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Although it took some time, at last the laboratory was finally prepped and ready for Anzu's impending operation. She had had some serious doubts about the success of the operation, most notably when Sengo carefully preserved a rather decomposed rodent instead of discarding of it like a proper human would. Still, after a quite thorough disinfecting Anzu at last gave her approval to begin the procedure, a fact which made her "surgeon" quite ecstatic as he quickly whipped out a scalpel seemingly out of nowhere.

Anzu let out a scoff at the man's obvious enthusiasm for the sadistic; the Naga truly were interesting creatures. She made her way over to the center of Sengo's makeshift O.R., hopping nimbly upon the cold surface of the operating table. Without instruction, she began removing various layers of armor and bandages until her amputated limb was no longer inhibited and was free to be operated upon. Sensing Sengo's anticipation, she looked up, and quickly held a hand up to preemptively curb the Naga's excitement.

"Before we get started Sengo, a few words. First off, do you have something to prop my arm on? Otherwise, this surgery will become exhausting very, very quickly. Secondly, I know you have some level of medical knowledge, but I want you to focus your scientific knowledge on that arm. I trust you know the best way to attach it, whether to build it on my body or construct it first and attach it at once; I'll leave that part to you. Focus on making sure it's fully functioning, and that it can properly channel my chakra."

"As far as the medical expertise goes, I'll watch out for that. Where to cut, bleeding issues; whatever the case may be defer to me on that, understood? And as far as the pain goes, well..." She felt a shiver run through her body, as though the parasite within her knew what was about to come and was preparing itself to block out her pain. "I'll worry about that. Focus on the science. I'll be fine."

With that, she closed her eyes and drew in a deep and deliberate breath, seemingly readying herself for the grueling experience she knew she was about to endure. After a few seconds, she allowed her crimson eyes to meet the gaze of the gaunt man standing before her. A smile came across her lips as she raised her residual limb towards Sengo.

"Well, I trust that you are ready? Let's begin, shall we?"
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As the woman began to undress it was not her body that he was interested in, it was her arm. The mauled and amputated arm was not something you would see everyday and there was no doubt that Anzu would be dead if it wasn’t for the parasite living in her head. Looking at her eyes once more, Sengo hoped to see if it wiggled or bumped out of the bone. However, his fascination was quickly derailed as Anzu began to speak.

”Yea, I can get a prop for you” Sengo stated as he looked around still listening to the woman speak.

At this point he had already decided he wanted to attach the pieces one by one. It would make for a more satisfying surgery and plus, it would be a god experiment to witness and record what a human pain threshold can really be.

Shuffling over another high table Sengo placed Anzu’s raised nub onto it. And started to state his intentions.

”We are going to have to do this step by step. Unfortunately, chakra is quite complex and I must attach these chakra conductors to the perfect spot to be able to meld with your coils. Without properly doing such would be a fruitless surgery. Second, this is going to hurt a lot, it will not just be a prick or a stab, this is going to resonate throughout your whole body because we are hooking your coils into this arm. “ Sengo stated quite worried for the woman.

Picking up one of the conductors he looked at the woman and gave himself a large gulp.

Now this is going to hurt.” Sengo stated as he shoved the four conductor necessary to be the base. The length of the conductors were just enough that after insertion would look like metal brackets no more then a few inches off the surface of the skin.

”If you don’t faint from just this we will continue” Sengo prepared the second, third, and fourth.
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