the Little Dragon of Fortune by his Renchishin family, so the fact that he even made it to the preliminary tournament of the exams was a miracle. What he found curious, though, was how history repeated, or in this case mirrored, itself.

Give me the floor, Fist-kun,” Was all Hitoko spoke into the communication unit before floating a few meters forward, “I’ll dismantle her defenses, now.

This was a declaration of war.

During the preliminary tournament, young afro fresh Hitoko found himself battling against an adversary from Konohagakure with similar abilities as the woman who stood as a blockage before them. The opponent he fought then, from what Hitoko could remember, was an Aburame child blessed with two defenses – one of water, and another of locust. In the past, the little Renchishin was quick, but didn’t hold the speed necessary to outclass the automatic shield(s), and even now wasn’t sure if he held such overwhelming skill. So, just like then when he decided to drop kick an explosive tag wrapped kunai through the safeguard that ultimately secured his advancement to the next stage, he decided to take a similar route with this scenario too:

He’d improvise.

I know not who you are, or who you think you may be, but your efforts will be proven otiose.

The dreadlocked warrior was stationed in Huyen Vu’s sight but, she calculated, was still too far for a significant attack. Surprise curled her eyebrows as one of the biggest smiles she’d ever encountered shown bright from the Sennin’s face as he bowed, with such polite martial grace, toward her. This peaked her interest.

My apologies, oh graceful and powerful Huyen-dono.

He smiled like Baehko, she noted.

But Fist-san and I are in a hurry.

And those who smiled like they did...

Your road ends here.

...were rather dangerous.

Before her, or even her defense, could react – he was there. Right in front of her, not even in the blink of an eye or span of an exhale. In an instant the distance between the two was closed with such horrific speed that it was a bit frightening. Closed eyes opened with bewilderment as fragments of moisture crystallized into armor while the Renchishin’s palm, with great accuracy, curved a decisive path aimed to collapse her rib cage. Lucky enough for her, though, the protection of her water bending guard was just a moment swifter than the palm, assembled in the form of a stain glass window structure that blossomed from her skin. It was a simple shame, though, that when the palm made contact with the construct that it melted through the window like a hologram in motion before dissipating into nothingness.

Ten Ka Nanatsu | Seventh Under Heaven

This is when the amulet upon her left cufflink shattered, just as the water made stain glass shield did, in perfect unison.

Kage no Nai Ippo | Shadowless Step

Huyen Vu felt a gentle, yet sturdy, hand clasped about the wrist where the amulet she wore once was. Sunbathed ruby eyes peered, with an oblivious childlike curiosity, at the other articles and accessories adorned on her person as she lifted an eye to look at the Sennin. Ice blue pupils, filled with awe and disdain, gazed at the dark skinned warrior as she grit her teeth, frustrated:

...What do you know of –?

–Your amulets? Nothing.” Came the spartan reply, “My hypothesis was simple: there’s a catalyst. Such as these rings in my hair. But, as for me knowing which amulet to destroy? Lucky guess.

Huyen Vu grimaced within the silence, the air becoming dense.

I won’t let you two get any further, and you won’t be able to stop the ritual, even if you defeat me.

When you are defeated. And, maybe not, but – it’s a start.

He felt the atmosphere around her shift as the amulet upon her right cufflink twinkled under the sun. The precipitation was as heavy as morning dew reaching to formulate shape. But this time around, Renchishin Hitoko was readily prepared. Pulling strands of lightning like bolts from a thunderstorm, a violent ball of electricity left the Sennin’s hand – which thrust forth with authority – and made contact with Huyen, disrupting her concentrating. She became encapsulated within a large ball of electric current that carried her from their aerial position, sprawling all the way down to the ocean below in a cacophony of agony as the pedestals she once stood on crumbled with her descent.

Raiton: Kyuuden | Lightning Release: Ball Lightning

Although he knew this battle wasn’t over by a long shot, it was still a good start.

A journey of a thousand steps, they say, begins with one step.

And these two stepped in the right direction.

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Life-Pro Tip: When Renchishin Hitoko tells you to leave it to him?

You leave it the fuck to him.

From above the sky the Jounin of Konoha could see the view of the battle field perfectly--they had talked about cutting the enemy off at sea in a naval display but it was clear from the way things had progressed that this was a battle of the aerial variety. Well-trained in combat and familiar with Hitoko's general combat style on both sides (ally and adversary), Fist had some advantages in even attempting to keep up with the former SHINRAI's movements and attacks.

And he could barely do so--he felt nostalgic pains to his chin and he felt his eyes strain under the speed, as quick as lightning, the Sennin possessed inhuman strength and agility. Fist could hardly keep track of the transition between Ekitai hand trickery to Raiton Ninjutsu the same way that a bilingual person would shift between languages.

And there it is...

Like it always is eventually...

An opening!

As she was drug down towards the ocean, the Fist tucked his wings and dived down from the sky with an impressive amount of speed of his own--though obviously dwarfed by Hitoko's previous display. His sword flashed out of his hilt and he pointed it downwards with one hand, another downward slash...

"Hey! Huyen Vu!", he shouted, "How about a bet...?"


She opened her eyes, caught within the electric current and the water quickly approaching and stared at Sanshiro with a certain quizzical expression. A skepticism that came from her vulnerability--caught within the hurricane that was The Fist and The Dragon Emperor left no room for serenity. It brought out the true nature of any opponent that crossed their path.

"If I hit you with this, you're gonna have to make out with me--if I miss it, then I guess you could kill me or whatever!"

"Lecherous whelp! I am not a play thing of yours! I will defeat you if it takes the entirety of my being! "

"Damn girl, I was just saying because my home boy over there thought we'd look good together, jeez! Don't be so serious! It's bad for your long term health!"

That necessary? Heh. Who the fuck am I kidding? Of course it wasn't. That's never stopped you from anything before!

The glint of steel from his sword caught her eyes and his body twisted with a flourish as his tried to catch another blast of wind coming from the ocean itself. In a full on nose dive now he approached her with a slowed appearance...

Or so it appeared to be.

The Onigokko style of sword fighting was heavily dependant on the use of illusions. By channeling his chakra into his sword and altering it The Fist was able to change the perception of his location in the very mind of Huyen Vu. He hadn't been able to before due to her eyes being closed...

But when he had taunted her in such a juvenile way it had caused for her to open up her eyes long enough to catch a glimpse of the steel wielded by The Fist.

She was enraptured in the Initiate Genjutsu and Fist was 2 feet ahead of where he appeared to her in her vision and through timing and along with Hitoko's own destruction of the amulets it allowed for her water armor to be a complete non-factor. In her weakened state it allowed for The Fist to bypass her defenses with ease. He reached out with his free hand, a palm that contained itself focused chakra that swirled and concentrated in an instant...

The signature technique of the Yondaime Hokage.

"Got your ass! Pucker up Vu-Vu-Chan!"



Square in the chest he hit her and for a few feet he pushed her further and faster towards the ocean. Her beautiful hair was blasted back as the power of the Rasengan ravaged her body, creating tons of damage and sending the amulets and bits of fabric flying off the formerly serene looking blue haired woman.

She landed in the ocean with a large plop and a geyser of water followed her.

And then there was quiet.

"You think that's it Hito...?"

Fist huffed and puffed, tired both physically and spiritually from the contest, but his eyes remained at the ocean waves. Tranquil, natural, calm...

And then from underneath the sea came one bubble. Then another. Then Five. Then a dozen. Then thirty. Then a hundred. Finally it appeared as if the ocean itself was boiling. Sanshiro couldn't ascertain what was going on but he knew that with Huyen Vu underneath the waves...

It couldn't be good.

"Of course it isn't fucking it, I don't even know why I say some shit some times! Get ready! This chick is gonna be mad as fuck when she pops out from that ocean, I kinda said some inappropriate things to her," Fist muttered, "I also don't know if you know this...but you hit kinda hard."


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Sky of blue became suffocated in shades of dark clouds in what seemed to be n instant. Yet, Hitoko noted, the coverage was concentrated. As the sea bubbled and brewed beneath weightless feet, a sudden shift in atmosphere occurred. The air swirled in high velocity, its speed so harsh and tremendous that the birds who attempted to fly away from the calamity were tossed from their flight paths. It looked as if a cyclone had arrived, and the two shinobi were caught right in the middle of it. But at the eye of the storm, where the wind congregated, a whirlpool formed in the exact space that Huyen Vu had fallen. Boiling ocean rotated before sinking deep, attaining a depth that not even the Renchishin could see, right before a silhouette of incredible stature emerged from its core.

Well, Fist-kun...

Tentacled arms sprouted from the abysmal sea.

...I believe your next strike–

And looked as if an ancient being was awakened from a dreamless sleep.

–should be decisive enough to take her down.

What gazed from the darkness of the deep, illuminated by sparse hues of sunlight that peaked from cloud, arrived a creature of chakra that could only be described as a sea monster. Six suction cup appendages stretched from sea soaked limbs as its gold and copper skin carried blue and black rings that glistened with authority. Its bulbous head cradled back, three crystal colored eyes forming a triangle upon its skull that narrowed toward the two hovering above. In all of his years as a shinobi, this was his first time ever seeing such a beast, though he’s read tales of the mighty Kraken. Joy and bewilderment couldn’t help but show upon the face of Renchishin Hitoko, pearl teeth spread into a child-like grin. Placing an open palm horizontal above his brow, the Sennin couldn’t help but whistle at the sight of the monster of raw energy.

Have you ever seen such a sight!? How beautiful!” Hitoko spoke like he’d forgotten they were in combat, “It looks like a huge blue-ringed octopus even! They’re known for their high levels of toxicity–

–Your knowledge will be your downfall.

The membrane from the Kraken’s third eye became transparent, displaying the figure of Huyen Vu who stood draped in pieces of shogun armored chakra. Her breaths became exceedingly calm, a sign of serene concentration. Although little scratches and bruises marked up her skin from their previous exchange, there was something endearing about the authority she held when composing herself. Subtle elegance, to say the least.

Impressive, Sanshiro. I admit, you and your friend have exceeded my expectations,” She scoffed, pensive and ready, “But now you are in the presence of the Copper Kraken, Genbu–!

–I’m...I’m not sure how this works,” Hitoko whispered to The Fist, an idle index finger counting the Kraken’s arms, “Are the arms its tails? Or are the tails something different?

...How does the Jinchuuriki thing work again?

Huyen Vu blinked in surprise behind the crystal membrane, awed at the man’s disrespect. Tranquil jawline tightened as her teeth clenched, the swirling storm fluctuating with a bit more intensity as her chakra became more dense, a more tangible presence than before. Huyen Vu figured, though, if the two choose to keep joking around, then she would continue to entertain and stall them. But, Hitoko’s train of thought was on the same cart. He knew, more than anyone else, that they’d need to end this–


Janken for the first move?

Renchishin Hitoko was having a bit too much fun, offering a closed fist to The Fist.

They had a brief moment.

Why not decide with a quick game of rock, paper, scissors?
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